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[GTLegends] - Hist. Bergsprint Walzenhausen

Alessandro Pollini

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File Name: Hist. Bergsprint Walzenhausen

File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini

File Submitted: 29 Feb 2012

File Category: Tracks

Author : renntom

GTR2 Version

The hillclimb Walzenhausen is a very traditional mountain race in Switzerland. Initially (1910-1954) led the race of Rheineck to laugh until after the Le Mans tragedy was banned 1955th From 1970-1986.

Then carried out on the race, to 1.9 km distance much shorter, of Walzenhausen to laugh and was part

Swiss Hillclimb Championship.

For several years, the event in the 2-3 year rhythm is run as a historical mountain sprint Walzenhausen.

The track, about 15 km south-west of Bregenz, is part of the local road between Walzenhausen to laugh, too known as "the balcony above the Bodensee".

It is 2,100 meters long and covers 12, some very tight curves, a vertical drop of 160 meters.

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