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The Setup Market App

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A few months back, I created TheSetupMarket.com, a web app allowing setups sharing. I had back then plans to make an AC app to allow setups downloading directly from the game. After months of research and hard work (and few months of laziness), here is, at last, The Setup Market Assetto Corsa App.




  • List all setups found in The Setup Market database for the current car, with their specs (track, author, trim, rating, best laptime, downloads, AC version, setup version)
  • Filter setups:
    • Setups specific to the current track
    • Setups created as a base for any tracks
    • Setups created for other tracks
  • Download setups directly into the corresponding car/track folder
  • Upload or update your setups from the app. (You will need a thesetupmarket.com account and then link it with your steam account via a button in your thesetupmarket.com profile page.)

How To:

  1. Extract the content of the zip file and copy the two folder (apps and content) to your '[where your steam installation is]/Steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa/' folder
  2. Load the game and check The Setup Market in options > general
  3. Load a session, get on track and click on The Setup Market icon on the app bar on the right
  4. Download any setups you want, then go back in the pits. In the setup file selector, you will probably have to change track folder and click back to your current track folder to see the newly downloaded setups. Click on the new setup file, click load, and hopefully enjoy a great setup clear.png
    Note: The setups will be renamed before download. Their name will always start with 'TSM-' followed by some info related to the setup such as the author and the track layout for example. This is useful since the setups folder structure in AC doesn't take into account the track layout, all setups saved for the Nurburgring's 4 different layout will be saved in the 'Nurburgring' folder for exemple.
  5. Make sure to cycle through the 3 types by clicking on the button on the left, right below the setups list. You will find setups that are 'Current Track' (created for the current track, regardless of the layout), 'Any Tracks' (created as a baseline for any tracks) and 'Other tracks' (created for other tracks).
  6. You can click on the 'Refresh' button if you think that a new setup was uploaded while you are on track (this will be particularly useful when/if setup upload from the app is available). The operation can take a few seconds, so be 'patient' clear.png
  7. For uploading, just select the file you want to upload (which have to be inside the setups folder of the car/track you are on) by clicking on the button on the left of the upload section. Then you can choose the trim and if the setup you want to upload is specific to the track you are on or is good for any tracks.
  8. To update, just click on the update button, click 'select' on the setup you want to update and change its properties with the menu that will appear on the right.

The 3 sections of the download section:

  1. 'Current Track': The setups you will find in this section were created for the track you are currently on, regardless of the layout. That means that setups created for the track you are currently on but for a different layout will be listed in this section too. The layout will be displayed in the track column.
  2. 'Any Tracks': The setups you will find in this section were uploaded as a baseline setup for the car, not for any tracks in particular. This is useful with road car especially since they usually have not too many setups options, so one setup can work for every tracks.
  3. 'Other Tracks': The setups you will find in this section were created for another track than the one you are currently on. This can be useful since you can search a setup for a track that shares similarities with the one you are currently on. Again, you will see the track for which the setup has been created in the Track column


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