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    Gran Turismo 6 salva il motorsport...

    Mentre il titolone Polyphony viene sempre più utilizzato per attività promozionali di nuove vetture di serie, come l'ultimo esempio della Focus ST, un articolo di Eurogamer ci spiega addirittura in quale modo Gran Turismo 6 possa "salvare il motorsport da sè stesso"! Kazunori Yamauchi spiega poi in una intervista cosa possiamo aspettarci dal FIA Online Championship che arriverà nel 2015.

    “I’m not sure how we’ll do it right now. I think on Gran Turismo 6 it’ll be something like a pre-season series, and it’s more realistic to say we’ll have the complete series in Gran Turismo 7.”

    “One of the important things for us, it’s beyond our expectation how much people in the FIA like Jean Todt don’t differentiate between the virtual and the real. They’re treating it on the same level.”

    “This collaboration is really something that’s necessary for the industry,” says Yamauchi. “Without it, our car culture is really going to become much, much smaller than it is now. Of course, if we could reach the level of FIFA that’d be wonderful. But before we can see that dreamlike state, we need to be realistic and really work at what we have.”

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