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F1LRCLUB 2013 1.0 By: Nigatura & miguelsh98

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F1LRCLUB 2013 1.00
By: Nigatura and miguelsh98

The F1LRCLUB 2013 Mod for rFactor 1 is completed. That's right, a mod far better than its predecessor 2012, which already was impressive and had a physical quality graphics and impressive. Poes if and this mod was really good, f1lrclub 2013 will destroy our view of mod 2012 and the latter will seem much lower. The mod 2013 has an incredible visual appearance, the cars are fixed, and the most striking this year is that we have joined the big project who participated in mods like rft 2012, which are: Edgardo Gomez (Physical) and Felipe Giro (Sounds). Also a renewed miguelsh98 (Pumapower) has surprised us with his incredible ability to make helmets and skins to let them touch perfect, flawless. This mod's main rotundancia, which is very different from 2012, very very different, it is neither easier nor more difficult, it's just very different to 2012 and have to get used every one of the players. Some try it nothing but love him and others hate him, as it depends on the driving style of each, but eventually all end up loving it once we are used to. The mod features: - Cars and Computers 2013. - Actual Physical 2013 (including the tires 2013). - Games tires 2013, in which are also included intermediate ends (Example: supersoft - Soft). - RFactor.exe adapted to 4gb patch and at high voltage and rf rfe scan. - Main menu depending on each driver. - Adaptation to rfe series plugin (plugin rain, colored tires and circuit). - Different textures helmets for drivers and cars we choose textures tab (Example Hull: Chinese Vettel, normal vettel vettel preseason, Example car: Marussia Marussia normal Chinese). - Improved sounds in circuits. - RFacting Toolbox, which is responsible for limiting the tires so that we will have 4 sets of soft, 4 drives, 4 intermediate and 3 ends (as in reality). - Configuration tutorials, manuals and other necessary F1LRCLUB_Data2013 the folder you will find in the rFactor folder. - Availability to use high voltage rf. - Shortcuts F1LRCLUB 2013 Workouts and Race, which will start things necessary in each case. - Spanish Language named: F1LRCLUB 2013-ES, rf_config.exe selectable. After installing the mod, you configure the following mod tutorials F1LRCLUB_Data2013 folder. This is our project in which we have worked for three months, adapting to every inch every new thing that drew the F1's an important and unique mod that will delight many pilots and leagues. Simply, I leave your longed download. Greetings to all. Enjoy the mod!

download https://mega.co.nz/#!yAoAnA5b!GV-E_Bn6vQR8LWCvwIKs1XYsuxsl4OC3btnqMsNrRzY

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