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WRC 7 by BigBen Interactive

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A patch has been deployed for WRC 7 on PlayStation 4.
Here are all the details:
  • Improved rendering in Splitscreen mode
  • Visual improvements on several game interfaces
  • Improvements to cockpit HUD
  • Camera settings will no longer be reset at the beginning of each race
  • An issue that caused the wrong car to be displayed in the headquarters has been fixed
  • Corrected Typos
  • Increased smoke effect on opponent ghost in splitscreen
  • Updated credits
  • Corrected Spanish welcome message
  • Several achievement and accomplishments bugs have been fixed
  • An issue that made the Hyundai the default car has been fixed

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Get ready for our biggest event of the year... the eSports WRC Grand Finals will take place December 7, 2017! ️1f5d3.png🗓️1f3c1.png🏁

The top eight #eSportsWRC drivers will gather at the Hyundai Motorsport facilities in Alzenau, Germany for an exclusive WRC experience arranged by Bigben Interactive and Hyundai Motorsport. Of those eight competitors, one will come away with first place and a Hyundai i20 Coupe worth €20,000.

Who will it be? Find out December 7!

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Hello guys, I’m a level designer, and more specifically in racing games. Founder of my own studio I’ve been working for several years with Kylotonn Games, the french developers behind the rebirth of the WRC licence (WRC5, WRC6 and WRC7). Now specialized in racing, Kylotonn learns and builds knowledge about everything on wheels, from motocycles in Tourist Trophy, to arcade titles like Flatout4 or a more simulation kind with the WRC series. 
This article is about how we've built the WRC7 tracks and how we worked - how we managed  the workflow of WRC7 level design.

If I only had two minutes to tell you about how we’ve done it:

  • A track must tell a story, have a scenario
  • Every bend and curve has a reason to be: “why?” is the key word of level design.
  • Reality is only an inspiration
  • Keep the global vision of all the tracks of the game
  • Reference, references, references!
  • Classify the rallies one to each other giving each one specific role in the game
  • A track is composed of landmarks linked by roads
  • Working the tracks has a LD but also looking for artistic opportunities
  • Knowing the artist’s production pipeline to facilitate their job
  • Working the road but also what is on the border
  • Lot of communication with the physic designer in charge of the car’s handling
  • Daily exchanges between LD and level builders
  • Never work alone on a track, outside opinions are mandatory


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Non mi sembra che abbiano fatto un gran lavoro, tranne le ss. praticamente c'è una sola ps. per ogni rally, poi divisa in due per far numero, inoltre, sono quasi tutte le stesse di WRC5 E 6 e non prese dalle reali 2017, dove hanno preso solo il nome e sono spudoratamente false.

Poca roba, insomma.

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