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Palm Beach International Raceway by ISI

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This updated Palm Beach completes the phase of updating all originally
released track content to our more modern standards, and we hope we
managed to save the best and most extensive one for last! Over time it
has served as a test bed for new shaders and techniques, all of which
have now been wrapped up in this v2.02. Not only has the long-awaited
tight and twisty Kart layout been added, but with no object untouched,
this update transforms the place and puts Palm Beach where it belongs,
in Florida’s hot and humid atmosphere.
Enjoy this virtually new track!

Added Kart layout
Improved surface/microbumps feel
Implemented latest RealRoad shader
New road texture
New road detail maps
Replaced paddock asphalt with a more accurate version
Replaced pitlane concrete with a more accurate version
Fixed inaccurate curb lengths
Remapped curbs
Updated white line material
Added blue lines in pitlane
Reconformed and remapped all painted lines
Remapped and enhanced RaceGroove for both layouts
Optimized RaceSurfaces for smoothness
Cleaned up terrain mesh
Implemented latest terrain shader and blended terrain
New grass and soil textures
Terrain Radiosity pass
Optimized terrain objects for smoothness
Added grass verge decals
Improved water to resemble swamp pond
Added sunblocker object
Optimized fence materials for better performance
Fixed fence mapping glitch
Added foam defender barriers
Fixed tyre belt shadow issues
Replaced tyre walls
Added barrier collision objects
Optimized walls, fences, tyre barriers for smoothness
Replaced 3D trees with much better ones
Replaced and replanted 2D trees with baked 3D trees
Replaced and replanted shrubs
Added water plants
Optimized vegetation objects for smoother performance
Replaced Road Course and Drag Race Control towers with new, high detail
Optimized secondary buildings and improved textures and materials
Optimized grandstand objects and materials, and improved textures
Added DigiFlags to Road Course
Replaced floodlight posts with much better model
Added night glow objects
Removed flags and sponsor signs
Added stand in pitlane
Added some electrical boxes
Optimized power lines
Updated notice boards to rF2 users
Improved drag strip score board signs (static)
Replaced cones with much more detailed ones
Replaced outhouses with much better model
Replaced bins with much better model
Replanted and optimized crowds
Replaced car trailer and bus with much better models
Replaced low poly trackside cars with higher detail ones
Refreshed trackside cameras
Updated AIW with all the latest tech
Updated TDF with all the latest tech
Removed HDR Profiles
Created new UI art
Added Test Team RealRoad Preset Package


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

ISI lavora ad un update


Time to announce Palm Beach IR v2 - this started as a small weekend project in 2013. More teasers this weekend ;) !

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Today's set of Palm Beach details ...





Silverstone 2016 and Palm Beach v2.0 share "bragging rights" when it comes to 'interesting' kerb paint schemes ...


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Today's set of Palm Beach atmospheric shots -- duck for cover :P ?




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