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[rFactor] - Formula 1 1991 HE by F1-Sim-Racer

Alessandro Pollini

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Nome file: Formula 1 1991 HE by F1-Sim-Racer

Autore del file: Alessandro Pollini

File inserito: 07 Jul 2011

Categoria del file: Open Wheel MODs

Finally, after well over 3 years in development, the F1 1991 Historic Edition mod has been released.. What started as a project elf as a learning device into modding for rFactor and eventually became a channel for myself to deal with real-world issues, the F1 1991 HE mod is the result of a TON of work by a LOT of people..

When I turned the mod over to F1-S-R, formerly known as TMF, I honestly had no expectations of greatness.. Since their reception of the mod in its early stages though, the number of modders and the quality of those modders has increased greatly, and it shows in their final products.. F1-S-R has absolutely surpassed every expectation I had and could have had with an astounding mod that both inspires and induces memories for those of us who were fortunate enough to witness the 1991 Formula One season as it happened.

A majority of MY work was completed in about a month’s time, not long after the passing of my brother who is memorialized in the credits scroll.. Thanks to EVERYONE at F1-S-R for finishing what I started.


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