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  1. Seat Leon Cup Torelli - Greco Edition

    La Seat Leon Cup Torelli Greco edition è stata sviluppata in termini di fisica dal Modder di SimRacing Italia Angelo Berti e sviluppata direttamente dal Campione Italiano Seat leon Cup GABRIELE TORELLI. Una vettura veramente splendida da portare in pista molto vicina a quella reale.
    Gabriele Torelli:
    Dati tecnici:
    casa prodruttrice: seat
    potenza: 330cv
    coppia: 408nm
    peso: 1150kg
    peso/potenza: 3.48 kg/cv



  2. Road Atlanta

    by thestrobe8
    Based on the original
    Road Atlanta
    for rFactor by Uzzi
    Original creators:
    *Uzzi* - modeling, texturing, scene
    Uzzi - former modeling, organisation
    Pandamasque - textures




  3. Road America

    Continuation of Road America 2.5
    Been forced to start a new thread so number versions are clearer.
    Changes are mainly Kerbs, and track grip.
    Track converted by Albert Mcsaltens to AC
    From Rfactor Slimjims versions.
    Please overwrite Cameras_Start with this one (fixed DOF)



  4. Ferrari F310 1996 by ASR Formula

    Il team ASR Formula ha rilasciato per Assetto Corsa due nuove e spettacolari monoposto di Formula 1 del passato! La prima è la versione 1.0 della Ferrari F310, che disputò la stagione 1996 con Schumacher ed Irvine con alterne fortune e fu la prima Rossa a montare il propulsore v10:
    La Ferrari F310 è la quarantatreesima utilizzata dalla Scuderia Ferrari, che ha disputato il Campionato mondiale di Formula 1 1996. Durante il corso della stagione la vettura subì una sensibile modifica nella parte anteriore: in luogo dell'originario musetto ribassato e raccordato direttamente all'alettone, venne realizzato un musetto rialzato. Altre novità si individuavano nelle pance laterali, staccate dal corpo macchina, e nel cofano motore, molto largo e che andava ad avvolgere il poggiatesta e i bordi dell'abitacolo, in ottemperanza alle nuove disposizioni del regolamento per la protezione del collo e del capo dei piloti dagli spostamenti laterali. La novità più rilevante rispetto al passato è l'introduzione di un propulsore V10 in luogo del caratteristico V12, con cilindrata, richiesta dal nuovo regolamento, di 3 000 cm³. Nel corso della stagione la vettura riuscì a vincere tre Gran Premi (Spagna, Belgio e Italia) grazie a Michael Schumacher, ma a causa di numerosi problemi di affidabilità, occorsi soprattutto nella prima parte della stagione, uniti ad una certa discontinuità di prestazioni tra una gara e l'altra, non riuscì mai a competere veramente con la Williams per i campionati del mondo costruttori e piloti, che alla fine andarono ad appannaggio della scuderia britannica e di Damon Hill.
    ASR Formula Team
    3D model: rf900r
    Physics: The Engineer
    Sounds: simontek27
    Skins and Texture: alesanchez
    Helmet skins: alesanchez
    Suit and Gloves: simontek27
    3D tire and rims: alesi_fan
    F310 3D Helmet: Raf19
    B191 3D Helmet: Oggo
    Video and renders: ddntube



  5. Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca

    Project funded by Ron Jamieson
    3D model created by Alberto Daniel Russo
    Physics by Jason Coates
    Sound samples from official cars
    This mod includes the stock Laguna Seca version with 444 bhp, and the Hennessey HPE650 supercharger upgrade with 650 bhp, in it’s two original color combos: Black/Red and Silver/Red.



  6. Croft Circuit by Terra21

    Croft Circuit is a motor racing circuit located near Dalton-on-Tees in North Yorkshire, England. The tarmac circuit is just over 2 miles (3 km) long and is based on the lands of an airfield, but has long since moved on from being a basic airfield circuit. The circuit holds meetings of the British Touring Car Championship, British Rallycross and Pickup Truck Racing race series.
    Credits to Feels3 For his original work and granting me permission to bring this track to AC



  7. GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH

    GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH v8.0 by GTR233 and friends
    This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v16.04 (update your archiver if it tells you that archive is damaged)
    Control integrity of this archive with md5 checksum = A9F981B649764F3B13C17F198F9D1A18

    Description :
    This GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH contains all-in-1 MODS/PATCHES for GTR2 (no options here except language) :
    - OFFICIAL SIMBIN update v1.1
    - MS Dx9 last update from 2010 package
    - NO-CD by RELOADED with 4GB PATCH by Daniel Pistelli : GTR2 is more than 10 years old now and keep on using this old precious DVD of GTR2 in the DVD tray may possibly get it scratched/damaged. Moreover, it is been more than 10 years now that this NO-CD is available at nogrip so I suppose that SIMBIN tolerates its usage (otherwise they would have forced admins/moderators to remove it long time ago). So for both reasons, I decided to include it in order to make a full single patch with 4GB RAM enabled (1.8 GB by default) which helps to load HQ MODS
    - GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION v8.0 by GTR233 (note that neither ENBseries by B.Vorontsov, nor F360 HQ SOUNDS are included here so download GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION if you want them)
    - GTR2 New Gfx v1.6 by syhlif32 (patch for Dx9 shaders, see included txt readme)
    - GTR2 UI MOD by DucFreak (16/9 - 10th Anniversary edition, see included pdf readme)

    Disk space requirement : 1.11 Go

    ATTENTION: GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH will overwrite stock files so make a backup first or make a second GTR2 install (recommended) on your hard disk (see install process below)
    No online mismatch (stock cars/tracks files are not modified and still available)

    Changelog v8.0
    Huge update since previous GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH which was based on old GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION v1.4 : more than a year of development/bugs fixes !!!
    Now based on GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION v8.0 which is available here : http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=43930 if you want to see detailed changelog and also to fine tune few mods by choosing different options.
    Big thanks to DucFreak who granted me permission to include his wonderful GTR2 UI MOD : I have slightly modified/skinned it for this 10th Anniversary version (note that only 16/9 WIDE version is available so if you prefer 4/3 version then download original DucFreak's GTR2 UI MOD (see link in credits)
    Big thanks to syhlif32 for permission to include his New Gfx which fixes a lot of Dx9 shaders

    Usage Disclaimer
    This mod is a non-profit work made for fun and provided as is, without warranty of any kind, use it at your own risk
    You are permitted to install and play this mod for private home use only, any commercial or public uses are forbidden
    It is forbidden to convert/modify any materials, or use it as part of another mod without written permission
    The original source is only available at nogripracing.com
    Archive was tested with Kaspersky AV and to be sure that the archive you have downloaded was not modified then compare MD5 checksum with the one available at nogripracing.com

    Installation : 
    TIP: you can have multiple GTR2 installs on your PC so a new/clean install dedicated to this 10t Anniv. PATCH is highly recommended and no need to backup files in this case : you can skip step 1 and go ahead to step 2.

    1) BACKUP (make a 7z/rar/zip archive to save your files)
    GTR2\GameData\Talent (make a rar/zip of all folder)
    *.aud files (original *.aud files backup is provided)

    a) New GTR2 INSTALL highly recommended
    b) Copy this full "GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH" in GTR2 directory (search for "GameData" folder on your hard disk if you don't know where it is, then copy and click YES to overwrite all files)
    c) OPTIONAL : go to - GTR2 EXTRA LANG - folder, choose your language then copy all files in GTR2 directory (click YES to overwrite all files)
    d) Set (right click>properties>compatibility) GTR2.exe + GTR2Config.exe + GTR2Dedicated.exe + GTR2TimeTrialInstaller.exe as WindowsXP compatible and check ADMINISTRATOR rights
    e) launch GTR2Config.exe : set your monitor resolution, choose DirectX 9 (DO NOT set AUTO) and DO NOT CHECK AA/vSync options (go to AMD/NVIDIA settings instead)
    f) launch GTR2.exe

    NB: this GTR2 10th Anniv. Patch, and GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION as well, will neither cause online mismatch nor CTD but one day you might install other mods which will. 
    If Crash-To-Desktop happens then launch GTR2 with "GTR2_debug_mode.bat" to get more info about the CTD.
    If online mismatch happens then try first to edit PLR file in GTR2\UserData\USERNAME.PLR with notepad, go to line 529 at "Report Mismatches=" and set it to "0"

    NB2: UIAssets.GTR is patched in order to allow skinning of motec lcd, now the FNTCMOTM.BMP used is the one included into every XXXX_CPIT.GTR. Nevertheless, few 3rd party mods have no FNTCMOTM.BMP included or a bad one (many people try to skin it but they forgot the green dots which results in a blank motec lcd with gears only). To fix these kind of mods (FIAGT2008/PCC2007-2009 by example), download Geditor (see link in credits) then open XXXX_CPIT.GTR to include the default FNTCMOTM.BMP provided and save file.

    Uninstallation :
    Why would you delete it ? Anyway here is the procedure
    1) DELETE

    - Right click on folder (XP) or go to (Vista/7/8/10) "\GTR2" directory and search for "HQ" then select and delete all files found
    - Right click on folder (XP) or go to (Vista/7/8/10) "\Locations" directory and search for "*.DDS" then select and delete all files found
    - Right click on folder (XP) or go to (Vista/7/8/10) "\Teams" directory and search for "*.DDS" then select and delete all files found

    - your skies 
    - your Talent files
    - your menu/legal
    - your UIAssets
    - your defviews
    - your *.aud files or the original ones provided into "--GTR2 AUD BACKUP--" folder



  8. Kart Racing Pro by Piboso

    Il buon Piboso ha rilasciato la quarta versione definitiva ed ufficiale, denominata "release 4", del suo Kart Racing Pro, simulatore di guida dedicato al mondo del karting. La nuova release 4, non più beta quindi, fra le tante novità, migliorie e fix, ci mette a disposizione la nuova modalità track day e lo spettacolare circuito di Wackersdorf ! Qui di seguito il changelog completo.
    - the "live timing" connection data has been slightly changed to add the event type
    - the movable wing has been fixed
    new: borderless window mode 
    new: track day mode 
    new: Wackersdorf 
    disponibile anche su Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/415600/Kart_Racing_Pro/




  9. Goodwood Circuit

    Goodwood Motor Circuit mod is created using LiDAR data. No guesswork involved.
    When I found LiDAR data of Chichester (thanks to our forum community), I have decided that existing old Goodwood circuit mod can go to pension. I feel like my version is significantly better already. Take Goodwood Revival or Members Meeting spirit some pre 70s cars and have fun.

    What is LiDAR ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lidar

    Don't be surprised that track is rather bumpy, it has many undulations, it is far from flat. Most cars feels very good, however few cars might feel not perfectly suited for this type of track and those are the ones which never raced in Goodwood.
    Fake Wet layout is included for wet track placebo, don't be surprised that it is so slippery, 1"50 is a fast laptime at Goodwood when it is wet. Use alternative lines to get more grip, optimum lines has less grip. Pretty much first time in simracing when you'll have to search for grip in circuit



  10. Ginetta SuperCup 2017

    by Shaun Clarke
    After months of information gathering as you will see, but we are pleased to share this with you. There have been so many changes, that I will only list a few below. We have also changed the name, so that people that enjoy the V8.2 can also run this version. I would just like to add, this is nothing like the original version. 
    This version includes a LHD and RHD, and both can be used against each other at the same time in Single Player or Multi Player. With the older version being so popular, we didn’t want to scrap the LHD so we included both. Both tested with VR.

    Some of the Key Changes / Additions:
    Total new cockpit/Wheel and realistic Dashboard, photo graphed from inside of the actual car. New Tyres and Aero Realistic Gearing and Final Drive – Information from Ginetta Team ALL Liveries from the Ginetta Michelin Supercup 2017, all haven been draw to detail. New Number Template – You can now add your number to the Windscreen.U Updated Model to 2017 Specs. You can use your liveries from previous Version



  11. Williams FW24 (F1 2002)

    by MSF Italian Modding Team
    If you enjoy our work please consider a donation:

    Follow us on our Facebook page:

    MSF Italian Modding Team
    InGame-Importing Process: babbu babbu 3D model: babbu babbu Physics: the engineer Sounds: corfix - simontek27 Skins and Texture: alesanchez Helmet skins: alesanchez Gloves skins: simontek27 3D Helmet: jvinu2000 Video and renders: ddntube A big thanks to you all for this amazing review! You are very kind!



  12. Road Atlanta 2017 by Heikki21

    With kind permission from Patrick Girathon, I present you a conversion of his great Road Atlanta from AMS, now for RF2.
    Many things where updated and added:

    - DX11 ready
    - rF2 realroad added
    - nightlights added
    - almost all textures of the track changed
    - all commercial banners around the track were changed according to the IMSA race 2017
    - all AMS objects replaced by rF2 objects (marshalls, crowd, cars, busses etc.)
    - fixed some small holes in the terrain mesh
    ...and many more stuff 



  13. Daytona 2017 by Terra21

    Daytona Road Course for AC By Terra21 and Jim Lloyd with Permission From Alex Coutie and is based on his RF2 Track
    Updated terrain textures with google map image for a more realistic looking grass Added new more realistic lighting around the track added various new textures around track (for eg striped barriers to bring inline with current look, new road details, crowds, etc etc etc) Added both oval and road course layouts Brand new AI lines Dynamic groove inc oval Added new surrounding building and city skyline panorama for more presence Reduced materials as much as possible for a little more performance Crowds and race-day objects can be removed by lowering world detail to high for a track day vibe or just a little more performance New physical mesh PLEASE NOTE : the issue with the barriers on the banks still persists, trust me we have tried everything to solve this issue and there are 100% no holes in the mesh, and from a lot of testing and experimentation we have determined that most problems are caused by mod cars and only at high speeds and more often than not head on collisions with the walls on the banks, as their collision meshes are often done different from default cars, kunos cars seem fine from my testing. Not Perfect but to be honest if you were to clip the walls at that speed IRL your race would be over for sure



  14. Saint-Ursanne - Les Rangiers

    L’ASA Saint-Ursanne - Les Rangiers tient tout d’abord à saluer tous les spectateurs qui se sont déplacés à St-Ursanne - Les Rangiers les samedi 19 et dimanche 20 août derniers.
    Elle remercie ensuite toutes les personnes présentes et tous les riverains pour leur compréhension vis-à-vis des aléas de la course.
    De très nombreuses sorties de route, heureusement sans gravité pour les pilotes, ont perturbés le dimanche. Le bon déroulement de la course, nécessitant l’intervention du personnel du service des infrastructures du canton et des membres de la sécurité de l’organisation.
    La règle prioritaire restant la sécurité des pilotes, tout dégât causé aux glissières de sécurité engendre l’engagement de ce personnel et occasionne une perte de temps plus ou moins longue, en fonction de l’ampleur des dégâts.
    De l’avis de l’observateur de la FIA et des membres du collège, toutes les remises en état ont été effectuées de manière très professionnelle, assurant, du coup, la sécurité des pilotes.
    Alors, merci à vous tous pour votre compréhension.
    ASA Saint-Ursanne – Les Rangiers



  15. FIA GT3 by Apex

    Apex Modding would like to present you the GT3 mod for rFactor 2
    Today's release is not a final version. Because the sim is improving and changing from build to build, some things may come out and will need to be fixed.
    Also, we are aware there is still some room for improvements in both graphics and physics in our mod, so please expect updates released in the near future.



  16. F1 2017 Telemetry Application

    by Iko Rein
    Per discussioni e commenti utilizzate questo topic
    Version for F1 2017 is here. The new version use the data format of V1.3 of F1 2017, so you need to have the latest update in order to use this.
    Biggest changes:
    Added AI car data in many views, like the Map panel, the minimap in Telemetry panel and added new RawAIData panel. Added RaceHistory panel. This shows in a really nice way what happened during the race. The format is same as in the race reports at James Allen on F1 use. Added 'Alternative Color' option to use black background on many panels. Many small fixes and improvements. See the ReadMe.txt in the .zip for more details and for detailed installation instructions.

    In short, here is how you install this as a new installation:
    Have F1 2017 and update it to V1.3 Install latest Java on you system Download the Telemetry Tool and extract the contacts of the .zip somewhere on your system Run F1 2017 and in the settings enable the UDP Telemetry Feed. Restart the game. Double-click on the Telemetry.jar file or run from command line 'java -jar Telemetry.jar' If you are updating from 5.3, or older, old lapdata files work. To update, just copy the Telemetry.jar and the Tracks directory to your installation directory
    Enabling the UDP Telemetry Output
    In F1 2017, UDP telemetry output is controlled via the menus on all platforms. To enable this, enter the options menu from the main menu (triangle / Y), then enter the settings menu - the UDP option will be at the bottom of the list. From there you will be able to enable / disable the UDP output, configure the IP address and port for the receiving application, toggle broadcast mode and set the send rate. Broadcast mode transmits the data across the network subnet to allow multiple devices on the same subnet to be able to receive this information. When using broadcast mode it is not necessary to set a target IP address, just a target port for applications to listen on.


       (0 reviews)



  17. Donington Park Grand Prix Circuit 1938

    Hello Everyone, This is my second scratch built track for Assetto Corsa. I wanted this one to be as accurate as I possibly could make it, but also by using some artistic licence to recreate the feeling of the place (and hopefully some of the magic i was hoping to capture). I spent hours researching all the information I could find from the internet, videos, pics, magazine articles etc, a lot of people here helped by sending me these so many thanks.
    Most of the tracks height data is taken from the current lidar data and then cross referenced with all the existing parts of the modern day layouts (from all the sims) but bare in mind there was a lot of guess work involved.
    For track widths and old sections, I took a trip to Donington with my tape measure and theodolite and walked and shot images of the old Melbourne hairpin (which still exists) and measured as much as I could in the limited time I was allowed to walk around those areas.
    There are still a few things to do hence the 0.9 version, the trees need shadow planes adding (especially in the wooded areas - so avoid racing at 12 noon for now it will look kinda ugly) AI will probably need tweaking (if any body is game for this let me know) and bugs - let me know

    About - Please watch this Video - Explains more than I possibly could here - it will also get you hyped no doubt
    Track Features
    30 Pit boxes Complete 3D terrain Dynamic racing groove Track Map Working AI 3 TV Cameras (Courtesy of Terra21) 3D Grass Audio Reverb's (Bridges and wooded areas) 3D Crowds (Reduce world detail to remove for better performance)



  18. Automobilista Tracks Megapack

    Here is the Ultimate Megapack for AMS.
    You will find the following tracks in this ultimate pack.
    Algarve Autopolis Barber Motorsport Park BarcelonaGP Bathurst Carolina Motorsport Park Eastern Creek Fontana Jerez de la Frontera Laguna Seca Le Mas du Clos Lime Rock Park Magny-Cours Melbourne Monza Nurburgring Okayama Putnam Queensland Road America Road Atlanta Silverstone Snetterton Spa Francorchamps Thruxton Val de Vienne Vanport Winton You have to put the folders you will find in the archive in C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Automobilista\GameData\Locations
    Better to delete any previous version of the tracks



  19. Anneau du Rhin 2016

    We (Boblebric, NeelJ and Rainmaker) are proud to release the conversion of the completely scratch made track Anneau du Rhin 2016 of Assetto Corsa.
    Anneau du Rhin is a small but fine club track located in Biltzheim, France near the boarder to Germany. In German the track is called Rheinring.
    Boblebric enjoyed to create not just the track itself but also the entry terrains you can discover over the hidden branches.
    In 1996, industrialist Marc Rinaldi, his son François and his daughter Caroline Bugatti, founded this private circuit in association with the Spengler family. Known for Bruno Spengler of the DTM championship.
    This 3.7 km circuit is inspired by the Paul-Ricard circuit at Le Castellet. It has been approved for FFSA and FFM motorcycle competition since 2011. Sessions for private sports cars are organized by the Automobile Club of Alsace, including many known manufactures.

    Track features:
    -replay cameras
    -working track map
    -support for hot lap mode
    -support for time attack mode
    -22 pit boxes with working pit lane
    -competitive AI
    -much terrain to discover



  20. Snetterton 2011

    by lasercutter and Rainmaker
    This 3D-track was made by lasercutter for rFactor 2. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker. Thanks to all beta testers.
    -AI and pit lane
    -22 pit boxes
    -replay cameras
    -working track map
    -support for hot lap mode
    -support for time attack mode
    -complete new ai
    -new previews and UI data
    -fixed missing circuit tag (for Content Manager user)
    -fixed sticky walls



  21. 1960's World Class Racing

    La F1 storica di rFactor2
    For Update 1.1 click here



  22. Sandevoerde Test Version

    Sandevoerde TEST version – 25.09.17
    Track Info :
    Length : 4.25 KM
    Direction : Clockwise
    Widht : 9 mts.
    Pit Boxes : 25

    This is last TEST versión, the objective with this version is that you can test the circuit and decide if you want the full payware version.
    What will be the differences between a TEST version and a PAYWARE version?
    TEST Version : Include AI, Cameras, , bumpy roads. Vegetation.
    Not advertising, vehicles, crowd, marshalls and any reference to a "race weekend".
    Basically difference will be only visual and related to race scenary. 

    To install track unpack at Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks

    i create 6 different physical road mesh, each one with a different level of bumps.
    This meshes are located at "ROAD MESH" subfolder, there is 6 sub folder (N15,N25,N35,N45,N55,N65) each one with a pyshical mesh. Track default is N35. To try other mesh just copy the sandev_road.kn5 file from selected folder into main track folder, content/tracks/sandev_f3ct
    I hope you enjoy this one and have great time around here.
    For more info visit www.f3classictracks.com or email me at sergiomloro@gmail.com
    Enjoy it.
    Sergio Loro.



  23. Isle of Man TT

    The Isle Of Man TT is an annual motorcycle race held on public roads over a 37.73 mile course.
    The lap record, from 2016 is by Michael Dunlop on a BMW S1000RR in 16:53.929 an average speed of 133.962 mph.
    Known for being extremely dangerous in the event of a crash, only the brave race here!
    Grateful thanks to Brendon Pywell for creating Race Track Builder,
    without which I could not have created this track. Thanks also to those who made available their xpacks.

    Working ai.
    20 pit boxes
    Track map.
    Ideal line.
    Collision walls.
    Separate road mesh.
    Although there are no tv cameras yet, there are onboard cameras for replays.



  24. Hockenheim GP & Keiner Kurs - F3 Classic Tracks

    Hockenheim GP 1960
    Hello to everyone! Now is time to present the Hockenheim full GP circuit, as it was at mid 60's, thats mean "NO" chicanes.
    Track is great for racing, and I hope everyone enjoy it. This track is special for all lovers of 60's era, since here Jim Clark found death. I try to build track as it looks on its first years, before armco and curbs was add.
    Hockenheim Keiner Kurs 1960
    Today is time to present my last addition to AC, the Hockenheim's short course, as it looks back on 60's.
    Track lenght is 2.6 Kms and had a mix of nice turns, not a fast circuit at all but great for low powered cars as Alfa Romeo Giulia or a F3 car (if someday we got one). I try to represent a 60's looking Hockenheim, base on many pictures and vids i had, as usual with all my tracks, enviroment represent a mix of real stuff, and some of my imagination, mainly with crowds, paddock, advertising and race weekend stuff. I had to say i'm happy with final result, i feel at a 60's race weekend everytime i fire up track.
    I hope to improve track on future if necessary. I try track many time and everything seems to work OK.

    Know Issues:
    . Show Map function does not work property.
    . Maybe there is problem with some collision object.
    . Haybales and others objects does not had collision yet ( not sure if there is a soft collision for haybales)
    . AI cars go out to qualy but raced at slow speed.

    Enjoy it :)
    Sergio Loro
    F3 Classics Tracks



  25. Ahvenisto - F3 Classic Tracks

    Hello to everyone!!
    Today is time to present my last addition to AC, the Ahvenisto race circuit, as it looks back on late 60's. Track lenght is 2.81 Kms and had a mix of nice turns/up and downs, not a fast circuit at all but great for low powered cars as Alfa Romeo Giulia or Lotus 25 car :). I try to represent a late 60's looking, base on many pictures and vids i had, as usual with all my tracks, enviroment represent a mix of real stuff, and some of my imagination, mainly with crowds, paddock, advertising and race weekend stuff.
    The construction of Ahvenisto Race Circuit was finished on July 15, 1967. The same year, "I Hämeenlinnan ajot 1967" became the first international event to be held at the circuit. The Formula Two race was won byJochen Rindt in a Brabham BT23 ahead of Jack Brabham's Brabham BT23C and Jim Clark's Lotus 48. The Formula Three race saw a battle between Finnish and Swedish drivers, with Sweden's Freddy Kottulinskytaking the win. Other notable entrants included Leo Kinnunen, Ronnie Peterson and Reine Wisell.
    Ahvenisto Race circuit it is still active and its one of most important finnish circuits.
    I had to say i'm happy with final result, i feel at a 60's race weekend everytime i fire up track. I hope to improve track on future if necessary. I try track many time and everything seems to work OK.
    PLEASE NOTE it is first time i used a more detailed mesh for track surface, i dont have a FFB wheel so i have to figure out track drives OK, but if you think track surface dont feel right just let me know.
    Know Issues:
    . Maybe there is problem with some collision object.
    . AI cars go out to qualy and raced pretty well, maybe because of narrow road sometimes get stuck behind a wreck car (usually my car :) ). Sometimes they cant go out to qualy but not sure if AC bug or my AI file bug, but at end of session all cars go out to qualy, after a few attemps.

    It is not allowed to host track zip file at a different site, if you want to host track please contact to me first. It is not allowed to modified track, if you want to modified something ask me :)
    All 3d objects are done by me , please if you want to use something for you track contact to me first.
    I used some files from Kunos tracks as asph mask,tarmac detail and grovee, mainly because i dont know how to do this type of textures, yet :)
    One or more textures on this 3D-model have been created with images from Textures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit www.textures.com for more information
    SPECIAL THANKS to Lilski and Rontti for support and help for this project.

    Enjoy it :)
    Sergio Loro
    F3 Classics Tracks




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