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Formula 1: ancora più eSport per il 2018, con tante idee...

Il torneo F1 eSports Series del 2017 si è rivelato senza dubbio un grande successo, con il pacioccoso vincitore Brendon Leigh ormai universalmente conosciuto, quasi alla pari dei campioni reali della Formula 1. Eppure ad inizio 2017 l'unico interesse della F1 per il gaming era solo quanti soldi avrebbe potuto ottenere per la licenza ufficiale. Poi il nuovo proprietario Liberty Media ha preso in mano la situazione...
Formula 1: ancora più eSport per il 2018, con tante idee...

Lettura consigliata: "Il Pilota Virtuale" (Virtual Race Driver tradotto in italiano)

E' disponibile finalmente la versione interamente tradotta in italiano: "Il Pilota Virtuale" non solo offre tutti i contenuti in italiano della versione originale, ma include anche gli straordinari contributi e consigli di Raimondo Ricci (pilota TCR Series), Gaetano Trivilino (pilota karting), David Greco (famoso simdriver e non solo) ed Aris Vasilakos (mitico simdriver e membro della Kunos Simulazioni).
Lettura consigliata: "Il Pilota Virtuale" (Virtual Race Driver tradotto in italiano)

Disponibile il nuovo Real Rally 2018 !

Il modding team di Real Rally, che sviluppa ovviamente il mitico Richard Burns Rally, ha appena rilasciato il nuovo Real Rally 2018, un mod completo che ci mette a disposizione 300 prove speciali, oltre 150 auto (comprese le WRC 2017 e le R5), fisica delle vetture sviluppata in collaborazione con gli Ingegneri di M-Sport, Citroen Racing ed altri, e basate tutte su dati reali, persino testate e perfezionate da piloti e copiloti come Travaglia, Longhi, Cibien, Pirollo e Rosso.
Disponibile il nuovo Real Rally 2018 !
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    Il World Fastest Gamer con iRacing accende i motori

    Prende il via da oggi la fase del torneo Worlds Fastest Gamer che si disputerà fino al 9 ottobre con la McLaren F1 di iRacing. Qui di seguito tutti i dettagli ed un trailer di lancio dell'iniziativa.

    McLaren has become the first Formula 1 team to enter the esports arena, announcing World’s Fastest Gamer – the world’s most intense and demanding competition for virtual racers. It’s a contest that will see the winner offered the best job in esports – a role with the Formula 1 team as one of its official simulator drivers.

    McLaren is partnering with iRacing to host a four-week online series featuring the McLaren MP4-30 Formula 1 car where the winner will earn an invitation to the World’s Fastest Gamer Finals to be held in November at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, Surrey, UK.

    Thanks to the unprecedented access to McLaren’s CAD files and data, iRacing’s digital McLaren MP4-30 incorporates current Formula One technology at a level never before seen in sim racing. As a result, iRacing redesigned its engine model to incorporate the ERS and MGU as well as the accompanying energy “storage” and “depletion”. As well, implementing the DRS necessitated the creation of overtaking zones based on a competitor’s proximity to the car ahead.
    In short, iRacing’s McLaren MP4-30 is the most sophisticated digital race car yet created and represents an exciting new frontier for sim racing.



    Suzuka Circuit

    September 12 – 18

    One of the world’s truly great race tracks, Suzuka has been the home of the Japanese Grand Prix since the 1980s and its flowing layout regularly puts the circuit at or near the top of the list of most Formula One drivers’ favorites. As if that weren’t enough, Suzuka boats three different configurations – Suzuka East, Suzuka West and Suzuka Full, the latter two featuring a rare figure eight layout where the back straightaway crosses the front section track on an overpass.



    Circuit of the Americas

    September 19 – 25

    It can fairly be said that American road racing entered the 21st century with the debut of Circuit of the Americas as host of the 2012 U.S. Grand Prix. The first facility in the United States designed specifically for Formula One, CoTA (as it is familiarly known), was conceived by promoter Tavo Hellmund and World Motorcycle Champion Kevin Schwantz and designed with the assistance of noted race circuit architect Hermann Tilke.



    Autodromo Nazionale Monza

    September 26 – October 2

    Known to racing aficionados and car buffs alike simply as “Monza,” the Autodromo Nazionale Monza is among the most fabled motor racing circuits in all the world. Constructed in Monza’s Royal Villa park in the early 1920s, the circuit has hosted the Italian Grand Prix Formula One race every year but one since the series’ inception and holds the record for the fastest (153.842mph/247.585kph) and closest finish (.18s covering the top four) in Formula One history in 2003 and 1971, respectively.



    Autódromo José Carlos Pace

     October 3 – 9

    Interlagos (or as it is officially known, Autódromo José Carlos Pace in memory of the Brazilian driver who perished in a 1977 plane crash) is among the most celebrated of all Formula One circuits. Known for its serpentine layout and dramatic elevation changes, the circuit has been the home of the Brazilian Grand Prix since 1973 but for the period from 1978-1989.



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