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  • Ginetta SuperCup 2017 By VELOCIPEDE

    • 104
    by Shaun Clarke After months of information gathering as you will see, but we are pleased to share this with you. There have been so many changes, that I will only list a few below. We have also changed the name, so that people that enjoy the V8.2 can also run this version. I would just like to add, this is nothing like the original version. 
    This version includes a LHD and RHD, and both can be used against each other at the same time in Single Player or Multi Player. With the older version being so popular, we didn’t want to scrap the LHD so we included both. Both tested with VR.

    Some of the Key Changes / Additions: Total new cockpit/Wheel and realistic Dashboard, photo graphed from inside of the actual car. New Tyres and Aero Realistic Gearing and Final Drive – Information from Ginetta Team ALL Liveries from the Ginetta Michelin Supercup 2017, all haven been draw to detail. New Number Template – You can now add your number to the Windscreen.U Updated Model to 2017 Specs. You can use your liveries from previous Version
  • GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH By VELOCIPEDE

    • 210
    GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH v8.0 by GTR233 and friends
    This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v16.04 (update your archiver if it tells you that archive is damaged)
    Control integrity of this archive with md5 checksum = A9F981B649764F3B13C17F198F9D1A18

    Description :
    This GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH contains all-in-1 MODS/PATCHES for GTR2 (no options here except language) :
    - OFFICIAL SIMBIN update v1.1
    - MS Dx9 last update from 2010 package
    - NO-CD by RELOADED with 4GB PATCH by Daniel Pistelli : GTR2 is more than 10 years old now and keep on using this old precious DVD of GTR2 in the DVD tray may possibly get it scratched/damaged. Moreover, it is been more than 10 years now that this NO-CD is available at nogrip so I suppose that SIMBIN tolerates its usage (otherwise they would have forced admins/moderators to remove it long time ago). So for both reasons, I decided to include it in order to make a full single patch with 4GB RAM enabled (1.8 GB by default) which helps to load HQ MODS
    - GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION v8.0 by GTR233 (note that neither ENBseries by B.Vorontsov, nor F360 HQ SOUNDS are included here so download GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION if you want them)
    - GTR2 New Gfx v1.6 by syhlif32 (patch for Dx9 shaders, see included txt readme)
    - GTR2 UI MOD by DucFreak (16/9 - 10th Anniversary edition, see included pdf readme)

    Disk space requirement : 1.11 Go

    ATTENTION: GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH will overwrite stock files so make a backup first or make a second GTR2 install (recommended) on your hard disk (see install process below)
    No online mismatch (stock cars/tracks files are not modified and still available)

    Changelog v8.0
    Huge update since previous GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH which was based on old GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION v1.4 : more than a year of development/bugs fixes !!!
    Now based on GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION v8.0 which is available here : http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=43930 if you want to see detailed changelog and also to fine tune few mods by choosing different options.
    Big thanks to DucFreak who granted me permission to include his wonderful GTR2 UI MOD : I have slightly modified/skinned it for this 10th Anniversary version (note that only 16/9 WIDE version is available so if you prefer 4/3 version then download original DucFreak's GTR2 UI MOD (see link in credits)
    Big thanks to syhlif32 for permission to include his New Gfx which fixes a lot of Dx9 shaders

    Usage Disclaimer
    This mod is a non-profit work made for fun and provided as is, without warranty of any kind, use it at your own risk
    You are permitted to install and play this mod for private home use only, any commercial or public uses are forbidden
    It is forbidden to convert/modify any materials, or use it as part of another mod without written permission
    The original source is only available at nogripracing.com
    Archive was tested with Kaspersky AV and to be sure that the archive you have downloaded was not modified then compare MD5 checksum with the one available at nogripracing.com

    Installation : 
    TIP: you can have multiple GTR2 installs on your PC so a new/clean install dedicated to this 10t Anniv. PATCH is highly recommended and no need to backup files in this case : you can skip step 1 and go ahead to step 2.

    1) BACKUP (make a 7z/rar/zip archive to save your files)
    GTR2\GameData\Talent (make a rar/zip of all folder)
    *.aud files (original *.aud files backup is provided)

    a) New GTR2 INSTALL highly recommended
    b) Copy this full "GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH" in GTR2 directory (search for "GameData" folder on your hard disk if you don't know where it is, then copy and click YES to overwrite all files)
    c) OPTIONAL : go to - GTR2 EXTRA LANG - folder, choose your language then copy all files in GTR2 directory (click YES to overwrite all files)
    d) Set (right click>properties>compatibility) GTR2.exe + GTR2Config.exe + GTR2Dedicated.exe + GTR2TimeTrialInstaller.exe as WindowsXP compatible and check ADMINISTRATOR rights
    e) launch GTR2Config.exe : set your monitor resolution, choose DirectX 9 (DO NOT set AUTO) and DO NOT CHECK AA/vSync options (go to AMD/NVIDIA settings instead)
    f) launch GTR2.exe

    NB: this GTR2 10th Anniv. Patch, and GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION as well, will neither cause online mismatch nor CTD but one day you might install other mods which will. 
    If Crash-To-Desktop happens then launch GTR2 with "GTR2_debug_mode.bat" to get more info about the CTD.
    If online mismatch happens then try first to edit PLR file in GTR2\UserData\USERNAME.PLR with notepad, go to line 529 at "Report Mismatches=" and set it to "0"

    NB2: UIAssets.GTR is patched in order to allow skinning of motec lcd, now the FNTCMOTM.BMP used is the one included into every XXXX_CPIT.GTR. Nevertheless, few 3rd party mods have no FNTCMOTM.BMP included or a bad one (many people try to skin it but they forgot the green dots which results in a blank motec lcd with gears only). To fix these kind of mods (FIAGT2008/PCC2007-2009 by example), download Geditor (see link in credits) then open XXXX_CPIT.GTR to include the default FNTCMOTM.BMP provided and save file.

    Uninstallation :
    Why would you delete it ? Anyway here is the procedure
    1) DELETE

    - Right click on folder (XP) or go to (Vista/7/8/10) "\GTR2" directory and search for "HQ" then select and delete all files found
    - Right click on folder (XP) or go to (Vista/7/8/10) "\Locations" directory and search for "*.DDS" then select and delete all files found
    - Right click on folder (XP) or go to (Vista/7/8/10) "\Teams" directory and search for "*.DDS" then select and delete all files found

    - your skies 
    - your Talent files
    - your menu/legal
    - your UIAssets
    - your defviews
    - your *.aud files or the original ones provided into "--GTR2 AUD BACKUP--" folder
  • Ferrari F310 1996 by ASR Formula By VELOCIPEDE

    • 196
    Il team ASR Formula ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa due nuove e spettacolari monoposto di Formula 1 del passato! La prima è la versione 1.0 della Ferrari F310, che disputò la stagione 1996 con Schumacher ed Irvine con alterne fortune e fu la prima Rossa a montare il propulsore v10: La Ferrari F310 è la quarantatreesima utilizzata dalla Scuderia Ferrari, che ha disputato il Campionato mondiale di Formula 1 1996. Durante il corso della stagione la vettura subì una sensibile modifica nella parte anteriore: in luogo dell'originario musetto ribassato e raccordato direttamente all'alettone, venne realizzato un musetto rialzato. Altre novità si individuavano nelle pance laterali, staccate dal corpo macchina, e nel cofano motore, molto largo e che andava ad avvolgere il poggiatesta e i bordi dell'abitacolo, in ottemperanza alle nuove disposizioni del regolamento per la protezione del collo e del capo dei piloti dagli spostamenti laterali. La novità più rilevante rispetto al passato è l'introduzione di un propulsore V10 in luogo del caratteristico V12, con cilindrata, richiesta dal nuovo regolamento, di 3 000 cm³. Nel corso della stagione la vettura riuscì a vincere tre Gran Premi (Spagna, Belgio e Italia) grazie a Michael Schumacher, ma a causa di numerosi problemi di affidabilità, occorsi soprattutto nella prima parte della stagione, uniti ad una certa discontinuità di prestazioni tra una gara e l'altra, non riuscì mai a competere veramente con la Williams per i campionati del mondo costruttori e piloti, che alla fine andarono ad appannaggio della scuderia britannica e di Damon Hill. Credits:
    ASR Formula Team
    3D model: rf900r
    Physics: The Engineer
    Sounds: simontek27
    Skins and Texture: alesanchez
    Helmet skins: alesanchez
    Suit and Gloves: simontek27
    3D tire and rims: alesi_fan
    F310 3D Helmet: Raf19
    B191 3D Helmet: Oggo
    Video and renders: ddntube
  • Zolder 2016 dx11 version 1.03 . rFactor2 By paulmarc

    • 27
    Road mesh reworked in 3dsMax. AIW done from scratch to allow all rfactor2 features (block path added). Rain reflections and marshals. Updated to dx11. Changelog: -v1.03: dx11 rfactor2 version, it includes missing reflections, all textures and lighting reworked, shadows reworked. -v1.02: dx11 rfactor2 initial version. -v1.01. bug fixes (not released) -v1.0: initial dx9 rfactor2 release.

    • 4646
    Apex Modding would like to present you the GT3 mod for rFactor 2 Today's release is not a final version. Because the sim is improving and changing from build to build, some things may come out and will need to be fixed.
    Also, we are aware there is still some room for improvements in both graphics and physics in our mod, so please expect updates released in the near future.  
  • kart racing pro Kart Racing Pro by Piboso By VELOCIPEDE

    • 2667
    • 0
    l buon Piboso ha rilasciato la terza versione definitiva ed ufficiale, denominata "release 3", del suo Kart Racing Pro, simulatore di guida dedicato al mondo del karting. La nuova release 3, non più beta quindi, fra le tante novità, migliorie e fix, ci mette a disposizione il nuovo telaio di marchio MS Kart e lo spettacolare circuito belga di Genk, sul quale si è disputata la prima gara del campionato Europeo KZ/KZ2 ! Per commenti e discussioni fate riferimento a questo topic. Release notes
    - a clean installation is strong recommended
    - replays are not compatible with the previous versions
    - the dynamic track surface is restored between testing sessions. To reset it, a "Reset Track" button has been added to the "Event Info" tab of the Testing pit page
    - it is now possible to create sub-directories in the "Tracks" folder and move the tracks into them. It should then be possible to filter the tracks in the "Testing Setup" and "Race Setup" pages modding:
    - the maximum number of chassis bar settings has been increased to 10
    - the "rolling_start" setting in the INI file of each kart has been moved from the "data" section to the "race" one ( it's not mandatory, though, for backward compatibility )
    - support for animated flags has been added. To see how it works, please check the file "genk.scr" in the Genk track folder disponibile anche su Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/415600/Kart_Racing_Pro/

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