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v0.9.0 RC8 has been released. This has an improved combined slip model for tire forces, faster rendering and Onyx improvements.

  • Windows XP/2003-Server/Vista/Windows 7 (32/64 bits); Pentium IV or AMD processor. Anything from 1Ghz will do ok, but a good graphics card is most important.
    Note that the beta versions DO NOT support Windows 95/98/ME (trouble with fonts) anymore.
  • A good 3D graphics card (supporting OpenGL and Cg) like from nVidia (preferred) or AMD/ATI. Onboard graphics (such as most Intel card) very often give problems with the Cg shaders. We work almost exclusively with nVidia cards (and drivers), so those are highly recommended for the best compatibility with Racer. nVidia 8800GT or better recommended.
  • DirectX9.0c or better.

Download latest versions for Windows:
If you have trouble running this version (first try to run racer_nocg.exe if you get errors about 'Cg') you could try the simpler v0.6.5 version; that version does NOT contain the latest bugfixes, physics updates etc, but can be used if you have an old graphics card to check an old version of Racer out. With that version though, it's no use trying to make cars / tracks that will work as expected for later beta versions mentioned below.
The changes in the various versions can be read in the log file here.
Racer v0.9.0 RC8 (1-11-2013)
- Download & unzip Racer0.9.0_RC8_Rift.7z (150Mb - on MediaFire; requires 7-Zip).
- Check out the documentation here.






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Racer v0.6.1 for Windows released

A few patches for v0.6.0...

Get it at www.racer.nl/download/racer061.zip


- Fixed 'too many network adapters' crashes

- Fixed smoke animation in replays

- Set shaders.enable=1 in distribution (accidentally at 0 in the previous release)

- Modified road noise amplitude; v0.6 switched to Simplex noise (not Perlin) and that was faster in frequency

- Added stats.show_wrong_direction setting to be able to turn off the wrong-direction indicator.

- Added stats.max_race_view to limit all the stat views that F1 loops through (not all are useful)

- Added Cg compile errors to QLOG.txt when a shader fails to compile

- Added car engine jitter parameters (see http://www.racer.nl/reference/carphys.htm#enginejitter) to control engine jitter when shifting

- Engine acc/dec mix slightly modified; it was pure throttle application, now accVol=throttle+0.2-brakes (limited to 0..1) (decVol=1-acc)

- Added dbg_car.simple_susp_live_rate_slope; when implicitly integrating the wheel position, the suspension rate slope was calculated incorrected.

Set to 1 for backwards compatible suspension physics, 0 for more realistic damping (used only when dbg_car.susp_implicit_integration=1)

- Added dbg_car.damp_vertical_velocity_reversal. Set to 1 for dampening wheel velocity reversal (sign change).

Perhaps more stable with hard dampers. Default=0 for backwards compatibility.

- Improved error messages when ini files have mismatching brackets ({ and }) (detection, line numbers)

- Track special.ini's gfx.clear_color has been made obsolete. It will always be 1 (no speed increase detected)

- Racer.ini had timing.slomo set to 10. Now set to 0 to give more fps.

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Guest indigo

sono corso a questo posto preso dall'entusiasmo e con la speranza di trovare qualcosa di bello, ma sinceramente.....................fa s....o!!

mo lo deleto



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Racer v0.6.2 for Windows released

Another bugfix & feature update.

Get it at http://www.racer.nl/dl_beta_win.htm

(if you get low framerate, try setting envmap.live_track to 0 in racer.ini)

!! Then get the attached racer.zip and use that racer.exe !! (fixes problems with cars that use .ar files)


- Bugfix: replay after end of race now fades back to a normal view (was black).

- Bugfix: acc/del engine audio mix of AI car used player throttle control instead of AI throttle

- Bugfix: autoclutch took over clutch even when clutch pedal was already depressed

- Bugfix: race.ai.performance was set so the 2nd AI car drove only at 50% performance.

- Bugfix: the ini bracket checking gave a false alert when the last line didn't end in a newline.

- Bugfix: traction control now also works for FWD cars; you need the right order of wheels though (0=FL, 1=FR, 2=RL, 3=RR)

- Switching from implicit wheel integration to explicit (a few settings in racer.ini:dbg_car.*); it seems stable and doesn't have the problem of suspension forces not matching with load forces, plus the 'damper sucking the car to the ground' bug also seems gone with this method.

- Blip/cut throttle is now specified per car; see http://www.racer.nl/reference/carphys.htm#gearshift (the appropriate variables were removed from racer.ini)

- Driver name is now taken from racer.ini instead of data/drivers/* (was like that since 0.6.0)

- A car's views.ini now can also accept 'factor_inv' instead of 'factor'; this to ease RPM leds for example

- Modified acc/dec mix to be exactly; accVol=throttle, decVol=1-accVol (brakes affected volume in a weird way)

- Added dbg_car.tustin_tire setting to use experimental tire integrator. Not advised to try.

- show_car_points=1 now also shows the CG and the roll centers (including some lines to visualize the 3D; see the image below)

- Using timing.max_steps now pauses the sim at the end instead of exiting

- Added env.temperature to set air temperature (only used for brake discs)

- Added brake disc temperature tracking (glowing brake discs); see http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/howto_g...brakediscs.htm

- Added menu.show_console setting to optionally paint the console in the menu (default is 0)

- Screensaver killing upon starting Racer is a bit faster, so the exe starts a bit faster

- It's now possible to do a QuickRace with 0 laps (non-ending)

- 'Free Driving' now explicitly sets 0 laps and no limit on time.

- Added gearwhine.wav to the distribution for cars that use it.

- Improved detection of shadow loss when the car is flying.


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Racer v0.6.3 for Windows released

More fixes & features.

Get it at http://www.racer.nl/dl_beta_win.htm





- Bugfix: a multiplayer client sending a chat message repeated forever

- Bugfix: when a multiplayer client arrived in a race, it was stuck in the 'start scene' (can't drive off)

- Bugfix: while blipping, the wrong acc/del mix was taken

- Bugfix: title wasn't shown in menu

- Bugfix: surface dust_color wasn't used for smoke/gravel particles

- Added car.ini's susp<x>.k_curve to define a .crv file for spring force vs deflection. Useful for non-linear springs (but not bumpstops!).

- Added bumpstops; susp<x>.bumpstop_len and susp<x>.bumpstop_k (they are an extra spring)

- Added car.ini's susp<x>.damper_curve to define a .crv file for damper force vs piston velocity. Useful for non-linear dampers.

- Added auto_clutch per car (car.ini:engine.autoclutch=1). Still possible to turn it on always in racer.ini (assist.auto_clutch=1)

- Added dbg_car.max_tan_sa. Default was 0.75, now upped it to 20.0. Has an effect on sliding physics.

- Added LSD type differentials (1-way/1.5-way/2-way) through car.ini's differentials.diff<x>.type=3, preload, power_coeff and coast_coeff (experimental!)

- Added locked differentials (type=4); this keeps the attached wheel velocities the same

- Sky objects no longer modify the shader implicitly; skies must have a track shader defined (in track.shd). It did more worse than good.

- Better checking for FBO's being possible (for fullscreen shaders)

- Improved smoke a bit, plus gravel particle gravity; smoke may be hard on FPS though (data/renderer/particles.ini).

- Added 2nd skid sound for longitudinal skids (audio.skid.sample2)

- Added audio.hook_incar_to_camera=0 to avoid very loud in-car sounds

- A car with only 'acc' audio now gets a bit more volume when idling (65% instead of 35%)

- Tracked: ambient audio can now be created at the camera or selection position. Also now possible to move them directly.

- Added new icon (thanks to whoever uploaded it on the forum)

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Racer v0.6.4 for Windows released

An important update, and probably one that will not please those with low-end graphics cards. It has Cg shaders (you can turn them off with renderer.gpu_shaders=0, but the fun goes away) to get new things like bumpmapping, fresnel lighting, per-pixel Phong shading etc. The Lambo & Carlswood have been updated for a large part to take advantage.

Get it at http://www.racer.nl/download/racer064.zip (38Mb)

(if you downloaded this before 22:15 on 22-9-08, get the patch http://www.racer.nl/download/racer064b.zip, 5Mb)


The list of changes:

- Bugfix: locked differentials flooded QLOG with warnings (CalcLockingTorque)

- Bugfix: damper curves didn't work when dbg_car.susp_implicit_integration=1

- Bugfix: skidding sounds only worked in right turns

- Added skid factors to multiplayer protocol; this version is incompatible with older ones!

- Added global Cg shaders for cars & tracks in data/renderer/shaders

- Added racer.ini:renderer.gpu_shaders option for those with crap video cards

- Added a bunch of Cg shaders to improve rendering quality; OpenGL2 cards are more or less required now

- Lambo now uses per-pixel lighting with Cg shaders

- Added wheel spin velocities in the driveline debug screen (Ctrl-8)

- Added dev.note_ini_fallback to get QLOG messages for variables taken from data/cars/default/car.ini

- Removed warning on bottoming out for LUT springs

- Added a 'udpterm.exe' tool for remote live debug messages (in combination with dev.udp_output=<host: port>).

- Improved skidmarks so they don't pop up behind the car but are kept ending underneath the wheels

- Improved handling of clutches with high torques

- Optimized sun detection a bit (doesn't work yet with FBO's though)

- Added a few fullscreen shaders as demonstration (multiply/..., see data/renderer/fullscreen_shaders/)

- Upgraded track envmaps (data/images/track_*.tga) to 256x256 for improved reflection maps (was 128x128)

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Two versions have been released; one that will probably (hopefully) replace v0.5.0 as the latest 'stable' version; that is v0.6.5. Not really useful for most forum visitors perhaps, but if you have a low-end graphics card it may be useful, since it skips Cg shaders (the Lambo & Carlswood both have no Cg shaders). v0.6.5 will be the last version that doesn't use Cg shaders, that's the only reason it will stay alive for quite some time.

v0.7.0 is more interesting; it's the Cg release of v0.6.5 sort of, although I did fix a bug with bumpmapping/tangents shortly after doing v065.

The readme is below. I will be offline for most of the time between Christmas and New Year.

Racer v070 can be found at http://www.racer.nl/dl_beta_win.htm, but you may also need http://www.racer.nl/download/vcredist_x86_vc2008sp1.exe to install Visual C++ 2008 DLL's. If you get a warning that say something like 'Racer wasn't installed properly. Perhaps reinstalling the application helps', then you need those DLL's.

Have fun in this final week of 2008!!


v0.7.0 (23-12-08)


- Added flares to enhance car lights. See http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/car_lights.htm (quite a few parameters)

- Added car projected lights options; see http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/car_lights.htm

- Added track special.ini's gfx.night setting to indicate night tracks (car lights then turn on by default)

- Car lights turn on automatically at rain & night tracks

- Added car.ini:animation.flash_lights to be able to flash all lights (only usable probably for F1-style cars)

- Bugfix: live envmapping was bad; it used an old renderer. Also the rendered area was not 90x90 degrees actually per side (aspects were not 1).

- Bugfix: car LOD system always skipped first LOD

- Bugfix: car model offsetting only worked for the highest LOD

- Bugfix: snow/rain grip only worked on 1 axis instead of 2.

- Added track's special.ini sun.enable to disable sun painting (for dark tracks)

- Added track's special.ini env.thunder to directly set thunder amount

- Added track's special.ini gfx.shadows.intensity_projected to set intensity of projected shadows of cars

- Added drafting/slipstreaming between cars (car.ini:aero.draft.*)

- Moved aero info to Ctrl-2 debug screen

- Added dev.log_last setting to automatically show the last QLOG entries if any errors/warnings occurred at exit (for development of cars/tracks).

- Added animated rain using a curve (special.ini:env.rain_curve=...). The X axis is the time in seconds.

- Curved: added 'normalize' function. The Lambo still had an absolute torque.crv file.

- Curved: added 'scale' function. Always useful.

- Rain/snow environment.*.grip_factor limited to 0..1 to avoid unrealistic modifications.

- Added gfx.show_aero option to visualize aerodynamics (drafting only)

- Added script commands: show aero, hide aero, show carpoints, hide carpoints

- Added engine torque to engine logging group (next to rpm, gear)

- Modeler bugfix; ASE normals weren't modified by TM_ROWx (often wheel models, when exported using ASE and

imported in Modeler) would have strange lighting problems where the light appeared to rotate along

with the model. Re-exporting to DOF should fix this (this applies to car modelers then).

- Tracked: added 'track_template.shd' generation for all used materials in a track

- Added 'watchdog.exe' to the installation (useful for the lobbyserver)

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