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    Assetto Corsa Competizione: il Blancpain GT Series è ufficiale !


    Con puntualità svizzera, la Kunos Simulazioni ha annunciato il suo nuovo Assetto Corsa Competizione, titolo con licenza ufficiale del prestigioso campionato Blancpain GT Series (dedicato alle vetture GT3) previsto in uscita per la prossima estate. AC Competizione possiamo quasi definirlo come una evoluzione all'ennesima potenza dell'attuale Assetto Corsa: il nuovo simulatore sarà dotato del potente engine grafico Unreal Engine 4, che ci metterà quindi a disposizione anche il meteo con tanto di pioggia e le gare in notturna, come potete notare dallo spettacolare trailer di lancio qui sotto.

    Naturalmente, essendo il nuovo software una profonda evoluzione del precedente, presenterà anche migliorie importanti, come ad esempio un sistema di ranking per il multiplayer cosi da garantire una migliore esperienza nelle gare online. Correte a questo link del forum per commenti e discussioni.

    Da segnalare infine che già il 24 giugno, all'autodromo di Misano, in occasione del weekned del Blancpain GT, sarà possibile provare il nuovo simulatore grazie ad alcune postazioni dedicate all'interno del paddock:

    When: 22-24 June 2018
    Where: Misano World Circuit, Italy

    Assetto Corsa Competizione will be at the Misano World Circuit, during the Blancpain GT Serie race weekend, offering to fans the opportunity to be the first to play a preview version of the game – using dedicated driving cockpits installed in the paddock area. Players will also have the chance to share their impressions with the development team! Additional details will be available soon.


    Assetto Corsa Competizione, the new official game of the Blancpain GT Series, an official grand touring racing series, named after world-renowned Swiss watch manufacture Blancpain and organized by SRO Motorsports Group, will be speeding onto Steam Early Access this summer.

    Featuring an extraordinary level of simulation quality that allows players to experience the unique atmosphere of this GT3 Series, players can compete against official drivers, teams, cars and circuits with the highest level of accuracy and attention to detail.

    Taking full advantage of Unreal Engine 4, Assetto Corsa Competizione will ensure the highest quality rendering with photorealistic weather conditions and graphics to reach a new standard in driving realism and immersion racing. Players will experience highspeed torque as they get behind the wheel of luxurious speedsters including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens and many other prestigious GT cars reproduced with an outstanding level of detail. Motion capture technology is used to create the animations of mechanics and drivers in an even more realistic fashion and guarantee a high level of player engagement during races, pit stops and driver changes.

    In the final version of the game, players can expect advanced multiplayer functionality with Assetto Corsa Competizione, including a ranking system which will evaluate individual performance and driving behavior to reward the most virtuous drivers and promote fair play in online competitions.

    Stay tuned for more information… In the meantime, check out our trailer below!

    Stephane Ratel, Founder and CEO of SRO Motorsports Group: “We are thrilled to announce the release of the first official game for the Blancpain GT Series. Sim racing has become an important market in recent years and one that we are very keen to be involved with. Assetto Corsa Competizione will allow Blancpain GT Series fans the chance to compete as their heroes at their favourite track with extremely high standards of simulation. What’s more, it will bring the series into contact with a brand-new set of followers from the world of gaming, which has already demonstrated close synergy with motorsport. This is a very exciting project and I can’t wait to test drive the finished product.

    Marco Massarutto, Co-founder and Brand & Product Manager of Kunos Simulazioni: “This announcement represents a dream come true for us. The Blancpain GT Series license is just the tip of the iceberg. By combining the potential of Unreal Engine 4 and the feedback received from our community, we are producing a completely new simulation aimed to redefine the racing game genre, improving the features that made Assetto Corsa so popular, and introducing those demanded by players for a high-level racing simulation game - with no compromise, and remaining loyal to our philosophy."










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