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Found 6 results

  1. La 12 Ore di Bathurst disputata lo scorso weekend ha saputo offrire un incredibile spettacolo, compresi alcuni incredibili incidenti che hanno messo ben in evidenza tutte le difficoltà del famoso e particolarissimo circuito australiano. Da non perdere quindi la versione virtuale della gara di durata dedicata alle GT3, che si disputa con iRacing e sarà possibile seguire interamente in diretta grazie ai link video disponibili anche qui sotto (divisi in tre parti). La partenza è fissata alle ore 14,30 italiane di oggi, buo divertimento. The Bathurst 12 Hour, staged on the Mount Panorama Circuit in Australia, is a 12 hour endurance race featuring GT3 cars. This event serves as the opening round to the Intercontinental GT Challenge Series in the real world.
  2. Sito web www.bathurst12hour.com.au/ Live timing http://www.bathurst12hour.com.au/live-timing/ START RACE 03/02/2018 LIVE STREAMING (partenza ore 19,30 italiane) https://youtu.be/K7geJSaDkCE
  3. 12 Ore di Bathurst in diretta

    La partenza è fissata alle 19.45 italiane, quindi fra poco più di 2 ore, per una delle gare endurance più affascinanti al mondo: la 12 Ore di Bathurst, classica gara di durata australiana che si corre a Mount Panorama. Il tracciato di Bathurst, lungo 6,2 km, è considerato tra i più difficili al mondo, tanto da essere chiamato “Blue Hell”, inferno blu, seguendo la definizione di “Inferno verde” che contraddistingue il vecchio Nürburgring. Quest'anno a rappresentare l’Italia troviamo la Ferrari 488 GT3 di Toni Vilander, che ha conquistato stanotte una strepitosa pole position, e la Lamborghini Huracan GT3 affidata a Ivan Capelli. Il finlandese, che pochi giorni fa ha conquistato il terzo posto di categoria alla 24 Ore di Daytona, correrà con la Rossa GT3 del team Maranello Motorsport, che nel 2014 ha già trionfato nella classica australiana nata nel 1991. L’ex ferrarista Ivan Capelli, che ha già corso la 12 Ore nel 2013 e nel 2015, è invece in griglia con la Lamborghini Huracàn GT3 del team australiano Trofeo Motorsport. E' possibile seguire interamente la gara in diretta streaming sul sito ufficiale dell'evento. Qui sotto il trailer che ci mostra come sono andate le qualifiche.
  4. TCL Skin Pack 1985 Bathurst

    Version 1.0


    Author : bears This was the first Group A Bathurst 1000 and included a range of cars and of course the Jags came out and stole the show but not before local hero Peter Brock gave them a little late race scare, the BMW's were consistent and who knows what would have happened if the two JPS's cars had not beached themselves together in the same sand trap. The special thing about this race for me is I was there it was the first time I went to the Great Race and it is something I still fondly remember it truly is a special race track. With this skin pack you get 49 skins and considering 51 cars started the race you have pretty much a full field including : 7 x BMWs 20 x Commodores 2 x Alfas 4 x Jaguars 4 x Carollas 4 x Starions 4 x Mustangs 2 x Rovers 1 x Supra (later model i know :-) don't like it don't use it) 1 x Volvo Because a lot of the cars that contested Bathurst contested the other endurance rounds I have included the following in the classes of the veh files Amaroo300 - AP30085 OranPark250 - OP25085 Sandown500 - S50085 SurfersParadise300 - SP30085 This will allow you to replicate those races if you should wish. The Australian Endurance Championship consisted of 5 rounds 1. Amaroo Park – Better Brakes 300 – 300km - Approx 20 starters 2. Oran Park – Pepsi 250 – 250km - Approx 25 starters 3. Sandown – Castrol 500 – 500km – Approx 35 starters 4. Bathurst – James Hardie 1000 – 1000km – Approx 52 starters 5. Surfers Paradise – Motorcraft 300 – 300km – Approx 22 starters I acknowledge that some of the skins will be different between rounds but using the Bathurst skins will have to do for now. I have also included RFM and Talent files. The RFM file will just load the Bathurst 85 cars which reduces the clutter of cars and will also load the talent file. The talent file attempts to replicate the ability of the drivers as there is quite a gap between the best and the rest. I am no Talent file expert so it may be a bit crude but it does the job. *** Note you don’t have to install either of these files so please don’t complain about their quality*** For this to work you will need the following VK add in files from twest Alfa and Starion add in files from chaos The HSO Jaguar files Supra files (I got from the TCL facebook page) Pos Class No Team Drivers Car Skin Credit (If not created by me) 1 C 10 JRA Ltd John Goss Armin Hahne Jaguar XJ-S 2 C 21 Goold Motorsport Johnny Cecotto Roberto Ravaglia BMW 635 CSi 3 C 8 JRA Ltd Tom Walkinshaw Win Percy Jaguar XJ-S 4 C 1 JPS Team BMW Jim Richards Tony Longhurst BMW 635 CSi Existing TCL skin modified 5 C 3 H. Kent Baigent Kent Baigent Neal Lowe BMW 635 CSi rFactor Central painter teiresias 6 C 20 Jim Keogh Jim Keogh Garry Rogers BMW 635 CSi 7 C 17 Palmer Tube Mills Dick Johnson Larry Perkins Ford Mustang rFactor Central painter teiresias 8 B 47 Network Alfa Colin Bond Gregg Hansford Alfa Romeo GTV6 rFactor Central painter teiresias 9 B 42 Mitsubishi Ralliart Kevin Bartlett Peter McKay Mitsubishi Starion rFactor Central painter teiresias 10 C 41 Barry Jones Barry Jones Tony Mulvihill Holden VK Commodore rFactor Central painter teiresias 11 C 25 Yellow Pages Tony Kavich Ralph Radburn Holden VK Commodore 12 C 40 Terry Finnigan Terry Finnigan Barry Lawrence Holden VK Commodore 13 C 11 Alf Barbagallo Tim Slako Geoff Leeds Rover Vitesse rFactor Central painter teiresias 14 C 12 Garry Willmington Garry Willmington Peter Janson Jaguar XJ-S 15 C 19 Ken Mathews Prestige Cars Ken Mathews Bob Muir Holden VK Commodore 16 B 45 Ray Gulson Ray Gulson Frank Porter Alfa Romeo GTV6 17 A 60 Toyota Team Australia John Smith Drew Price Toyota Corolla GT 18 C 30 Lester Smerdon Lester Smerdon Geoff Russell Holden VK Commodore 19 B 51 Greville Arnel Andrew Harris Greville Arnel Mitsubishi Starion 20 C 39 Sleepyhead Beds Graeme Bowkett Wayne Wilkinson Holden VK Commodore 21 B 53 Chris Heyer's Kingswood Chris Heyer Graham McGregor Audi 5+5 ***Not done i may do it on the Maserati later*** 22 C 36 Lusty Engineering P/L Graham Lusty Ken Lusty Holden VK Commodore 23 C 34 The Xerox Shop Alan Taylor Kevin Kennedy Holden VK Commodore DNF C 05 Mobil Holden Dealer Team Peter Brock David Oxton Holden VK Commodore DNF C 14 Auckland Coin & Bullion Exchange Ltd Denny Hulme Ray Smith Holden VK Commodore DNF C 13 Grellis Marketing Bernie McClure Ray Ellis Holden VK Commodore DNF C 4 I.M.B. Team Wollongong Peter McLeod Graeme Bailey Holden VK Commodore DNF A 57 Bob Holden Motors Manly Vale Bob Holden Glenn Clark Toyota Sprinter AE86 Existing TCL skin modified DNF B 55 Mark Petch Mechanical Seals Robbie Francevic John Bowe Volvo 240T Aussie car pack addon author ??? DNF B 54 Melbourne Clutch & Brake Service Brian Sampson Garry Waldon Mitsubishi Starion DNF C 37 Brian Callaghan Barry Graham Brian Callaghan Holden VK Commodore DNF C 6 Roadways Racing Services Allan Grice Warren Cullen Holden VK Commodore rFactor Central painter teiresias DNF C 24 Jagparts Racing Gerald Kay Martin Power Holden VK Commodore DNF A 61 Toyota Team Australia John Faulkner Ray Cutchie Toyota Sprinter AE86 DNF C 22 Erle McRae Motorsport Charlie O'Brien John English BMW 635 CSi rFactor Central painter teiresias DNF A 58 David Ratcliff David Ratcliff Don Smith Toyota Sprinter AE86 Existing TCL skin modified DNF C 2 Masterton Homes Pty Ltd Steve Masterton Bruce Stewart Holden VK Commodore DNF C 7 Mobil Holden Dealer Team John Harvey David Parsons Holden VK Commodore DNF C 33 Mike Burgmann Mike Burgmann Bob Stevens Holden VK Commodore DNF C 31 JPS Team BMW George Fury Neville Crichton BMW 635 CSi Existing TCL skin modified DNF C 16 Flexible Hose Supplies Ltd Barry Robinson Jon Jeffery Rover Vitesse rFactor Central painter teiresias DNF C 23 Simon Emmerling Simon Emmerling Trevor Hine BMW 635 CSi DNF C 38 Barry Wraith Barry Wraith Wayne Park Holden VK Commodore DNF B 44 Peter Williamson Toyota Peter Williamson Tomas Mezera Toyota Celica Supra DNF C 29 Ken Davison Ken Davison Wally Kramer Ford Mustang DNF C 28 Capri Components Lawrie Nelson Bill O'Brien Ford Mustang Existing TCL skin modified DNF C 32 Anderson & O'Leary Bruce Anderson Wayne Anderson Ford Mustang rFactor Central painter teiresias DNF C 9 JRA Ltd Jeff Allam Ron Dickson Jaguar XJ-S DNF B 43 Mitsubishi Ralliart Brad Jones Peter Fitzgerald Mitsubishi Starion rFactor Central painter teiresias DNF C 27 Alf Grant Alf Grant John French Holden VK Commodore DNF B 49 John Bundy John Bundy Norm Carr Mazda RX-7 *** Not Done ***
  5. La GT Academy trionfa a Bathurst

    Con un doppio sorpasso del giovane Katsumasa Chiyo nelle fasi conclusive della spettacolare 12 Ore di Bathurst, il team ufficiale Nissan si è imposto nella 12 Ore di Bathurst. In macchina con il giapponese, Wolfgang Reip e Florian Strauss, provenienti dalla GT Academy, hanno dato al programma per videogiocatori iniziato da Nissan e Sony la prima grande affermazione. Una serie-monstre di safety car, ben 20, hanno rallentato per ampi tratti la corsa, anche se sono state proprio le ripartenze a dare il via ad una caldissima rincorsa nel finale. Non c'è stato nulla da fare per Matt Bell, con la prima delle Bentley ufficiali: dopo essersi fatto 'soffiare' la vetta, il britannico si è dovuto arrendere anche a Laurens Vanthoor che, insieme a Marco Mapelli e Markus Winkelhock, ha occupato il secondo gradino del podio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=W1LT5R-4TA8 [Fonte Italiaracing.net]
  6. Fonte. Finally getting back to Bathurst, ready for testing ie:check cambers, and track width, and elevations. Walls and road surface on side of track is just temporary, will be replaced in correct positions later. Pit lane and pit entrance, then...... If all well , Import into max, for real road and everything else.

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