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Alessandro Pollini

[AC] ACL Porsche 917K

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Alessandro Pollini

File Name: ACL Porsche 917K

File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini

File Submitted: 18 Dec 2016

File Category: Cover Wheelers Mods





I had this project in the pipeline for a long time. Lately someone posted a better model on this forum, so I decided to mount my physics in.
Since the AC game engine development never seems to stop, it turned into a complete overhaul.


I tried to do the physics as accurate as possible.
Engine curve based on real dyno:


Enlarge this image
Correct gearbox ratio's
Correct tirepressures
Correct steering ratio: The 1969, 1970 and 1971 versions of the Porsche 917 had 1.75 turns (630 degrees) lock to lock. Source: 'Porsche 917: The undercover story'.
The real life Steering ratio 11,4:1, due to limitations in the AC engine I had to limit the steering rack to 450 degrees @ 15.96 steering ratio resulting in a 11,4:1 ratio.
Matching laptimes @ Monza 67 (1.25.2 pole lap)


If you find the car too twitchy at turn in start with bringing toe in/ out closer to zero.


Hope you enjoy! May the downforce be with you!


877476.gif Physicsupdate v1.1


-Altered suspension geometry
-Slightly adjusted spring and damper rates
-Improved tires

Click here to download this file

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If i want to download  this file  then i get  this:   

Not Found

The requested document was not found on this server.


Web Server at @domain_name@

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