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  1. GTR2 TM World Prototyps Championship View File After many trials (and 15-20 GTR2 re-upload....), finally the World Prototyps Championship, really endurance races by 200km. The actual palimpsest of the Thanking Mod project is the following: World Rookies Championship (released) NC (released) GT8 (released) GT7 (released) GT6 (released) GT5 (released) GT4 (released) GT3 (released) GT2 GT1 Gentlemans Roadstars Championship (released) Grand Tourism Open Championship (released) ON THE ROAD Championship (released) Classic 50/60 Years (released) NORTH AMERICA ENDURANCE Championship (released) Classic 80/90 Years (released) GT Endurance Champioship (released) World Prototyps Championship Open Prototyps Championship SuperGT Championship F1 Championship Released Thanking Mods: http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showcat=190 always with machines and new circuits, from the little 1600 and from the more short circuits, until the prototypes, to the |supercars| , to classical cars and to more famous circuits. To every new level the |strenght| |opponents| increases of a nick. World Prototyps Championship Opponents strenght = 105 Race lenght = 200km about Max cars in grid = 32 Cars (32) Power =600/650 hp Audi R18 GTR Bentley Speed 8 Bugatti VW X1 Dome S102 Teams Koenigsegg CCGT Lola Aston Martin Teams Lola Lamborghini LM650 Pagani Zonda-Rse Peugeot Ferrari P6 HybridFour Shiden Hyundai GT-4 Circuits (20) Round 1 : Le Mans 2012 (France, Sarte) Round 2 : Spa Franchorchamps 2011 (Belgium, Francorchamps) Round 3 : 11Silverstone (Towcester, England) Round 4 : Empoli (Italy, Empoli) Round 5 : Cicada (Spain) Round 6 : RoadOne International, 2010 (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) (in Locations/shared you found Skies_Canada.gtr file) Round 7 : Circuit of the Americas, 2012 (United States of America, Texasland) Round 8 : DaytonaRoad Course Short (Daytona Beach, Florida) Round 9 : Everton Ring Raceway (USW) Round 10 : MojaveHills (U.S.A.) Round 11 : Road_America 2009 (Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin) Round 12 : Sebring 2005 Classic (Sebring, Florida) Round 13 : Brasilia Limbo GP (Brasilia, Brasil) Round 14 : Fuji Speedway GP (Shizuoka, Japan) Round 15 : MillenniumIC (Bejing, China) Round 16 : Losail, 2007 (QATAR, Losail) Round 17 : Orlatal, 2012 (Orlatal, Germany) Round 18 : Mugello Grand Prix (Italy, Mugello) Round 19 : Valencia Long (Spain, Valencia) Round 20 : NoS Tourist (Nuerburg, Germany) is superfluous to remember that be necessary have exactly all of these circuits, otherwise the championship don't work. You will find the Conversion and Update files in Locations\GTR2 TM Files folder If find |bugs| or you have suggestions or want to give me your impressions, you can me contact here: giorgio.girelli@teletu.it unzip in GTR2 folder Buon divertimento. VeroNC Submitter VeroNC Submitted 06/26/2013 Category TM 50/60 Classic Championship  
  2. Original mod by SidStalker; remodelling, skin, phisycal and engine update by VeroNC
  3. Ferrari Enzo F70

    Ferrari Enzo F70 View File Credits:Thanks to Ron123 for giving me permission to use graphic files of Ferrari FXXK. After two years I incorporated the old GTR2, and on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Ferrari I decided to dedicate a machine to the great Enzo. A car-limit, with 1.500hp and a speed of over 400km / h, as in reality the Chiron and Regera, an F1 engine, resized at 12.500rpm, and a completely new physical, adequate to the power and all-wheel drive . Submitter VeroNC Submitted 04/01/2017 Category TM 50/60 Classic Championship  
  4. Iriana Raceway

  5. Leicestershire Motors Park

    Version 1.0


    Some time ago i founded this beautiful track by Trackaholics, pratically ready, but without credits. With permission by Administrators i have renamed it and update some textures. TrackName = Leicestershire Motors Park EventName = Leicestershire Grand Prix GrandPrixName = Leicestershire Motors Park VenueName = Leicestershire Motors Park Location = Great Britain Length = 4.99 km TrackType = Permanent Road Course have fun VeroNC
  6. Version 1.0


    Solved problem about safety car on grid. Track: http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=5522 Unzip in Locations/Hong Kong Street Circuit and overwrite.
  7. Version 1.0


    Fix by Barcika Fix problem of opponents that returned at box at end of first lap... Track: http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=5401 Unzip AIW file in Locations/Bern Alpenring and overwrite.
  8. Jyllands Ring 2014

    Version 1.0


    Author: Sergio Loro Conversion to GTR2 by ZWISS Update by VeroNC A graphic refresh for old Jylland Ring. Update also Lod_screen and opponents AI (AIW and GDB files). TrackName = Jyllands Ringen 2014 EventName = Jyllands Ringen 2014 GrandPrixName = Jyllands Ringen 2014 GP VenueName = Jyllands Ringen_2014 Location = Resembro, Denmark Length = 1.105 Miles / 1.705 km
  9. Monza_JR_No_Chicane

    Version 1.0


    Author: conversion to GTR2 by N2LO Knowled as Brianza Jr, rFactor's conversion, Monza's short layout, without the absurde chicane before the stands streight... TrackName = Monza JR GrandPrixName = Monza JR EventName = Monza JR VenueName = Monza JR Location = Monza, Italy Length = 2.42 km / 1.5 Miles
  10. Quella che vedrete nel filmato di fatto è LaFerrari per GTR2 (per ora nell'involucro della 599xx). Tutti i files che riguardano fisica/meccanica/aerodinamica (HDC/ENG/GRB ecc..) sono stati convertiti da NFS Shift 2. Devo dire che a dispetto dei 950hp (e della trazione posteriore...) riesco a guidarla perfino io..., grande fisica, nonostante l'assetto ancora assolutamente da strada. Ora resta solo il problema dei file GMT e del file CAS, cioè quello di costruire telaio, carrozzeria, cockpit e ruote....
  11. La mia official page su Google+ come Google Music Channel. Ogni tipo di musica, rock, blues, jazz, world music ecc... https://plus.google.com/u/0/110782878057192208666/posts
  12. non puoi perchè non hanno le classi 2003 o 2004, le uniche che si vedono nelle race weekend. Se vuoi vederle apri il file .car, alla fine CLASSES="TMGT1" metti CLASSES="TMGT1, 2004" questo per tutte le macchine... ciao e buon divertimento!
  13. Add Red Bull Team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi93kPRdiEk&feature=youtu.be Cygned courtesy by trackaholics.nstars.org Forse non ho mai lavorato tanto sul tuning di una macchina per diminuire a 100hp la potenza, quindi nuova fisica e nuovi parametri dell'engine. Il fatto è che secondo me una macchina di 950kg con 100hp dovrebbe fare più di 160 km/h...

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