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  1. Nuovo TS-PC Racer by Thrustmaster

    Sparco P310 + Base TSPC mi piace! Upgrade dal t300...quasi sicuro :D Bellissimo kit :D
  2. meglio l'annuncio di questo bundle che del t-gt!
  3. Thrustmaster T-GT Wheel

  4. Thrustmaster T-GT Wheel

    Thrustmaster 4160674 Gadget PC è già aumentato di 50€.. Si .. dicono che ha un motore "migliorato" ma ho la sensazione che non sia altro che un kit con volante custom del ts-pc per gran turismo.
  5. Thrustmaster T-GT Wheel

    Non ci abbiamo preso... Los Angeles, June 12, 2017 – The product of an intense collaboration between Thrustmaster’s engineers and the creators of Gran Turismo®, the new T-GT racing wheel is a powerhouse of highly innovative technologies resulting from in-depth research into all of the sensations required for an ultra-realistic racing experience. This research has been the subject of a number of different challenges conquered by Thrustmaster’s development teams.The T-GT, a powerhouse of major innovations developed for competition, is based upon three fundamental aspects:1. The T-GT Servo Base’s tailor-made motorization2. A Gran Turismo® Sport exclusive: T-DFB3. The T-GT wheelFirst innovation: The T-GT Servo Base’s tailor-made motorizationFrom the very start, Thrustmaster had a clear understanding that in order to accurately reflect all of the sensations provided by the game for a realistic driving experience – particularly in a continuous manner during long competition sessions – every bit of information is crucial.T-LIN Force Feedback linearity.The wheel’s power setpoint is completely accurate and 100% proportional, providing a linear response perfectly in line with the Force Feedback commands issued by the game.The T-GT has been fine-tuned to give exceptionally precise indications to the driver: there is absolutely no over-compensation or under-compensation, for incredibly lifelike force rendering.Cars’ behavior and track conditions are faithfully reproduced – instantly, along with all accompanying details – throughout long gaming sessions. This enhances drivers’ ability to anticipate what’s coming up ahead in order to improve their performance, break records and win races.The T-40VE custom brushless motor.This need for lifelike linearity pushes the boundaries of the motor’s power: that’s why the motor combines velocity, instant responsiveness and intense torque on a constant basis, no matter how many hours the wheel is used for, or how long you’re competing. The wheel provides more refined Force Feedback and stall force – particularly by way of allowing for more simultaneous effects – than was possible in previous generations. The wheel is able to handle considerable power peaks without any reductions in terms of force output.The T-40VE motor – specially designed, developed and manufactured by Thrustmaster’s R&D teams – meets these needs thanks to T-MCE (Motor-Cooling-Embedded – patent pending) technology, which manages heat transfer and dissipation more efficiently than ever before. The T-40VE incorporates this cooling system right in the very heart of the motor, in a highly constrained and enclosed environment. This combination ensures constant precision in terms of rendering of the T-GT’s performance and effects throughout racing sessions, allowing the driver to experience the full complexity of sensations.This motor and its innovative cooling system – combined with the optimized T-FOC (Field Oriented Control) algorithm with Hall effect sensors (another of Thrustmaster’s patented technologies) – has the advantage of instantly sensing the wheel’s position with unrivaled accuracy. The wheel dynamically optimizes the response to intense torque demands with lightning-fast speed, switching and avoiding any losses of power.Second innovation: A Gran Turismo® Sport exclusive: T-DFBWith the same goal of providing even more genuine car racing sensations, T-DFB (Depth Feedback) – a major innovation – introduces a new dimension with respect to Force Feedback.As a complement to standard Force Feedback, this unique, completely novel system adds a new range of effects including tire adherence (grip or slippage) in understeering and oversteering, mass transfers, road textures and irregularities, suspension and other parameters specific to each vehicle and circuit.This unique system is a Gran Turismo® Sport exclusive. Polyphony Digital® has encoded all of these parameters and incorporated this new information into the T-DFB system, for a level of in-depth sensations in the steering column that’s never been possible until now.In this way, these two different worlds – racing simulation, and real-world racing – are coming closer together than ever before. The T-GT is a “Real Simulator” in the truest sense.Third innovation: The T-GT wheelIn addition to these specific sensations and overall feel, in order to create the most lifelike wheel possible, the T-GT now lets drivers be even more responsive in terms of adjusting their car’s settings on the fly during races, without losing a precious millisecond of driving time.The T-GT wheel features:• 4 rotary selectors, for direct control of 4 key settings: brake balancing, control of anti-skid systems, torque distribution allocation, and fuel injection mapping.• 25 possible action buttons: an amount never before available on PS4™.• 2 customizable mini-sticks: for faster navigation through menus, in photo mode, and more… or for interior cockpit views and peripheral vision.• Leather specially selected in terms of its grain: the decision was made to select a very smooth texture, among the types and textures of leather available – to facilitate drifting in particular, in the same way as wheels on real race cars. Seams and stitching have been designed to be as inconspicuous to the driver as possible. The leather’s stitching pattern and positioning – avoiding the thumb-rest zone – makes a huge contribution in terms of handling comfort.The T-GT will be available for purchase to coincide with the launch of the game Gran Turismo® Sport, at a suggested retail price of £699.99.The T-GT will be composed of the T-GT Servo Base, the detachable T-GT wheel, the custom T-TURBO toroidal power supply, and the three-pedal T3PGT pedal set.To find out even more about all of the wheel’s different features and the unique experience that it makes possible, be sure to check out T-GT’s website:
  6. Thrustmaster T-GT Wheel

    T-LIN : ? T-DFB : driving force feedback // aggiorniamo con direct force feedback !! T-MCE : Motor Cooling Embedded //sistema di raffreddamento già presente su ts-pc T-40VE: ?? questa notte conferenza sony avremo le nostre risposte XD intanto l'ho già prenotato da amazon.fr a 650 ;)
  7. Thrustmaster T-GT Wheel

    Questionario: T-LIN : ? T-DFB :questa è facile driving force feedback T-MCE : Motor Cooling Embedded T-40VE: ??
  8. Ciao Razer, aggiungerò certamente Assetto Corsa e forse i titoli codemasters ;) Intanto ho caricato la beta della 0.8 che implementa l'utilizzo del display usb di lcdinfo.com LCDUSBD480 .
  9. Salute a tutti gente, di seguito vi lascio link per scaricare la mia app in via di sviluppo per estrarre e visualizzare dati da Iracing . Funziona in modo molto simile a Z1 solo che al rilascio della 1.0 sarà possibile usare i dati per inviarli su arduino o cmq via seriale :) . https://github.com/Denial1984/TreeXtractor
  10. qualcuno ha i driver per usarlo come monitor secondario? :D
  11. T300RS - problema serraggio corona volante

    Metti due tre elastici alla base della vite maschio sulla corona e poi avvitala come fai di solito. Non usare la vite di metallo che lo rovina solo.... Il mio non ci prova minimamente a muoversi :D
  12. Thrustmaster T-GT Wheel

    avere un direct drive con 300€ in più rispetto al ts-pc ? La vedo difficile... dico anche magari!
  13. Mazda 787 a Monza....

    Domandone per tutti, Situazione; livello di difficoltà expert / factory . Livello IA 100% . Il tempo da battere è 1.41 o 1.40 ... sono io o meno di 1.45 un'umile umano non riesce a fare?
  14. No ora scritta a parte voglio sapere cosa hanno migliorato XD
  15. Nuovo TS-PC Racer by Thrustmaster

    fissato ad una struttura in acciaio XD se dal volante premo verso l'alto flette leggermente tutta la base di 1-2 mm

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