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  1. rFactor to nkPro track?

    Thanks, man! :-D
  2. rFactor to nkPro track?

    Hi, I am going to drive a Formula Renault 2.0 race at Knutstorp this year, and would like to use NkPro to practise with. I am an experienced sim-racer, and have sims like LFS, iRacing and rFactor, but I really like the feel of the renault here. But to the point... I lack the track I am going to race on here... But it is on rFactor (Knutstorp: http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Knutstorp). Is there any way to port the track over to NkPro from rFactor? Best regards, Tommy Østgaard

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