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iRacing conferma la nuova Ford GT 2017

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Tramite la pagina Facebook ufficiale, il team di iRacing ha appena confermato l'arrivo per il simulatore americano della nuovissima Ford GT 2017, che vedete nelle foto qui sotto. La vettura, insieme alla nuova Ferrari 488 GTE già annunciata tempo fa, dovrebbe essere disponibile già nella prossima build di giugno del software nella configurazione Ford GT GTE !

JUST ANNOUNCED: The 2017 Ford GT will be coming to iRacing - slated for the June build. Both the Ford and Ferrari 488 GTE have been completed and submitted for approval. Here's the official statement from iRacing President Tony Gardner:

"We previously announced that we licensed and that we are building the Ferrari 488 GTE car.

What we did not announce but I’m happy to announce now is that we also licensed the Ford GT GTE car that won Le Mans last year.

I am also glad to say both cars are completed and submitted for manufacturer approval. That can take a short amount (days) of time or quite a bit of time (weeks). They also could come back asking for tweaks or with questions which delays the process.

However our hope is both or at least one car will be in the early June build. If not, we will release upon approval. We also cannot release any videos or photos until approved FYI.

Our plans for these cars in regard to the official series is to put both cars in the IMSA series in the same class. We would take the GT3 cars out of that series, the Porsche would stay in the IMSA series.

The iRacing Le Mans race starts June 10th. We hope that one or both of the cars are in the initial build or very shortly after so any interested members would have enough time to get in some practice for that race. Odds are quite good that will be the case. We would put one or both cars in the Le Mans race if that is the case, again in the same class. We would likely pull the Ford GT2 car out of the race. Therefore it would be the HPD, the two GT1 cars and one or both of the GTE cars. In the chance we don’t have a GTE car, we would keep the Ford GT2 car in place and still run the race that day.

Good racing!"




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Il team di iRacing ha annunciato con i due renders che vedete in questa notizia, il prossimo arrivo il 6 giugno (con la nuova build del simulatore americano) delle nuove ed attesissime Ford GT 2016 e Ferrari 488 GTE ! Le vetture saranno quindi disponibili per la 24 Ore di Le Mans virtuale che si svolgerà con iRacing il 10 giugno.

The Ford GT and Ferrari 488 GTE cars are coming to iRacing June 6th, and will be featured in the iRacing 24 Hours of Le Mans next weekend. Here's your first look!




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Dopo averci mostrato in anteprima video la Ferrari 488 GTE, oggi il team di Inside SimRacing ci presenta in un secondo trailer first look, anche la nuova Ford GT GTE, anch'essa in arrivo il 6 giugno con la prossima build di iRacing.

ISRTV.com presents our First Look at the new Ford GT GTE car, coming to iRacing in a matter of days. It's not often that you get the opportunity to jump behind the wheel of a Le Mans winner, but that will be the case when the Ford GT arrives to the service. Fresh off of it's 2016 class win at Le Mans, you'll be able to re-defend it's title in the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 10th. Defend it against a certain red car...


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Introducing the 2017 Ford GT - one of two new GTE cars available tomorrow on iRacing. Drive it in the upcoming iRacing 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend!


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