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Featured Downloads

  • RallyLegends Mod: Fiesta - Citroen - Polo WRC   By Alessandro Pollini

    • 2504
    with the arrival of physics 4X4 on te Assetto Corsa Game, we can use exotic and legend cars and have made racing history! Arrives free RallyLegends Mod, with the aim to include and insert in this magnificent Sim - Game the most important rally cars!! My friends Moku, Kazuma76, Garyson, Rodriguez, Maxximum, Farins i was allowed to convert their models created in recent years.To take advantage the performance of the AC game engine, each model will be revised with change specific 3D, and HD texture.In the future of AC probably it will come snow, dust and mud, at this time the cars that will be released will have asphalt setup....   VW Polo R WRC - Version 2.0 - ( No Damage - Tarmac/Asphalt Tyres and Setup)
    + New Rallycross Track "KOUVOLA" by ultranew_B;

    Ford Fiesta RS WRC -Version 2.0 by Rallylegends Mod ( No Damage - Tarmac + Gravel Spec)   Citroën DS3 WRC - Version 4.0 + New Rallycross Track HOLJESRX by ultranew_B:
    Included New Rallycross track "HOLJESRX" By ultranew_b...  
  • F1 75 League   By ChiefWiggum

    • 35
    Full package, it already includes all the cars. ***PLEASE DELETE ALL OTHER EDITIONS OF 1975 MOD FROM GAMEDATA/VEHICLES***

    Unzip into the AMS directory, this is for league purposes only. The physics are now historically accurate, there will be a further update with Historical Edition with individual physics soon which again will be more historically accurate. Enjoy for the time being thx to:
    Team CREW (orig. Mod)
    Dave Purdy
    Mauricio Leiva
  • Avia AE2 1.0.6   By Alessandro Pollini

    • 806
    Changelog :
    - fixed flying tyres
    - new brake disks model
    - aero fixes
    - TV cam for bonnet camera
    - templates It was third handmade formula car created by czech driver and constructor Vaclav Lim. Avia AE2 was his car for Cup of Peace and Friendship and Czech Formula Easter championship from 1978 for 1983 years. It had 1300 Lada engine and 4-speed Wartburg gearbox.
    It was champion car for 1979 and 1980 seasons in czech championship and 1979 season for Cup of Peace and Friendship. Since 1982 season Lim start to use new his construction - Avia AE3. AE2 was sold for czech driver Adolf Fesarek who used it for mountain racing. Today it's owned by Adam Klus.
    It had two modification - 1300 for 1987 year and 1600 from 1987 to 1997. Today it have 1300 engine. Official online championship: https://vk.com/formulaeasterevents
    Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1...wLooLB-PwYNa2yMJgFk0rXxFyH7Q/viewform?c=0&w=1      
  • F1RFT 2015   By Uff

    • 64
    F1RFT 2015 No trackpack included.