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ISI ha licenze F1 di ciascuna decade

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dal forum ISI http://isiforums.net...de-of-the-sport

che fa riferimento a questo articolo http://www.motorspor...-loves-the-60s/

rFactor 2 currently features recreations of Spa, Monza and Monaco as they were in 1966, and the team has licensed Formula One cars from each decade of the sport. Their goal is to have a machine to represent each evolutionary step the sport has taken.

e di seguito le risposte di Tim Wheatley, a chi chiedeva auto degli anni 50


e auto GT

I'm not sure what assuming gives you, except the ability to make an unhappy post. You guys shouldn't be disappointed, either. It's not possible to instantly make everything, and mention everything all at the same time....

I understand what you mean, but it's not possible really to be fair all the time to any particular genre of racing. I got a licensing deal this past weekend which has taken 10 months of discussion, and it went straight to the top of the development order as of today, regardless of it being the same genre of racing to other content which will come soon. On the other hand, I got a licensing deal done last week which took ONE DAY to get done, and it'll be second in-line. So you are going to have times when we seem to release all of one genre, then another time when we release a mixture, other times it'll be your genre. The signing process can take months, then we have to decide how best to take advantage of the timing. The guys I feel a bit sorry for are the oval guys, because we are planning mostly road stuff first, but it has to work that way for us to have in-place what we need before we start the oval stuff... It does make sense, even if it doesn't feel like it as a consumer....

It really depends on the cars. Some are single examples, some are a few liveries (either real of fictional liveries), others will be full series. Formula Two will be the full carset, and should be available at/around the 'gold'. The GT series is one that we will be adding individual cars to for a long time. There's plenty of car categories which all fit into that series.

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Considerato che le auto modellate dagli ISI sembrano fatte col Lego, e' uno spreco bello e buono! :hihi:

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Mentre si chiaccherava un po' sulla nuova immagine appena rilasciata, Tim si è lasciato sfuggire anche questo:

I actually have two 1976 F1 cars licensed. :)

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Assegnati un po' di warn per vedere se ce la fate a capire che se non avete nulla di utile da dire potete anche non postare (o usare i pm se vi divertite tanto ad insultarvi, dato che il regolamento lo vieta esplicitamente), ora proseguo con altre notizie.

Prima risposta di Tim a chi diceva che avrebbe avuto piacere di trovare monoposto del decennio 1994/2004.

Probably (just) either side of that window. I have an option for a 1994, but feel a 1991 might be more of the raw car. If I did a 1994, I would probably want to do it before the regulations changed in 1994... If that makes sense. So I figured the 1991 option I have works better.

In any case, we did announce in the past we have options and licenses from every decade of F1. I'm hoping that means most evolutionary steps will be featured, but right now the post-Senna regulation period (94-04) is missing from the selection.

A chi chiedeva invece se ci sarebbero state altre vetture dal periodo della Brabham per ampliare la griglia ha risposto così.

Yes, I did. Yes, it does. There will be other F1 cars from 1965-1969.

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Tim anche su una mia domanda sul forum ufficiale ha risposto che per gli amanti delle vetture GT il prossimo anno sara un anno pieno di novita,anzi,ha fatto intendere che le open wheellers l'anno prossimo nn c'saranno molte e avremo anche molto vetture GT e LMS storiche!

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