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    DrivingItalia: online racing per tutti i gusti!

    Prosegue a ritmo serrato anche in primavera la stagione delle gare e tornei online con Assetto Corsa gestiti direttamente da DrivingItalia, con il supporto delle dirette in streaming curate dal nostro partner PitlaneTV.
    I due campionati con la Lotus Evora GTC e la Formula 4 Abarth sono ormai giunti al termine: le Lotus Evora andranno in pista per l'ultima gara il 5 aprile a Laguna Seca, con una situazione di classifica attuale che vede in testa Maurizio Naselli e grande lotta fra diversi piloti molto vicini come punteggio.

    Non mancano però le cosidette gare "fun", ovvero quelle al di fuori di campionati, pensate per correre online e divertirsi tutti assieme in modo organizzato: il 6 aprile saranno in pista le spettacolari Formula 3 Dallara a Laguna Seca ! Invece, per i piloti virtuali veramente "folli", abbiamo organizzato la tremenda 3 ORE del Nordschleife con le vetture GT3 !

    Finalmente è invece partito l'atteso campionato per gli appassionati delle ruote coperte, dedicato alle possenti Porsche 911 GT3 Cup... In questo topic trovate tutte le informazioni, compreso il calendario gare, mentre correte a questo link per effettuare l'iscrizione.


    Assetto Corsa: nuovi screens dal DRM Revival mod!

    Il DRM Modding Team ha pubblicato tramite BSimracing una nuova serie di immagini rendering 3D delle vetture protagoniste, su Assetto Corsa, dell'attesissimo DRM Revival Mod che tanto successo ha avuto nella sua versione per rFactor. Potremo quindi apprezzare nel simulatore Kunos il campionato Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft degli anni 70' - 80', con le mitiche vetture gruppo 5, come Porsche 935, Ford Zakspeed Capri, BMW 2002 Turbo... Vi ricordiamo che il medesimo mod per rFactor 2 è stato invece annullato.
    Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft (translated as German Racing Championship) or simply DRM as it was known, was a touring car and Sportscar racing series. It is regarded as a predecessor of the current DTM as Germany's top national series. The DRM began in 1972 as a Group 2 touring car and Group 4 GT racing series for cars like (BMW 2002) and (BMW Coupé), in addition to the Deutsche Rundstrecken-Meisterschaft (de) (German circuit racing saloon car championship). In these years, the same or similar cars were also entered in the European Touring Car Championship. Races were run separately as big Division 1 (for 2 to 4 liter) and small Division 2 (under 2 liter) in a sprint format.
    In 1977, Group 5 cars were admitted into the series, making the series better supported with Gr.5 cars than the World Championship of Makes they were intended for. These fast and spectacular turbocharged cars with wide fenders and wings had many fans. Especially the Porsche 935 outpowered F1 cars. During common testing sessions at Circuit Paul Ricard, 935 passed them on the long Mistral straight. In 1979, the Rennsport Trophäe (Racing Trophy) was introduced for the cheaper original series protagonists, the Group 2 and 4 cars. It consisted of combined races with the DRM until 1981.
    In 1982, following the FIA rule changes, new Group C sportscars (along with existing Group 6) replaced the Group 5 machinery at the renamed International Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft. Meanwhile, the Rennsport Trophäe held separate races and events in 1982 and 1983, except for the 1982 ADAC Eifelrennen at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. In 1984, with just three races held, organisers used three WEC (World Endurance Championship) races as additional IDRM point races. Also, the Rennsport Trophäe was replaced by the Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft, run with Group A cars.
    1985 was the final year of the now called DSM (Deutsche Sportwagen Meisterschaft), with just one race was held at Norisring, the rest of them held in conjunction with the popular Interserie. This meant CanAm entered from the latter series, as it had always been, had to be counted for points. The series would be replaced by the Group C-only Supercup in 1986. At that time, the less expensive DTM had taken over as Germany's most important racing series. Since 2005 the AvD the AvD organizes a "Revival Deutsche Rennsportmeisterschaft" race at his great "Oldtimer Grand Prix".

    Automobilista - March 2017 Development Update

    Dopo il rilascio dell'ultima versione 1.3.5, il team Reiza Studios torna ad aggiornarci sullo sviluppo del suo ottimo Automobilista. La software house brasiliana è infatti al lavoro sulla build 1.4, che porterà con sè numerose migliorie, in particolare al comparto audio. Reiza ci mostra poi le prime immagini di anteprima della nuova monoposto Formula 2017 e del cirucuito di Hockenheim.
    Hello everyone - as another month wraps, it´s time for our regular Development Update with all the latest news on AMS development. Here ´s what we´ve got to share with you from this past month

    V1.3.5 Release

    Just yesterday we´ve deployed our latest v1.3.5 update, packing several fixes and general improvements to the sim.
    On the graphics front, @Alex Sawczuk has developed a series of all new SweetFX profiles, including a new default setting - these can be previewed and set from AMS Config. These new profiles have been overhauled and use a much better tone mapping layout, a nice improvement over the previous offerings.

    We have two categories of profiles. The 'A*' category offers a progression in terms of amount of saturation, the digit in the identifier indicates how much saturation there is. Vivid profiles have roughly same lighting as none vivid profiles. but with extra contrast in them. There is then a 'B*' category. These offer a variety of fun post-FX settings for you to try out, the higher the number the generally the more strange the effect.
    The new default profile is 'A3 Natural Vivid'. Older profiles remains available in the "Legacy" category.

    We expect different monitors to show up the differences in different amounts - hopefully from one of these new configurations you can find one that you like best.
    Below are some album previews of the new SFX profiles:

    Another important new feature in v1.3.5 is the option to fetch setups from other users as ran in their fastest lap in Time Trial mode. To do that, click on the name of the driver you wish to fetch the setup from, and click the "Fetch Setup" button:

    The setup will then be available for you to load from the Garage Files menu, in the respective track folder:

    Keep in mind only laps set from this release onwards will have a setup available for fetching.

    Virtual Xperience TT Rank & Official TT Challenge

    We have recently introduced a new TT Rank via VX for users participating in the TT leaderboards. This is basically how that works:
    Rank Points are calculated using the position of each driver´s best lap in every series irrespective of track user - the important thing is to register at least one lap with each individual series in the sim. If driver has not registered a lap in any one given vehicle, they are attributed a penalty position (one place higher than the current largest leaderboard in VX) The higher the driver´s points tally, the better his ranking. Full details of laps counted towards a drivers ranking (and penalties applied) are listed on the driver´s profiles. We strongly recommend users to work on putting together their complete TT Rank - we´ll be offering a few things in the coming months which will surely make it worth your while, and not only for the top guys!

    Further news on the VX front is that our regular "Time Trial of the Week" fun challenge will be evolving into a full-blown official prize-awarding competition covering 12 weeks, starting April 9th - keep an eye out for the official announcement sometime next week!

    V1.4 Development

    Work is already ongoing on v1.4 development - we´re pushing hard to release it before the end of april.
    Focus currently is on concluding the much anticipated Custom Season Tool for single player championships. We are working on some interesting new options which should hopefully add some extra dimensions not only to championship mode but to the race weekend in general.

    Another area receiving attention for v1.4 is AI - we have compiled a number of AI issues and general areas for improvements and have allocated a few weeks over the remaining months of AMS development to be dedicated towards addressing as many of those issues as we can. While it´s uncertain how much ground we´ll cover already for v1.4 and subsequently for v1.5, we´re hoping to see some substantial improvements before AMS development wraps.

    The long overdue support for Steam Achievements is also in progress and scheduled to make it in for v1.4.
    There have been many enquiries about improving support for the Fanatec CSL and Logitech G29 / G920 - we´re working on those and hope to have news in time for the next release.
    Major developments also coming in the audio front for v1.4, as @Domagoj Lovric is making some great gains introducing new filters which should hopefully greatly enhance the aural experience in AMS.

    One of the results from these changes is that we´ll be able to reduce audio samples from the currently huge 16bit / 96kHz WAVs to much smaller 44.1kHz rates. This yields a number of benefits, including smaller RAM usage due to audio samples being considerably smaller size, smaller game footprint on disk and potentially fixing some audio related stutters and glitches.

    As a visual reference, the images below show a comparison with the introduction of the new filters. First image the filter is OFF - notice these dotted sweeping lines (almost looks like fireworks of noise) above thick line in the bottom:

    Now with filter ON, there is much less dotted lines or "noise":

    The real proof of course is in the pudding - below you can check a preview of how all these developments sound in-game:

    New 2017-spec Formula

    Work is also progressing on the yet-to-be-named 2017-spec Formula - it´s a looker!
    The new 2017 car will be added as a free base content to AMS. Along with bundles of extra grip, the big news with this car will be the introduction of new physics models as Turbo & ERS are being developed and will be added not only to this car but to others in the sim which feature either or both. This however is unlikely to be completed in time for v1.4 release - we´ll expand on the topic of these new features in our next Dev Update.

    Legendary Tracks Pt 3 - Hockenheimring

    Development of our next DLC is also coming together nicely as the legendary Hockenheim circuit is taking shape, with meshes for both modern 2016 & 2001 versions pretty far along. Here are some early previews:

    These 2 versions are expected to be ready in time for release of v1.4 towards the end of april, with 1972 & 1988 version to be added soon after.
    We are looking to confirm the full release schedule for the remaining DLCs as well as some new free base content in the works for Automobilista in time for our next Dev Update, so stay tuned!

    Worth reminding that the AMS Season Pass which secure all currently available DLCs along with the ones still to be released is currently on sale with 35% off - if you haven´t grabbed that yet make sure to do it now
    That covers it for our March update - look forward to catching up with you all again around this time next month!
    Fonte Reiza Studios

    Assetto Corsa: ASR3 Series by ASR Formula disponibile!

    Il team ASR Formula ha appena rilasciato per Assetto Corsa la prima versione 1.0 del suo ASR3 Series mod. Il progetto di fantasia, si "ispira" chiaramente alla spettacolare e combattuta stagione della categoria GP3 ed include 13 teams e 23 piloti. Correte qui per il download del file, che richiede una donazione di euro 1,99, mentre per commenti e discussioni fate riferimento all'apposito topic sul forum.

    Automobilista: nuova versione v1.3.5

    Il tem Reiza ha appena rilasciato la nuova versione aggiornata 1.3.5 del suo ottimo Automobilista. Come potete leggere dalla lista riportata integralmente qui sotto, l'update porta con sè vari bugfix ed anche numerose migliorie e novità.
    Automobilista v1.3.5 is now out!
    Here is the main changelog:
    Added feature to automatically export setups from player´s fastest lap in Time Trial Mode - other users can then fetch this setup by clicking the time on the timing stands and clicking the button to download it Refactored SweetFX profiles & split them into categories, including new default Fixed Config tool bug that would allow native anti-aliasing setting to remain on even when SweetFX is enabled (user should set AA via graphics card control panel when a SFX preset enabled) Added function to automatically disable mid-race full course yellow in tracks that don´t have a Safety Car (such as historical tracks) Fixed bug that would limit opponents to a single car in championship mode irrespective of the actual setting if "randomize" function was on Added UI tooltip to all screens (WIP, not all options have tips and it´s not localized) Added UI option to switch off big screen movies (may help some users´ stuttering issues) Vehicle configuration & install buttons are now hidden when car does not feature configuration options Slightly relaxed track violation detection (except for Time Trial mode) Added volume multiplier to swingman cameras in all cars Adjusted fuel consumption / estimates in various cars Fixed dark mirrors in shadows in some Caterham models, Metalmoro, F309, Ultima GTR Race Adjusted AI corner reduction base for all cars Changed TimedRaceNonLeaderLaps value from 1 to 2 for all series (should address some inconsistencies as to when checkered flag is displayed at the end of timed races) Reduced AI minimum passes per tick (fixing issue that could cause AI to bounce when running over sawtooth curbs) Adjusted Min / Mid / Max AI performance range for several tracks Adjusted default engine rev limit in F-V10, F-Reiza, added F-V12 adjustable rev limit range for a safer default setup on these cars to help prevent engine failures Corrected error from previous build adjusting downshift protection for modern formula cars (increasing rather than decreasing to avoid overreving) Sta Cruz: Improved AI line through chicane F-Truck: Improved diesel smoke logic ARC Camaro: Rim LODs distance correction; Fixed tires UV mapping; Tire now is skinnable; Adjusted engine heating equations SuperV8: Further adjusted AI performance Marcas: Slightly adjusted tire load stiffness & center of gravity height; Adjusted AI weight distribution for better stability & callibrated AI performance; Reduced default rear anti-roll bar stiffness Montana: Minor tire model adjustments; Adjusted chassis yaw inertia (should improve handling over curbs) Mini: Minor tire model adjustments; Adjusted AI weight distribution for better stability Lancer: Minor tire model adjustments; Adjusted AI weight distribution for better stability Ultima: Adjusted weight distribution in all models; Adjusted race tire grip on race tires and load sensitivity on road models; Adjusted engine heating equations Supertruck: Slightly increased tire grip Metalmoro MR18: Reduced default tire pressures; calibrated AI F-Vintage: Adjusted default diff setup; Slightly reduced tires LOD A for better performance; calibrated AI; Corrected right rear wheel LOD error in HIGH detal setting

    Lega RN: in diretta da Brno

    Teaser Paragraph:



    In Repubblica Ceca, NitroRacing e Absolute Motorsport proveranno la fuga. I GTDrivers pronti alla zampata. Occasionissima per RacingHeart e ItalianVS.com di mettere punti in cascina col terzo pilota. Diretta streaming su Youtube domani alle 22.00.
    Sarà il circuito ceco di Brno il teatro della prossima sfida tra i Team impegnati nella Aston Martin GT4 Cup, primo campionato della Lega di Racing Network e giro di boa del Campionato stesso.
    CI sarà il sole, un po’ velato da nuvole leggere, a “baciare” i Piloti di Absolute Motorsport, GTDrivers, ItalianVS.com, NitroRacing e RacingHeart, in quella che si annuncia come una battaglia sportiva per la conquista della vittoria ma soprattutto, per la conquista di punti fondamentale alla classifica generale a squadre in questa avvincente Aston Martin GT4 Cup.
    I Team protagonisti hanno appena comunicato i lori “campioni” per questa gara.
    KingArrow90 – Danco69 – GT-ALPHA-18 per il Team Absolute Motorsport GTD-ESTRO – GTD-ROBY – charly2866 per GTDrivers Ita_VS_Stig – alphastrike239 –  F1_gtFisichella per ItalianVS.com Vettel_89_ e Tex31 per la Scuderia NitroRacing mx139esimo e Flashrace per RacingHeart Il vincitore delle prime due gare stasera assente a Brno per il turnover
    Alcuni di loro sono Piloti che abbiamo già visto all’opera nelle prime due tappe di questo campionato, altri sono al loro esordio nella Aston Martin GT4 Cup. Il livello della competizione sta salendo gara dopo gara e quindi anche a Brno ci aspettiamo di vedere una avvincente e sportivissima lotta per le prime posizioni in classica. Da annotare l’assenza del vincitore delle prime due gare, Tony461991.
    La classifica generale al momento sorride alla Scuderia NitroRacing che per un solo punto primeggia sul Team Absolute Motorsport; dietro di loro, in agguato il Team di GTDrivers mentre un po’ più staccati RacingHeart e ItalianVS.com che hanno avuto nelle prime due gare un numero minore di Piloti in pista (ricordiamo che il regolamento della Aston MArtin GT4 Cup prevede a rotazione la presenza di due o tre Piloti per Team) e forse anche qualche difficoltà per alcuni Piloti ad adattarsi alla visuale interna obbligata.
    Quella di domani sera in diretta streaming sul canale Youtube di Racing Network dalle ore 22:00 (trovate l’embed qui sotto), è l’occasione giusta per cominciare a rifarsi e a scalare posizioni in classifica.
    Il tracciato, situato nella regione della Moravia meridionale della Repubblica Ceca, ben si adatta alle caratteristiche ed alle prestazioni della Aston Martin GT4 e con le sue caratteristiche di pista ondulata, tortuosa e con asfalto molto abrasivo, metterà a dura prova i Piloti, impegnati non solo a cercare la massima prestazione ma anche a gestire il consumo gomme e la strategia di eventuali pit-stop per completare i 27 giri totali di gara.
    Sale il rombo dei motori V8 e sale l’adrenalina nell’attesa di questa gara: ancora poche ore alla luce verde del semaforo. Saranno capaci i grandi Piloti in pista di emulare le imprese dell’immenso Valentino Rossi, trionfatore più volte a Brno in sella alla sua Yamaha M1?  Noi siamo certi di sì ! A voi non resta che collegarvi al canale yotube di Racing Network e seguire in diretta la gara in streaming grazie alla regia di Bax ed al commento di Renny e Docyoda.
    Stay tuned!!

    Giovanni De Salvo trionfa nel Tatuus Challenge di DrivingItalia

    Con un ruolino di marcia impressionante, di ben 5 vittorie su sei gare disputate, è Giovanni De Salvo ad agguantare con merito il titolo di campione del torneo Tatuus Challenge organizzato da DrivingItalia.NET. Nell'ultima gara di ieri sera al Paul Ricard, la vittoria è invece andata ad un bravo Maurizio Naselli, che ha cosi consolidato il secondo posto assoluto in classifica generale, con Laurent Resende a completare il podio della gara, aggiudicandosi il 3° posto assoluto in campionato. A seguire, in classifica, troviamo 4° Harris, poi Boissel, Trivilino, Posapiano, Andreini, Susca e Valli, per citare i primi 10.
    Dirigetevi su questo topic per rivedere tutte le varie gare del torneo, sempre spettacolari e ricche di emozioni, trasmesse in diretta dal partner PitlaneTV.
    Il racing online di DrivingItalia, con l'utilizzo di Assetto Corsa, naturalmente non finisce qui: mercoledi prossimo 5 aprile ci sarà l'ultima gara a Laguna Seca del campionato GTC Cup con la Lotus Evora, giovedi 6 aprile una gara "fun" con le Formula 3 sempre a Laguna Seca, mentre domenica 9 aprile l'evento della 3 Ore del Nordschleife con le GT3 !

    Concluso il torneo con le Formula 4, gli appassionati di monoposto possono tornare subito a gioire, visto che proprio ieri abbiamo aperto le iscrizioni al nuovo torneo Formula 3 Challenge, mentre per i fans delle ruote coperte, a breve saranno resi noti i dettagli del campionato Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.


    Anche Long Beach in Project CARS 2

    Il team Slightly Mad Studios annuncia per il suo prossimo Project CARS 2 la licenza ufficiale del circuito americano di Long Beach, che possiamo ammirare in una nuova serie di screenshots spettacolari. Il tracciato, realizzato con tecnologia laser scan, supporterà ovviamente il sistema Live Track 3.0.
    The track has gone through nine evolutions through the years. The version that comes with Project CARS 2 is the current layout, scanned, and featuring LiveTrack 3.0. What does that mean for you, the driver? The surface condition is key to the evolution of Project CARS. With LiveTrack 3.0, the single sensors common with so many of the current generation of racing sims are no more, swept away and replaced by hundreds-of-thousands of sensors. These sensors serve to detect rain, rubber from tyres, loose materials from the outfield, and ambient temperature. Combined, they create tracks that are genuinely alive and continuously updated inch-by-inch and second-by-second, all in real-time. With Project CARS 2, it isn’t just the car physics that are class-leading—it is the condition of the tracks which drive the genre to a whole new level of realism. The days of a uniformly wet or dry track is a thing of the past—drivers must now adapt not to the conditions of the track as a whole, but, as in real-life, to the conditions of every turn, rise, and brow.

    Targa Florio in arrivo per Assetto Corsa !

    Dopo un periodo di silenzio che aveva fatto preoccupare gli appassionati, il modding team Sim Traxx ha pubblicato una nuova serie di spettacolari screenshots di anteprima del circuito della Targa Florio in fase di completamento per Assetto Corsa. Sim Traxx ha anche annunciato che a breve sarà disponibile la prima versione 0.9 della pista!
    La Targa Florio è una delle più antiche corse automobilistiche. Insieme alla Mille Miglia, è la corsa italiana più famosa nel mondo.
    La gara è stata voluta, creata, finanziata ed organizzata da Vincenzo Florio, un palermitano di ricchissima famiglia affascinato dal nuovo mezzo di locomozione e già noto nell'ambiente per aver partecipato ad alcune competizioni di inizio secolo e per aver istituito, nel 1905, la Coppa Florio (una corsa automobilistica in quel di Brescia).
    « Continuate la mia opera perché l'ho creata per sfidare il tempo » (Vincenzo Florio)