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Shelby Cobra 427 by the_meco & pankykapus​ v1.2


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Shelby Cobra 427 S/C is now officially in Assetto Corsa.
The street car, s1 replica and Competition cars are still mods.

1.2 MOD
Shelby Cobra 427 street car
Shelby Cobra 427 Replica

+ Shelby Cobra 427 Competition :-D



-Added missing code in aero, drivetrain, engine, tyres, brakes, ai
-Competition car is now more consistent with the official S/C version
-Tyres updated as per latest AC updates
-Vintage tyres only for Competition
-Street tyres updated for Street and S1
-Performance tyres dropped (obsolete)

-Minor graphics tweaks and fixes
-LOD optimization for reduced file size

-New preview images
-Competition version now appears separately on the car selection screen




14651681681_9e40eb009d.jpg  14468305658_b045947ccb.jpg


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Hey everyone, another progress update for you all

So at this stage the body is mostly done apart from fine tuning, fixing the bonnet, doors and boot and finishing its back end. Currently coming in at around 35k tris total and with the cobras relatively simple interior it should be close to or under the recommended count

Also thanks for your kind words, it's good to see people enjoying this project like me


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Another update coming your way. Some wireframes this time as I havn't got much time for any renders, plus I thought it would be nice for people to see how the model is shaping up more clearly. There's still plenty to do, brake discs, fuel cap, badges, most of the interior and undercarriage. Progress has been a little slow due to work but I'm getting there

jbg3QoT8uofJ5I_xs.jpg jhHCIph39srS4_xs.jpg j9NPPNgclwKaP_xs.jpg jbtgmPZlKtKe4z_xs.jpg

jgAHMHbxWdyme_xs.jpg j9ZFQgBrD6iRN_xs.jpg jbjcC9l0KmIGrQ_xs.jpg jbeYRzD9UN3QPf_xs.jpg

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Been working on the interior tonight. Here's current progress on the wheel.


Hello again, another other update. This time I've been working on the texture. The cobra was a horrible car to unwrap, without any obvious seams it was very challenging to avoid distortion. After lots of effort I managed to get a pretty clean unwrap, so for people out there who might be wanting to make their own skins hopefully the process shouldn't be too challenging. The interior is coming along as well. Soon the model will be fully complete and I can focus on the rest of the textures. I hope you guys like :)

This is the racing style texture. I'll also be producing over designs based on popular cobra color schemes. Also the door's are missing clear.png they will be back though!


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Hello everyone, so this is gonna be my last update for a while I think as I'm at a stage where I would need to see how AC cars are set up, so the cobra will be on hold till the game is released. In celebration of this, and because I feel like it, I've made a short video showcasing the car in more detail clear.png:)

Hope you enjoy!

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Hey, so I know I said no more update till the game is out ( don't hate me for it ), but based on what I'm hearing around the internet that could still be a while. Soooo, in the mean time I've been working on the AO maps, even though I'm not 100% sure I've done this correctly. I guess this is half update, half request for advice. Currently I've done two AO maps for the interior - one for the main bulk of stuff and the other for finer details that will most likely require higher resolution such as the wheel and dials (hopefully this is correct).

So my plan is to have one other AO map for all the exterior details like the front grill, lights, exhausts, windscreen etc, and one for the main body. The main body's uvs still have a fair bit of wasted space, so I was wondering do all textures have to be square? If i can use rectangular texture sizes then I can make better use of that space. If not would it be a good idea to have additional exterior elements ( grill, lights, exhausts, windscreen etc ) make use of that free space or is it best to have the car body have its individual texture and have the other elements separate?

Also undercarriage is still an issue, maybe if the car body can share texture I can use the free space for the undercarriage. I know it's a lot of questions, I come from a cg background so this stuff is kinda alien to me. Here is current progress :D

jwbq2yBXHl8UW_xs.jpg jC8GHbgYtmymq_xs.jpg

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Hey, a small update showing off more progress with AO maps. Not the most exciting but still a necessary stage. It still needs a bit of tweaking here and there but you get the picture clear.png Also I'm glad to see there are more and more modders coming to AC. It's looking very exciting!

jbyFNf2kx1kbDk_xs.jpg jYwGysVKZt1w6_xs.jpg

jbfEhkAlpIMqzT_xs.jpg jmXAbM06jmRBM_xs.jpg

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Concedetemelo, ma leggendo il titolo della discussione e ammirando la cura dei particolari,

mi viene spontaneo:" MECO....." :asd: (si scherza è)

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