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Shift to the next level.

Finally! We're happy to announce that we´ve opened for pre-orders of our two new ClubSport Shifters as well as the ClubSport Shifter Table Clamp in our online shop Check ´em out today!

Improve your complete simracing experience. How? By literally “shifting” to our shifters. Our shifters have been designed to deliver the most authentic simracing sensations possible.

Three-time Porsche Supercup Winner, race driver and simracer: René Rast is convinced: “...when you have to shift with the H-Pattern, it make the difference. All of a sudden, it´s a lot more fun!”

The ClubSport Shifter features:

  • 7 Speeds with H-Pattern configuration – like in a real Porsche 911 car.
  • Built-in Inhibitor – keeps you from accidentally shifting into the wrong gear
  • H-Knob – egonomic shape for “snug” fit

In addition, the SQ version offers:

  • H-Pattern AND Sequential Modes – all in one unit!
  • Just a flip of a switch and you´ll enter the ultra-realistic sequential mode
  • Choose from two different knobs – both “snug and sleek”

We made our shifters such that they can be mounted and positioned wherever you´d best like them. But that´s not all: we took it a step further and produced their perfect “companion”: our ClubSport Shifter Table Clamp. Now you can:

  • Adjust height to unlimited possiblilities, thanks to the T-Slot rails and a corresponding fixture on the Table Clamp
  • Mount the Shifter onto a table.

Join other quality enthusiasts and secure your own new shifters and table clamp today

ClubSport Shifter ->

ClubSport Shifter SQ ->

Fanatec Releases Features, Prices and Pictures of their ClubSport Shifters

Landshut, Germany – 22.04.2013 – Fanatec today introduced not only one but two of their new ClubSport Shifters and the ClubSport Shifter Table Clamp, expanding their impressive high-end ClubSport Series.

Both shifters are entirely made out of metal, which brings out the unique design and underpins the built-in quality, durability and reliability. Thanks to many new features, the ClubSport Shifters are designed to deliver extremely authentic sensations for an improved simracing experience. “Usually you drive while shifting with your hands which can be a little boring, but when you really have to shift with the H-Pattern, it makes the difference. All of a sudden, it’s a lot more fun.” said René Rast, Three-Time Porsche Supercup Winner racing driver and simracer.

The ClubSport Shifter features 7 speeds with an H-Pattern configuration, just like in a Porsche 911 car. Equipped with a built-in inhibitor, drivers are kept from shifting accidentally into either the 7th or reverse gears since the shifter has to be pressed down in order to engage. Designed with an H-knob, its ergonomic shape and polish contribute to both a snug fit and perfect feel in the driver’s hands.

As for the ClubSport Shifter SQ, both H-Pattern and sequential modes are available in the same unit. What makes it even more unique is the ability to change from one mode to another, with just the flip of a switch. Simracers can use the mode of their choice without having to unplug or reboot the shifter, without having to remove the knob and even without needing a tool to do so. That alone allows for more driving flexibility and comfort. The CSS SQ features an H-knob as well as a sequential knob. The long shape and polished finish simultaneously ensure both a good grip and a sleek look.

Both CSS and CSS SQ have new characteristics enabling endless adjustment possibilities:

· Thanks to the standard mount for real knobs, simracers are able to give their CSS the perfect look and can customize it to their exact driving preferences.

· The shifters include T-slots on all four sides, allowing the insert of T-slot nuts at any position and creating more flexibility for mounting.

· The ClubSport Shifter Table Clamp allows mounting the shifter on either and any side, right or left, and even onto the top. For a side-mounting, the height adjustments are unlimited, thanks to the T-slot rails.

Compatibility, Pricing and Availability

· The ClubSport Shifters are compatible to all Fanatec steering wheels.

· CSS, CSS SQ and CSS TC will be available exclusively for online purchase in the Fanatec webshop, in July 2013.

· Prices:


Euros incl. VAT

USD excl. Sales tax

AUD incl. GST














dettagli QUI



We are currently working on a Clubsport version of our shifter. We got a lot of requests from customers and we also got various comments in several forums how the shifter should look like.

I would like to channel these comments into one thread and use our great community to give us feedback on hoe you like the CSS to look like.

Please give me your comments on:

* material
* mounting options
* amount of gears
* sequential option
* haptic feeling
* accoustics
* colours / design
* style of gear knob
* size
* compatibility
* pricing

We have done a lot of work on the internaly already but we are still very flexible on any of the above.

Let's build your ideal shifter!
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interessante....dopo la club sport pedal se sfornano un altro prodotto non troppo costoso e della stessa qualit

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Thanks for all the great input guys! This helped a lot and I am happy to tell you that we will be able to deliver almost everything you asked for. Here are the initial specs of the CSS:

Material: Full aluminium with some steel parts

Mounting options: There will be screw inserts on the bottom. We will make an adapter for the Clubsport table clamp and the RennSport Wheel Stand.

Amount of gears: 7+1

Sequential option: We will implement it but only if this is not a compromise. We have a solution which could work very well in both modes

Haptic feeling: Very similar like in a real car. Perhaps we can even make the resistance adjustable.

Acoustic: A solid "clonck" instead of a "clack" but very silent

Colour/design: Silver as CSP. The shifter will be gated like in a Ferrari or Lamborghini

Style of gear knob: It will be exchangeable so upgrades are possible (leather, carbon, etc). The standard version will be an polished aluminum ball.

Size: We will try to keep the size of the PW shifter but it will probably become a bit higher

Compatibility: It will be backwards compatible to the Porsche wheel shifter and therefore compatible to all platforms. An USB adapter will be available optional to make it work with other wheels on PC.

Pricing: The target will be 99,95

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If you are not a member of iRacing, you are missing out on some interesting information Thomas Jackermeier gave us there.

He told us once again, that they are focused on releasing new wheels first, but the first product to follow will be the Clubsport Shifter. They are still aiming to release it late this year, if everything goes smoothly and Thomas is planning to make a video about the Clubsport Shifter in early October. In it he will explain all the features. He said they "are taking a different approach than any other shifter out there and there are plenty of innovations coming with it", so it should be interesting.

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CSR Shifter Features

- Authentic 6-speed H-pattern shifting plus reverse

- Sequential shifter included

- Bigger design for better grip and feel

- Premium metal construction

- Can be mounted on left or right side of steering wheel

- Backward compatible with Fanatec Porsche 911 wheels

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CSR Shifter Set PRE-ORDER delivery before October 15.

In conjunction with the release of the Forza Motorsport CSR and CSR Elite Wheels, Fanatec introduces the CSR Shifter Set. Whether you want to drive a 6 speed manual, or use a sequential shifter, the CSR Shifter set makes for the perfect match with the Forza Motorsport CSR and CSR Elite wheels.


  • Authentic 6-speed H-pattern shifting plus reverse
  • Sequential shifter included
  • Bigger design for better grip and feel
  • Premium metal construction
  • Can be mounted on left or right side of steering wheel
  • Backward compatible with Fanatec Porsche 911 wheels


  • All Porsche wheels
  • CSR wheel
  • CSR Elite and Clubsport wheel in combination with an optional mount like ClubSport table clamp or shifter adapter for RennSport wheel Stand

pixel_trans.gif For more information, please visit this products webpage.


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