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F1 Esports Series: un Draft non proprio Pro...

Le perplessità ed i dubbi derivati dallo svolgimento e dal risultato del Pro Draft valido per la F1 Esports Series svoltosi lunedi sera in diretta, si possono riassumere tutti nell'immagine che mostra il risultato finale che vedete pubblicata proprio qui sopra....
F1 Esports Series: un Draft non proprio Pro...

DISCORD by DrivingItalia.NET: chat testo e vocale semplice e su tutti i dispositivi!

DISCORD, oltre che un semplice programmino per parlare con gli amici e scambiarsi file, possiamo definirlo una social-app, decisamente orientata al gaming. Con Discord, oltre ad avere un semplicissimo programma di conferenza, si può chattare e connettersi a numerosi account di gioco come Steam, Twitch, Youtube ed altri, inoltre è tutto completamente gratuito!
Server DISCORD DrivingItalia: chat testo e vocale semplice e su tutti i dispositivi

DrivingItalia Members Map: facciamoci notare!

Abbiamo attivato su DrivingItalia la straordinaria Members Map (raggiungibile anche da menu Contents -> Member map): fai click su My Location, inserisci la tua posizione e vediamo sulla mappa quanto siamo vicini tutti noi appassionati di simracing ! Diventiamo una community VISIBILE!
DrivingItalia Members Map: facciamoci notare!
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    rFactor 2: Brabham BT44B e March 761 by Studio 397

    Una doppia sorpresa questa sera da parte del team Studio 397, che ha appena rilasciato gratuitamente per il suo rFactor 2 le prime versioni delle mitiche Brabham BT44B e March 761. Commenti e discussioni sul forum dedicato.

    Ethanol Powered ‘Little Monsters’
    We at Studio 397 love all kind of raw racing and motorsport. The good ol’ times of Formula racing are without a doubt, a time where racing was at its purest. The cars were beasts, the tracks always a tough challenge, and the drivers brilliant and fearless maniacs. We’re proud to be able to take you guys back to those days, where every race was the challenge of your life. Two free new cars for rFactor 2 bringing you all the fun and excitement of a classic era. Relive those golden moments with the March 761 and the Brabham BT44b and bring back Formula racing of the 70’s to classic or even modern racetracks.

    March 761
    A fragile but rocket-like fast F1 car, designed and manufactured by UK based March Engineering. With a background of designing F2 cars and the experience of many different racing series, March Engineering brought this car into F1 in 1976. An interesting fact is that these cars used a sponsorship that changed from race to race, resulting in many wildly different liveries being used throughout the season.

    Brabham BT44b
    The car used by Brabham in 1975 wasn´t anything extraordinary from just looking at the individual parts. Marrying a Cosworth DFV engine to a Hewland FG gearbox was considered standard practice that time, so the BT44b didn´t stand out. But the team worked hard not only on improving the reliability of this combination, but also on the performance in certain areas, as well as making sure the BT44b features a very low centre of gravity. With all these coming together, Brabham managed to have their most successful season since 1969, finishing 2nd in the constructors championship.




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