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[GTLegends] - Bucharest Ring

Alessandro Pollini

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File Name: Bucharest Ring

File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini

File Submitted: 08 Jan 2012

File Category: Tracks

Author : motorfx

GTR2 Version - RaceOn Series - rFactor Version

Bucharest street circuit as used by the FIA GT and previously has been used by the British Formula 3 Championship.. this was the track that was started by AlexEase for Rfactor. quite a few years back.. now in 2012 this is a new version .. I was asked by a few to have the 1.2 version in GTL .. but when doing that.. I made some changes from 1.2 vers to suit the different format, rebuilt the grid section to space cars out a bit more. (which meant they got away much quicker) and then altered walls at 1st turn to help ease the pack going into that turn. Originally having them start in the tighter pack, meant they did'nt all arrive at that 1st turn too fast .. but found varied results with different cars. plus some other small changes .. hence this 1.3..

have fun, Ken

Click here to download this file

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