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  1. Un abitacolo "storico" ?

    Common Velocipede. Before you post a Copy/Paste from BsimRacing.com, at least read what you copy. Like i already asked you before, I dont mind you taking over news from BsimRacing, but at least Read it, and then try to be a little original. Plain copy/pasting other peoples articles does not make you look good.
  2. I have no problem with the fact that you check out BssimRacing for news, but if you just copy/Paste my articles, then you should at least point a link to the Source. Greets www.bsimracing.com.
  3. GT Academy Road to Dubai: sul podio!

    I am usually a nice guy, but this is NOT done. Its ok to copy a post or an article idea... **** BUT PLEASE DONT COPY MY CODE !!! This is bandwith theft ! Hotlinking is not supposed to be done by a website that runs high visitor numbers like Driving Italia !! **** You are using the Code , Plugin and bandwidth of www.BsimRacing.com. Lets all pay for our own servers please. its expensive enough as it is. Please remove or post your own!!!
  4. not correct. first of all , it runs 35 cars full detail on a AMD quad core and a G-Force GTX285. that is hardly space material. The cockpits have two textures . at the moment 2048/2048, but the buttons template can easy be reduced to 1024 . it would not change the look. It is a fact that we dont keep low end cards in mind. that would be pointless. As far as the " will it run " ... you see the video with 35 cars while its captured by FRAPS. so i guess when we release this mod , it will be well within limits. Those with low end machines will sadly have to save up , or run another great mod. plenty of choice. PS: The mirrors are not off, but just not implemented yet. Thanks for the comments
  5. The textures sizes are 2048/2048 pix size . thats about normal these days. ;-) for High end cards of today,we could even pushed the limit. But its true, we will have to see what we can do in the rF2 engiine. Thanks for the comments. WiX Racers Modding Team
  6. Eurocup Megane Trophy 2009 Season

    That is a RENDER from the Promo GFX for the WSGT2 Megane. Its very lame to use another mod promo graphic for your own stuff. Please Remove

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