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Endurance Series Service Pack 2.1 by Enduracers


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Endurance Series - Service Pack 2 RELEASED !

Endurance Series - Service Pack 2.1


EnduRacers Modding Team is proudly releasing the Service Pack 2 dedicated to the Endurance Series mod for rFactor. This package is the last release of the team on the rFactor platform. The introduction of 2 cars adds to the existing grids more diversity. The Lamborghini Murcielago is a great addtion to the GT1 class, a new opponent for the Aston Martin, Corvette and Saleen monsters. On his side, the Oreca FLM09 has become in the last 2 years an important figure of the ALMS and LMS grids, allowing young drivers to perform on the highest level possible. In the mod, the car will allow you to learn the prototype driving, can it be during Oreca FLM races, or integrated in full Endurance Series races.
Endurance Series SP2 - PRESENTATION
Endurance Series SP2 - FEATURES

Endurance Series SP2 Readme



- If you downloaded the Endurance Series SP2 Pack, You need the v1SP1 full version, and the SP1.1 patch installed. Install it in your rFactor main folder
- If you download the Endurance Series rF1 full version (including v1, SP1, SP2), install it in your rFactor main folder.

Endurance Series - Service Pack 2 - PATCH (v1SP1 + SP1.1 needed)


Endurance Series - rFactor1 FULL version - Including v1, SP1 and SP2


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Within the development of our mod, the team is currently looking for talents in 2D Texturing. If you are interested to work on new cars textures and templates, do not hesitate to contact us using our website, mails or mps even here. Do not hesitate to share the information to places or friends of you that could be interested. Thank you.


In addition, some new shots of the SP2 have been posted on our website : http://www.enduracers.com/newsletter_es_20.html

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

The Endurance Series mod has received a big sucess during the 24 hours of Le Mans 2011. Indeed, the lucky ones who were in La Sarthe during the race week may have been able to play the mod on the Michelin paddocks, located in the public LM Village in the center of the circuit. The mod was featured on 6 racing simulators, and the races were broadcasted on big screens.


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew
We can today confirm you that the Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT won't come alone in the Service Pack 2. More information when we will diffuse the new screenshots... :)
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The Oreca FLM09 is added to the Service Pack 2!



A busy EnduRacers Modding Team has officialy unveiled the first information and wip shots of the second totally new car to be added in the Service Pack 2, the Oreca FLM09, challenger of the LMP Challenge class. As usual the car comes in all graphic configuration and with lot of real skins for it. This will allow a new category to be included in the mod. The screenshots features some cars from the ALMS and LMS championships, from the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

You can already find a personnal page for the newly added car in our Endurance Series section on the website. Don't forget to comment the news and screenshots on our :

EnduRacers' WEBSITE : http://www.enduracer...sletter_22.html



As announced, the Service Pack 2 will be the team last release on rFactor 1. The team is already in preparation for a possible future move on rFactor 2, and within this target we are currently looking for new talents in 2 important domains : the creation of CAR SOUNDS, and the creation of cars TEXTURES. Do not hesitate to share the information, and to contact us for more details and if you are interested ! You can use for that the "About us" section on the website.

Some Pictures :


















EnduRacers - Team Coordinator


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Oreca FLM09 new screenshots and Service Pack 2 trailer !

Today Enduracers proudly provide you some new media and information regarding the Service Pack 2. Indeed the team has unveiled some new screenshots of the Oreca FLM09, featuring new skins, some cockpit shots and night shots. In addition, it's time for us to unveil the offical Service Pack 2 trailer, created by the famous video maker Hompe. The trailer features the 2 new mod late additions. The team and in addition confirm you the finalized content of the Service Pack 2 that will be released in the upcoming weeks:

- Graphics - Added 2 new 3D models:

- GT1 - Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT(Spec 2005-2009 ALMS/LMS/LM).

- LMPC - Oreca FLM09 (Spec 2010-2011 ALMS/LMS).

- Graphics - Added several real driver helmets, real driver and pitcrew suits.

- Graphics - Included 2010-2011 Skins of the Porsche 997 RSR.

- Graphics - Included all finished community skins.

- Graphics - Included new driver helmet skins.

- Sounds - High quality sounds for the 2 new cars.

- Sounds - Included new Ferrari F430 External sounds.

- Physics - High fidelity physics and damages behavior for the 2 new cars.

- Physics - Minor physics adjustments on the v1 and SP1 cars.


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