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This friday we´ll be announcing some news... Stay tuned!

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Screen di anteprima.

We are working hard to improve our Tupi project, which englobes both Game Stock Car, Formula Truck plus other related content. Work is being done on every dev front to push the envelope and improve the whole experience to a new level.

Though we cannot confirm a date just yet, all these base improvements will be made into a 2013 season release for Formula Truck, which will also include some extra tracks. Like GSC2012 last year, this will be free to all owners of the original Formula Truck.

These developments and more will likely also find their way into a new GSC - though we have not yet defined the format of this new package yet. We can advance that this won´t be a free update to current GSC.

We have a lot of new exciting content coming up. This includes a very *big* historical track, to go along some very interesting historical cars...

We have some smaller things included in this package as well, though not any less exciting :)

We are very much looking foward to share more on the new stuff soon, and while the focus for these 2013 releases are still very much grounded on the brazilian racing scene, we have no doubts that every simracer will be able to find something to be thrilled with them.

dJYTL10s.jpg HV5lUius.jpg mzuwyJGs.jpg oV55dt8s.jpg

Ynb4kqns.jpg TM5FKbts.jpg HtmfE4Ls.jpg vAg2tsLs.jpg

zAqs6egs.jpg cTs39KQs.jpg

Questo messaggio
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Um clássico da Stock Car que estará na versão 2013 do game.
Alguém aí arrisca qual é?
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