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  1. Hi, I think it's the same problem other people have been having (but I can't find the topics). I've found the solution posted by someone on another forum though (hope it helps): lvlo wrote: If you have "flying" bug - try to delete file "...\My Documents\netKar PRO\cfg\options.ini" But once you change any option in "simulation" settings - bug will appear again. Edit: yup, the problem is string "REPLAYMIN=15", once you delete it in that file (or file itself), all works good.
  2. There has never been that many people with pick up racing. You have to go to a league if you really want decent numbers, not necessarily to join, but you can take part in practice races with more people if you follow them around (that's what I did when I first started playing nKPro).
  3. I nearly did as I was gonna do a track day there, then thought better of it =) I don't know the track myself & being a smaller venue (not many people have heard of) it probably wouldn't be that popular.
  4. I think you have no ffb at really slow speeds to avoid strange wheel behaviour, like in iRacing where the wheel starts turning by itself Points 2 & 3 are both due to the automatic brake, implemented a while ago, to stop people rolling around at race starts (not something I like personally). Not noticed the replays being too fast, you have slow down sometimes I think due to the 30fps cap.
  5. Change the steer(ing) ratio & brake mult(iplier) in the cars setup. Ultimately nKPro is designed to be driven with a wheel. FVA I found to be much better with a control pad. Using the XBCD drivers & setting a deadzone did make the car a million times more controllable for me, although regarding braking, I never felt that comfortable with the 360 pad. I prefer the original Xbox or the PS3 pad as they have more travel on their back triggers, although with the PS3 pad the analogue is in an awkward position, so the original Xbox pad is still my preferred choice for gaming =)
  6. Trovato un altro link Megaupload ora è stato tolto/found another link now Megaupload has been taken down: http://www.gletellie...etup_netkar.zip
  7. I think the problem is the auto-brake Kunos implemented (iirc in 1.1 beta 2). It's to stop people rolling about on the start grid, but imo it's crap, particularly on the Osella where it seems to be too strong.
  8. It appears it isn't possible to drive the Osella with the H-shifter (I had never tried until now). Auto-clutch can be turned off, when in the pits/box go to setup & it's in the bottom left hand corner. Currently the only car mods have been by Kegetys, he's made a hillclimb mod' (a soapbox racer & the trento-bondone reversed), a rear wheel drive ver. of the Abarth & an Osella with a larger fuel tank. RSR are working on a Lambo though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C99r-yHU-fQ&feature=player_embedded
  9. Do you mean in controller options (under advanced)? Make sure your pad's selected in the drop down menu above axis x etc.
  10. What O/S & drivers are you using? IIRC to get those buttons working & a deadzone I had to use XBCD drivers, & under Vista it was a pain finding the right ones (but I think it's easier with Win' 7). I've lent my wired 360 pad to a friend otherwise I'd try it now.
  11. Credo che sia possibile, non si vede alcuna guida su come, ma altri hanno detto l'hanno gestita. I believe it's possible, not seen any guides on how to, but others have said they've managed it.
  12. Quando nel setup del controller scegliere ruota o joystick piuttosto che gamepad / joystick e si dovrebbe essere in grado di configurare qualunque pulsanti che ti piace. When in controller setup choose wheel or joystick rather than gamepad/joystick & you should be able to configure whatever buttons you like.
  13. When can I come over?
  14. Ecco un videoda quando ilvintageè stato rilasciato prima(con qualcheazionelateralmente).Non pensavo chemi piacerebbela macchina, main realtà èmolto divertente. Here's a video from when the Vintage was first released (with some sideways action). I didn't think I'd like the car, but it's actually a lot of fun.