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[Race07] - Circuito de Cartagena

Alessandro Pollini

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File Name: Circuito de Cartagena

File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini

File Submitted: 07 Jan 2012

File Category: Tracks

Author : paulmarc

GT Legends Version - GTR2 Version

-Original Beta 0.5 rFactor track by HongkFui (Simracing.es)

Time ago, Jose Sanz (aka HongkFui) from Simracing.es released a beta (0.5) and unfinished Cartagena track for rFactor. He has given me permission to finish this track and its conversion to Simbin sims (Race07 & GTR2). HongkFui already did a superb job with the design of this track (proper elevation changes, road design and surrounding terrain). Thanks for this great track HongkFui!!

Changes from Beta 05 to V1


I have added the following changes to finish this track:

- adjusting and remapping textures to Simbin standards.

- Surrounding mountains and adjusting the fog distance of the track.

- Brake markers.

- Pits area & paddock finished: adding the real fence in pits, audience, fire extinguishers, trucks and cars in paddock, pole lights in main parking, new palm trees, ambulance & fire truck placed at secodary paddock as they are located when races take place in the real track (still to do adding numbers at gates..probably in a future update).

- permanent banners: most of the real banners have been placed in the proper locations.

- Pyramid object improved: changed color to white and proper height as it is nowadays.

- GP banners: addition of other banners placed in the proper positions according to real races.

- Turn known as "Curva de la Palmera" (Palm Tree Turn) fully done: poles and flags, circuit logo placed on the ground-made of stones- as it is in the real track, done from scratch. New palm tree.

- Pits entry now shows the circuit logo with a chequered flag at both sides as it is in the real track. Red&white cross section added at the pit exit.

- Light poles (a couple of years ago the light poles were included in the real track to allow night racing).

- New cam file.

- AIW made from scratch. Lots of hours and testing here in Race07 … (no more ai overturns as it happened in rFactor).

- Rain reflections, animated marshals, animated spectators.

- Time attack enabled.

- Rolling starts enabled.

- Pit lights & starting lights fixed.

- Location of safety car fixed.

RACE 07 layouts


There are 2 layouts:

-GP: with everything included (permanent and GP banners, audience, marshals, brake markers...).

-Trackday (available from the EXTRAS menu): no ads (but it has the permanent banners as it happens in the real track), no brake markes, no marshals, reduced audience, empty paddock, no flags at Palm Tree Turn (Curva de la Palmera) only the poles. This trackday layout is included simply because it is in this way how trackdays happens in the real track.

Click here to download this file

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