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Renault Clio 197 by ISI v 1.63


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We’re very happy to bring the Renault Clio 197 to v1.63. This update brings wet weather tires (in all cars since the Brabham release in February) properly into the Clio, along with changes to the contact patch model and various other physics tweaks.


Download: 140MB


This update does fix the tire crash (with this car only) that some people experienced after crashing into barriers. Apparently, sim racers don’t crash enough to help us figure this one out, so it took a while. :)


Clio Cup v1.63 changelog (from v1.51):
CPM enabled tyres, including all latest wet weather parameters.
Slightly stiffened chassis.
Slight aero correction (forward balance, reducing H/S understeer).
Minor ARB tweak.
Minor increase in rear unsprung masses.
New shaders.
Some visual fixes.


f7vxps.jpg 45u1Ms.jpg 6EySos.jpg 9A7KZs.jpg

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ecco il primo file rfmod "non ufficiale" ** link removed **

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L' ho rimosso prima che succeda qualche casotto

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Il mod è stato appena rilasciato in forma ufficiale.

Hi folks,

The official v1.0 of the Clio is now available in the downloads thread. Mirrors, etc, should be there within an hour or so, torrent is there now.

Known issues:

- Those of you who installed the accidentally leaked earlier version, will end up with duplicate Clio components, and may need to completely re-install to be rid of them.

- Opacity issues on the headlights until the next software update is released (which will update the Clio pace car and fix it).

- Possibly other stuff.



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Ho un problema che non riesco a risolvere, ho installato la build 107 (versione full), poi tutte le auto standard con i relativi aggiornamenti, ora sto provando ad installare la mod delle Clio cup, ma il mod manager non me là vede.....da cosa può dipendere?

Grazie anticipatamente.

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