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  1. Author : BzyQ
    Firstly I want to apologise for the renaming and new download, but why will become apparent. This is the same mod (Model) at the moment as the file I uploaded, the G55 but with a few more features, as I will explain.
    After extensive research, this is actually not the G55, but this is based on the Ginetta GT4 Supercup (A BTCC based Support Series) so what some might see, in other countries, it doesn't appear here in the UK, so I apologise if I have upset anybody, but I have based this on the BTCC Support package. I want this to be as real as possible, so there is going to be some things, that will upset some people, and I am sorry for that.

    As like the I uploaded before, it is Ginetta G55 GT4 Cup Pitone-Edition - by Peter Utecht, so all credit him and the original Modeller.
    It has the AC 1.8 Shaders,complete reworked car in texture and material settings,added Racing Seat (don´t know why no one there before),
    added antenna in roof,many changes in data files,new sound,
    v10 tyre model,new flames and textures,new preview pics,all templates includes + new texture for color changing on rollcage......

    So what have I changed you might ask...well here goes....
    Auto Gear Box now works ( and made it better in this version) quicker up and down shifting
    Driver 3d with hands now fixed
    Gear ratios now match the top speed of the car (top speed is 150mph)
    Cars Weight corrected
    Tyre Temps now match how you drive. they are now adpative. I can;t explain, just watch them in the tyre app, cold, hot, depending on how you drive.
    Tyre Wear sorted, i think
    AI are fast, very fast and gear changing is sorted
    Rear brake lights are brighter ( but you need PP filter to see them, AC, not me is the reason why)
    Updated Bonnet Cam
    Updated Bumper Cam
    Updated Dash Cam
    Updated Sounds
    Brake Fade has been added
    Updated FFB
    Fuel warning light been fixed
    Paddle shift animation added (although no paddles as of yet)
    LH Driver view changed from 7 to 6 and reduced to 150. Tested.

    Somebody asked about the Clutch, but I cannot find any reference on this, and I tested Kunos GT cars, and I cannot do it on them.
    Locked Diffs and Gears and Engines. After some research, this is actually a legal requirement in Ginetta ( unlike pCars where it is open, and you are allowed to change them, and they have official license) oh well..here is the rules and regs.....
    So that means, locked Gear ratios I am afraid, so don;'t shout at me please, it the rules...
    At the end of the day, I want to make this mod, this GEM as real as possible, and will continue to update as and when I have the information.
    Changes to come are the Gear stick removable, paddles on the wheel, and MOTEC on the dash and removed from the steering wheel, but these take time.
    Again, thank you all for your input and support, and please, keep them coming



  2. Author : HistorX Team
    For installation you can download manual here
    In order to install the mod you must have:
    - GT Legends (DVD/CD version or the digital version purchased at www.SteamPowered.com or www.Raceroom.net)
    - rFactor properly installed and activated
    - No previous version of Historic GT & Touring cars mod installed
    Almost seven years have passed since we released v1.0. Since then almost everything has been changed in the mod in order to be improved. In fact, this version can’t be
    installed as an update for v1.0, 1.9 or 1.95.
    A full list of changes would be too long, so here goes a short summary for those who
    already enjoyed v1.0:
    Almost 1000 liveries.
    New physics for all cars. The 65s cars have been completely redone. 76s and LM72 have been improved but are similar to what you found in v1.
    Improved Force Feedback (powered by RealFeel plugin).
    Realistic shifting behavior (powered by Grinding Tranny mod).
    New sounds for many of the cars.
    A lot of new cars: including a lot of models not included in GTL and hundreds of new liveries.
    New and more flexible classes system.
    Race standings support racing categories (classes) now.
    Improved user interface.
    Now ALT+TAB can be used to switch between the game and Windows Desktop.
    And more! (for more information please visit www.historx.net)

    If you already had v1.9 you will find what’s new in v1.96 in the appendix at the end of this manual.



  3. Author : Nibiru
    Basically re-textured 70% of objects to fit in with rF2 and where I could I recycled ISI textures. I have made a few new animated objects and replaced some TSO's with ISI TSO's.
    There is still a few things to do but here is taste of what's to come. Thanks to Papaosa for the awesome video
    Original Track: Darren Blythe
    Conversion: Nibiru
    Objects: Darren Blythe, Nibiru, ISI
    Textures: Darren Blythe, Nibiru, ISI
    Cam File: Hexogramme
    AIW: Hexogramme
    Promo Video: Papaosa

    The wait is over
    First up thanks to Darren Blythe for making this track and then allowing me to convert it over.
    2nd Thanks to Hexagramme for making the AIW
    Also a big thanks to all the guys at xfactorracing.com for all the testing and downloading they did.
    Not very much left to do so it's time for the public test and see what you guys find. I welcome your feedback so I can try and make it the best I can. The CAM file needs some work.
    Fixed the z-fighting tree last turn
    Fixed z-fighting on small hut (last turn)
    made the uvw mapping of the cube map on the windows smaller and reduced the reflectiveness
    Lowered the lip around the track on the corners and race line.
    Redbull tents now cast a shadow.
    Re-textured the railing on the G stand
    new cam file
    replaced some trees



  4. FIS F1 2006 Updates, with new physics, all the 2006 liveries, helmets, new steering wheel, tyres brands...and many other little things



  5. Author : Santa rF
    Release Date : 2008
    983 Brabham BT52 F1 car.
    "You don't drive this car, you just point it in the right direction and pull the trigger". Nelson Piquet.
    1.1: New package with fixes and a new rFm.




  6. Laguna Seca by bernds
    New in v0.4:
    New AI line from heavyweight1413's thread Redid the road markings between pitlane exit and the main track. In the previous version, I attempted to do these with a shrink-wrapped object on top of the track, and it didn't look very good. It's all geometry now. Also, the pitlane exit now has white lines as it should. Made another pass over all the kerbs, adding depth, aligning them better with the road, etc. The "Yokohama" bridge between T3 and T4 now finally has stairs on both sides. Probably could do with a bit more scaling and placing finetuning. The landscape mesh now is actually closed, no more holes (the lake area surrounded by T2/T3/T4 wasn't done previously). Experimented with a racing line groove overlaid on the road. Included in the release is only a relatively faint one; I'm planning to add a bit more in corners and braking zones. Added some of the more visible power lines Added a bit more stuff to the pitlane. Still incomplete. However, made an experiment adding several hundred of the geometry-heavy tent roofs, and it didn't seem to affect performance, so I guess I can go crazy here in terms of polygon budget. A few new buildings. Tried to improve the scenery that's visible from T11, for example by adding some sidewalks and fences to the road so it doesn't all just look like a flat rubbish texture. The guardrail inside the pitlane should actually follow the road now. Still needs work though. New cameras_start.ini so things don't look ridiculous after loading. Built a truck. Not really visible yet, and needs a few more to keep it company.

    Improve textures. The worst problems are solved but it's not state-of-the art. Low priority since I don't see a clear way forward for the most part. Trees. I guess they could be worse, but I'm not really satisfied. On the bright side, the polygon budget experiment gives me some hope I can do away with the 2D ones. Took some photographs of leaves. Add more tents/buildings/cars/trucks where large empty spaces can be seen (behind the pitlane for example). Improve existing bits by adding detail where needed. Experiment with tyre mark textures some more. Look into an alternate layout. Probably stuff I've forgotten.




  7. Author : Nigatura and miguelsh98
    The second and last trains of our mod 2013 now available, so it is, so the mod F1LRCLUB 2013 2.00 has been finished. This version 2.00 improves very many aspects to the 1.00, and is also adding updates practically all cars to be chosen by the user, add sounds 2013 all cars, update the skins of tires and different things, are arranged different physical bugs and add new features in some respects. This version of our mod be therefore used for the link 2013. Also been removed lobato sound and steering wheel g27 plugin, but add new realfeelplugin and rfacting toolbox. Also added new files talented AI will now be much more complete, ma qing hua available in the caterham as 3rd test driver, and also they have solved the problems of aid, as it were to put traction control or abs in low, medium or high, the car still like you without help, and now that has been fixed, so to control the car as in 1.00, we disable the concentration control and abs. So do not be surprised if you see when probeis the 2.00, which is something the car easier to drive, as it will be by the aid. This is only a summary of what usually added, but I am very very short with what I said, but I did want to extend that too many changes to list them all.
    The mod features:
    - Cars and Computers 2013.
    - Actual Physical 2013 (including the tires 2013).
    - Games tires 2013, in which are also included intermediate ends (Example: supersoft - Soft).
    - Different skins and helmets updates to different gps 2013 played, you can select textures.
    - Different modeled for almost all different gps updated car, which can be selected in improvements.
    - Rfe Trackpack 2013 plugin adapted to high voltage series and rf.
    - Mode available season by season and 2013 F1 circuits.
    - Increase of penalties and SC now be minimum 3 laps on track.
    - New menu music.
    - New camera mclaren.
    - RFactor.exe adapted to 4gb patch and at high voltage and rf rfe scan.
    - Main menu depending on each driver.
    - Scan and rF rF high voltage added to the mod.
    - Adaptation to rfe series plugin (plugin rain, colored tires and circuit).
    - Improved sounds in circuits.
    - RFacting Toolbox, which is responsible for limiting the tires so that we will have 4 sets of soft, 4 drives, 4 intermediate and 3 ends (as in reality).
    - Configuration tutorials, manuals and other necessary F1LRCLUB_Data2013 the folder you will find in the rFactor folder.
    - Availability to use high voltage rf.
    - Shortcuts F1LRCLUB 2013 Trainings, which initiate the necessary things in each case.
    - Spanish Language named: F1LRCLUB 2013-ES, rf_config.exe selectable.
    After installing the mod, you configure the following mod tutorials F1LRCLUB_Data2013 folder.
    I want to clarify that virtually all helmets are designed by Josekast for GP4 game, and I've adapted to rFactor, so his thanks.
    This is our project in which we have worked for three months, adapting to every inch every new thing that drew the F1's an important and unique mod that will delight many pilots and leagues. Besides those three months, we spent another 2 months to upgrade to 2.00, and here is our result. Simply, I leave your download.
    Greetings to all. Enjoy the mod!.



  8. Palatov D4 1.57 by Slow Motion
    The design goal of the D4 was to put as much power as possible into as small and light a package as possible, while still being able to use it, and still provide a high level of safety. The Hillclimb configuration is the ultimate D4, with over 350hp in a AWD chassis weighing just over 425kg. Even the base Trackday configuration is still potent, with over 170hp, packaged in a car that weighs slightly more than 400kg.
    Despite the light weight and small size, the D4 is designed to share the track with much larger cars, and is overbuilt for a car of its weight class.

    Developed by Palatov Motorsport & Slow Motion Group, this new build 1.57 brings several “hidden” improvements to the physics, to better match the evolution of rFactor2 in the last year and half.

    A new 2017 revised steering wheel has been added to match the evolution of the real life Palatov D4 and were made a few improvements to the graphics, with the goal to enhance the user's experience without altering the great feeling of this awesome prototype! The steering is now more precise. Strong steering FFB still communicates the road surfaces just like the real car: this is a feature of the Palatov D4! Those who wish less intensity may use FFB Multiplier below 1.0 to reduce FFB strength.

    - new steering wheel
    - new shader for rear and braking lights
    - fixed unwanted “holes” in car’s shadow cast on track
    - new shader for car’s floor

    - fixed CTD switching from fullscreen mode to desktop
    - revised steering wheel values for matching the 2017 real life Palatov D4
    - improved engines to the new rFactor2 code
    - tuned shift attenuation sound for opponents
    - fine tuned Real Hoosier Racing Slick wear for opponents
    - due to the several changes to the physics and some new rFactor2 code, tuned opponents performances

    Don’t forget to subscribe / download also the Oregon Raceway Park Circuit, where Palatov Motorsport conduct most of their real world testing. This has enabled direct comparison with logged data and video from the real car.



  9. Corner Names Pack by Itcars
    This mod includes the Corner Names from the Adria Raceway, Bathurst and the circuit Gilles-Villesneuve. Just put it in the content Folder of Assetto Corsa. If you want to see more tracks in the future please let me know in the Support Section. To activate you have to open the ingame Corner Names app




  10. Version 2.0 of my physics revamp by Skywilk
    It includes all previous fixes, plus it fixes various other things, and makes the engines smoother in downshifts.

    If you want to race this patch head on to historicsimracing.org.




  11. Sebastien Bourdais livery used for the Arizona tests



  12. ntro
    Stock Car Resurrection 1971-1972 is a rFactor 2 mod that simulates American stock cars from the early 70’s. It currently has 6 makes/models and over 60 paint's/teams.

    Special thanks goes to MoparBob. It was his original brain child. He was responsible for acquiring the exterior models over the years. He Painted 99% of the cars. He was even able to speak with Dale Inman (Richard Petty’s crew chief) to help on some physics information. More thanks goes to ISI. The physics are based off of their 1974 Dissenter mod. I am also using a few things from their 2015 stock car mod (sounds, shifter boot model, ect..). Lastly thanks Studio 397 for the new support.

    Physics and Driving Technique
    These are big heavy rear wheel drive cars. With big heavy high horsepower engines sitting over the front wheels. They use bias ply racing slicks which makes them challenging but rewarding to drive. You will want to ease it into the corner and accelerate as hard as you can on corner exit. Taking advantage of the engines power down the straights. Capable of reaching speeds of 200+ mph. However they are not very aerodynamic and if not for the front air dam and rear spoiler they would actually create lift. Imagine the 1974 Dissenter mod with more horsepower, removed some downforce, and changed some of the garage adjustments. Added things like an adjustment for the front air dam and rear spoiler. Currently all of the cars use the same physics.

    A few things to remember. This is my first rFactor 2 mod. I have enough knowledge to get by when it comes to RF2 modding (3d modelling, 2d textures, physics, track building, ect). However I am not an expert at any of it. This is just my hobby. Also this is a BETA. Which means you should expect somethings not to be right. Up to this point it has only lived on my computer. I am sure there will be unforeseen issues. If you would like to contribute with a good setup or a paint from a team that is missing feel free to message me. Lastly I have not made any LOD's yet. This might hurt the performance of your pc. They will come in a later update.

    Have Fun!

    Google Drive



  13. This F1 1982 mod contains 2 versions, the HE and the LE.
    for support click here
    Each version has currently 11 teams but new teams/cars and other Updates will get added "along the way" before the release of the final F1 1982 HE- LE v.1.0. The mod also contains Sounds, Music, Movie and Talent files, 2 rFm´s and 2 separate UIData and the Grinding Tranny mod too.
    Historic Edition:
    Each team uses it´s own physics and in those cases when a Teams use multiple cars, they also use their own physics. The HE uses 8 different engines and 7 different engine sounds with the two Ford Cosworth engines sharing the same sounds.
    You can adjust the boost pressure In-Car with the Ferrari in which Temporary boost is available too. The boost pressure on the Brabham can only be set in the Garage. Adjustable boost pressure settings are not available on the Renault.
    The use of high boost pressures will however make the engines less reliable just as the use of Max revs also will do. You should change gears when the Rev Lights switches on to make sure that you reach the finish line.
    You Increase Engine brake in both versions by lowering its numbers in the Garage, ex from 3 to 2 and vise verse. There´s Onboards starters attached to both versions too. The HE Default setups are new btw, but the Gearing and Wing settings are "left over´s" from the v.60.
    League Edition:
    The LE uses the same graphics and sound files as the HE mod do. But each team and car uses the same Physics and Engine which is a 3 liter V8, and Tire physics too. It´s default setup is not made for any particular track, it´s made to be easy to drive and as a starting point for your own setups, but it suit´s tracks like Spa and Vitus quite good out of the box.
    The Tires:
    There are 3 different Tires available in both versions. The 4 different Tire brands uses different names in the HE but regardless of their names the Options are essentially "Hard, Soft and Qualifying". All tires Ideal Temp is set to 80c, but they heat up differently. The "Soft" and "Qualifying" tires heat´s up more and faster then the "Hard" tires do.
    The "Hard" tires are more durable then the Soft tires but they have less grip too. The "Hard" tires will last you for about an hour depending on the track and on how hard you use them.
    The more grippy "Soft" tires will last you for about 40 minutes depending on the track and on how hard you use them.
    The "Qualifying" tires will last you between 2-4 laps before they die.
    You will however not loose any big amount of grip until the Tire Wear Dot´s on the HUD-display goes Red, and you will have to pit for new Tires pretty soon when there´s only 2 Red Dot´s left. But until then, you´re safe.



  14. Authors: nickface
    RaceOn Version
    This is the Shanghai Pudong Street Circuit. The DTM drove on this track last year, and Paul Di Resta became the Champion. Hope you enjoy.
    Thanks to DW12345 for some modeling.
    Thanks to icecold for beta-testing.
    In v.1.01 the GDB-File is changed so the race takes place in China, and it's 2.468m long. Hope you're confident right now, saguenay500
    Finally in v.1.1 the grid is extended to 30 cars. aiw is fixed.
    thanks to Michael2504 and FrankyBB



  15. GTR2 2011 POZNAN v1.0

    Original author for SimBin Race 07 Series,
    Conversion, modification & improvement Neel Jani

    For changes efectuées, I used several videos and photos of the race of FIA CEZ WSMP WPP Endurance, Tor Poznan from 27 to 05/29/2011,
    So I modified the buildings stands and tents, removed advertising models and the flags of Simbin, is placed the ads and banners found on the videos,
    Addition of lighting at night, correction of land and all the objects so that they receive the lights at night,
    Adding the Google Map of Poznan, more than other objects.

    Thank you to Rico83s who changed to the AIW to have 36 cars, which is fixed cameras.

    Simbin for GTR2
    SimGarage 3DSIMED
    Photoshop CS5
    Google Sketchup


    Good entertainment,
    Neel Jani



  16. Author : Joerg
    AccelTest measures while driving (e.g using the Drag 1000 track):
    0-100 Km/h, 0-200 Km/h, 80-120 Km/h, 100-200 Km/h, 100-0 Km/h (in meters), quarter mile (402m) and 1000m. It shows the last and best values for the car.
    Just unpack it in ...\apps\python\, enable Acceltest in the general settings and enable it in when driving like any other app.




  17. F1 1975 0.961 by Postipate
    Change log:
    - Flexible Chassis (huge improvement to old suspension model!)
    - MUCH BETTER FFB (more detailed with tire locking and losing grip)
    - Cars are no more understeering
    - Cars responds much better to steering
    - Weight transfers more realistically (you can use brakes to transfer weight much better)
    - With new suspension cars height can be lower and looks more realistic
    - New engine models to all cars (Ferrari and BRM has different engines like in real life and Cosworth engine has minimal differences)
    - Wings are more realistic (old wing setups had almost zero effect on speed
    - Mclaren has now 6 gears (like in 1975 season)
    - Cars are much better balanced to each other (races look more realistic and car behave more like in real life)
    - Cars now have different mass (old cars had same mass for all cars)
    - Suspension tweaked in every car
    - Radiator keeps engine now cooler
    - Ai is much better passing other cars (dont know why, but most likely old default setup was not good for AI)
    - Minor changes to engine life time
    - Tire wear reduced (tires are same, but default setup is just better for front tires)
    This mod is conversion from awesome F1 1975 LE mod By ChiefWiggum and Dave Purdy
    It was released only year ago and it has awesome updated cockpits and car liveries! Every rF1 and F1 fan should defenetly download it! They also have league if you are interested: http://www.simracers.de/forum/
    rFactor 1 mod was originally done by CREW for F1 Challenge '99–'02, so this mod has come long journey.
    Big thank you for these guys! They really have made awesome job with the mod and I can thank these guys for 1000 hours of simracing in my life. One of the biggest reasons why I'm still here :
    Also big thanks to guys who converted team CREW mod to rF1 with name F1 seven 1975 IPE
    Amazing mod and I got lot of inspiration from that mod with the psychics
    Also thanks to ISI/Studio 397
    They released BT44B from steam and are only reason why I even started whole project. Everybody can thank these guys for making possible to make car psychics so enjoyable as they are now. Lot of learned from their blog post about making cars!
    Very big thank you for rF2 community. 3 months ago I had zero knowledge how to do this, but reading this forum has been very helpful. Keep up the good work, and if somebody want help with they mod, just PM me! Im happy to help and test your mods!
    It has now been 2-3 months before I started this project. Have to say this has been very rewarding experience. My first goal was just to make this mod to myself (and first version was only made to myself), but after that I taught that i could make this good enough for release. Thanks for giving permission to convert it
    I want to make very clear, that all appreciation, respects and "thanks you" should go to original rF1 and F1 99-02 makers!
    I had the easiest part of making this mod (REALLY!). I cant believe how talented these guys are making so awesome looking/feeling mods for FREE. That really shows how good sim racing community really is. Hopefully in future we could have less fighting between each others, and be more focused on racing. Of course all negative feedback is still welcome
    Also big thank you for Mauro, who spend more time testing this mod than me! Without his feedback my progress would be much slower.
    How to play:
    Select your car
    Select 24 AI cars
    Flag rules: NONE
    Use normal FUEL AND TIRE WEAR
    100% damage!
    Ai agression atleast 50. I use 100.
    Tuning menu has option to change FFB strength! (optional)
    Set AI level to match your skill.
    REMEMBER! You cannot expect to win with slower cars.
    Very good reading while downloading the mod
    rFactor2 has very bad pit strategy with AI. They can sometimes change tires with last lap while they are leading. Hopefully studio 397 will fix this soon!
    AI usually pits during 20-40 laps (depending of track) I usually let them pit ones in race (so do i, because my tires are in bad shape)
    How I know what is right lap count?
    Simulate one race with AI without you racing (you can make races go faster, so you dont have to sit there 30 minutes. Default key to do is CTRL+X). Usually Brabhams go pit first, so check which lap it is (or the car that pits first). Then just multiply it with 2. To make sure, remove 2-5 laps.
    Carlos pits at lap 27
    Set race distance to 50
    If you want short races, just set race distance under 27 laps
    (you can also remove tire wear, but don't that! Its boring. Nobody wants to be boring)
    Sadly I don't have legal trackpack to share with you guys. Would like some help from you guys with this problem!
    Suggest some tracks to use with this mod!
    They dont need to be from season 1975. Just rF2 quality tracks with good ai!
    You can start with Brianza 1966 or Monaco 1966 to have "old" feeling
    Spa 1966 is good track also, but bit boring with these cars. Also AI makes too much suicide attempts
    Lotus 72D is great car to pick if you dont know what do choose! Some AI has faster cars so you can try to pass them and have always good driving with AI
    Don't need any other arguments
    About the mod
    Cars have different psychics and reflect season 1975
    This don't mean they are 100% accurate
    Mod don't have all cars from 1975 (maybe 2-3 missing) Don't know if rest of the cars are coming. It's up to master ChiefWiggum.
    Updating of this mod continues after this release! It's not yet finished and I will take little modding brake after this release and just enjoy racing.
    The original idea was to make this to myself and haven't got enough time to race with this.
    Would love to have feedback from you guys how to make this mod better.
    PM you suggestion and we can figure out how to do it!
    Brabham and Ferrari has new tires! Rest of them will have new tires later!
    Engine can blown any time (like in real F1), but remember to shift correctly! Bad shifting can reduce your engine life time very much
    In the end I want to give special thanks to ChiefWiggum! This guys has been making so many great mods for rF1 and he still is making them!
    That is true passion.
    Also thanks for him, for making so high quality cars for this mod! They look like they are made scratch for rF2. And cockpits looks very very good!
    You made my favorite era of F1 cars much more better!

    Happy racing!
    Hopefully everybody has good time with this mod!
    Atleast I have



  18. Bovenkerk Grand Prix Course by Frans Rosenberg
    This is a fictive GP circuit in the streets of Bovenkerk,
    my home village, located just 10km underneath Amsterdam Holland.



  19. Author : Protobuilders & motorfx
    Version 2.3 updgrades the front brakes for 5-speed and uses bigger fuel tank.
    Version 2.2 updates the 5-speed gearbox to 2012 spec and it is enabled in three skins: #6, #58 and #80.
    Version 2.1 Fixes at last the long waited arch mapping and now the template work as it should.
    As additions, car now features 2012 KAD Works spec engine (same power, but more mid range torque) and motorfx added some more his quality skins.
    Wheeh, version 2 is at last here. This has been a huge effort and huge thanks goes to motorfx.
    He has been doing a lot of work to get the graphics fixed and done. big thanks to tokin for his
    help scaling the wheels as well. thanks to brickyard legends team for hints and ideas.
    Thanks everyone racing this car in F1 Venue 2012.
    version 2.x has following enchancements:
    - Arches remapped as in sharpo's wide arch mini (template coming!), no more all cars with
    same arch color problem.
    - wheels rescaled and relocated, tyre texture updated, no more tyres sunking to pavement.
    - structure changes to eliminate more conlifcts with other minis.
    - motorfx skin pack 3 included.
    - additional 5-speed gearbox physics included. (only in #06 skin right now.)
    Have you wanted GTC-76 have a competitive Mini variant? Look no further.
    This beast is equipped with Kent Auto Development's finest works racing engine. By overboring
    and stroking, they have been able to get the BMC A-series up to 1480cc. With their latest works
    double overhead cam 16 valve head, the engine screams over 9000rpm, producing earth staggering 197bhp and heaps and heaps of torque.



  20. Converted to Assetto Corsa By Tiago Lima
    Circuit de la Sarthe 2015
    The Circuit des 24 Heures, also known as Circuit de la Sarthe,located in Le Mans, Maine, France, is a semi-permanent race course most famous as the venue for the 24 Hours of Le Mans auto race. The track uses local roads that remain open to the public most of the year. The circuit, in its present configuration, is 13.629 kilometres (8.47 mi) long, making it one of the longest circuits in the world.
    Track features:​
    30 Pits and Grid spots Working ai 3d grass Trackmap and sections corner names 2 layouts , 24 hours and non chicane version Changes to suit the 2015 race , escape road publicity boards road surroundings curbs position curbs usage Physical mesh Complete new version converted again and reworked ( more than 250 hours of work )



  21. Hillman Imp 4 car pack by whoops
    Here are 4 fictional skins for tincorna's awesome Imp MOD. There are no bik files, however if anyone would like to make them they are welcome.



  22. Conversion of Bojan Pintar’s spectacular vintage Italian Hill Climb.



  23. Updated

  24. Author : st-dave
    Release Date : 2010
    F5000 1973 Version 0.8 mod is available to download.
    If you want to run both 1971 & 1973 seasons then install the 1971 cars first.



  25. Changelog :
    - fixed flying tyres
    - new brake disks model
    - aero fixes
    - TV cam for bonnet camera
    - templates
    It was third handmade formula car created by czech driver and constructor Vaclav Lim. Avia AE2 was his car for Cup of Peace and Friendship and Czech Formula Easter championship from 1978 for 1983 years. It had 1300 Lada engine and 4-speed Wartburg gearbox.
    It was champion car for 1979 and 1980 seasons in czech championship and 1979 season for Cup of Peace and Friendship. Since 1982 season Lim start to use new his construction - Avia AE3. AE2 was sold for czech driver Adolf Fesarek who used it for mountain racing. Today it's owned by Adam Klus.
    It had two modification - 1300 for 1987 year and 1600 from 1987 to 1997. Today it have 1300 engine.
    Official online championship: https://http://zizhgames.ru/en/home/
    Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1...wLooLB-PwYNa2yMJgFk0rXxFyH7Q/viewform?c=0&w=1