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versione MultiPlayer disponibile con trackpack

In case of Windows 8, Windows 2008 the game freezes. The RFETire plugin is not compatible with Windows 8 therefore you cannot use both in the same time. Although when you have deleted the plugin F1RFT2012 is working well on Windows 8.

F1RFT2012 MP has to be installed on an original rFactor. It is recommended to install the modification on a pure rFactor game, which does not have the DEMO and F1RFT 2011 version on, otherwise you must uninstall the DEMO and F1RFT 2011 before installation. Install New rFactor. For a well-functioning game, where you can even load 33 cars and having DRS-KERS plugin working, you must meet the following requirements:

The DRS-KERS plugin works with the original rfactor.exe too but does not work with the DVD version rfactor.exe. In order not to make the game crash when it is trying to load 20-24 cars, you have to replace the rfactor.exe in the main directory with the one found you can find in the F1RFT2012DATA\rFactor\4GBpatch directory. This must be done by those who use Windows 7 or Vista. In case you use Windows XP, you do not have to replace the rfactor.exe. The above described instructions have to be followed only if you bought your rfactor.exe online.

The game works with the 3.2MB crack as well, but on Windows 7 and Vista systems you have to patch the crack with the 4GBpatch programme. The crack that was being used in the DEMO can also be used in this case.

32 bit Windows 7/Vista systems:
In case of 32 bit systems you must unlock their 2 GB limit. Run Start\Programs\Accessories\Command (CMD) as an administrator and type in:
bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072
After restart, the rFactor will work perfectly over 20 cars during game.

Az F1RFT 2012 MP letöltése:

Az F1RFT 2012 DRS TrackPack 1 letöltése:

Az F1 2011 DRS TrackPack 2 letöltése:

For DRS-KERS plugin regardless of the operating system the undermentioned components (which you can find in the F1RFT2012DATA\Utils folder) are necessary:

  • Java V6 (jxpinstall.exe)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 x86 (vcredist_x86.exe)
  • Windows XP SP3: Net Framework 3.5 (dotNetFx35_setup.exe)
  • Windows 7/Vista: Net Framework 4.0 full (dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe)

KERS’s and DRS’s required settings:

(To display the DRS and the KERS we recommend the rfDynHUD, which is included in the game)
1. Display in rfDynHUD:
  1. Start the „\Plugins\rfdynhud\editor\rfdynhud_editor_launcher.exe” as administrator.
  2. „Tools” menu: „Edit Input Bindings
  3. The „TempBoost” row: same button which will be KERS in the rFactor and The „DRS Action” row: fixed to the keyboard’s „H”-key
  4. File menu: „Save” or „CTRL+S”

rfdynhud_mini.jpg rfdynhud1_mini.jpg

2. The DRS’s and KERS’s settings in the rFactor:
  1. "KERS/Temporary Boost" same as in the rfDynHUD.
  2. "Headlight" have to be "H" key.
  3. "DRS/Handbrake" the DRS button. Any button could it be.

gamekers_hu_mini.jpg gameheadl_hu_mini.jpg gamedrs_hu_mini.jpg

After this you could use DRS and KERS in the F1RFT 2011 Final mod.

In the F1 2012 DRS TrackPack 1-2 on every track the beginning of DRS zone is displayed. You could use the DRS in race session after 2 laps completed. If Safetycar is on the track(Full Curse Yellow Flag) then the DRS is disables automaticly and the DRS will be available after 2 laps. I you switched off the DRS than you can't switch back on in the zone again. The DRS and KERS work according to the FIA regulations.



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ho seguito le istruzioni , i tasti li ho configurati e funzionano, il drs funziona ma il kers non ha effetto sulla velocita! cioe il simbolo si accende ma in termini di prestazione non va! io ho windows 7 64 bit nel CM comand ce scritto che e a 32 bit, e ho il draiver logitech g27 a 64 bit, aiutatemi! quale sara il problema? con la demo non avevo problemi ma pero come driver volante avevo il 32 bit! sara questo il problema? poi non ho ben capito nel comand come modificare da 32 bit a 64 bit.....cioe devo scrivere bcdedit/ set increase userva 3072 ? ma come? devo cancellare la scritta che mi indica che e a 32 bit e scrivere questa e dare invio? grazie in anticipo ciao

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Ragazzi buongiorno!

Io non ho la versione originale di rfactor.

Quindi non c'è modo di far funzionare kers e drs giusto?

A presto

Sì: compra il simulatore e rileggiti il regolamento.

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