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[WIP] Ferrari 156 sharknose by websta

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I've been working on this for a while, there's about 7-8 days in the modeling, unwrap and texturing of the car model, theres about 5-7 days in the planning, exporting/importing of .gmt's and .dds files and a few more in code editing and getting stuff to show up in the engine. Thanks to everybody here for helping bumpstart this, I would be lost without you. So now it moves and as you can see, it is only the start but not the finish. I have some suspension and steering woes you can see in the movie.


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ok, well, I have remodeled the dash and re-unwrapped it amongst other things, added some detail, remodeled the windscreen.

I have made a lot of alpha textures in my time, but seem to be having trouble making them right for rFactor. Can anybody figure out why my windscreen looks so bad? the alpha channel looks nice in Pshop but really severe ingame.


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Still WIP, not optimised and still tons to do if I am to make this with LOD. Most of textures are still WIP too.

I used cube map add t1 for windscreen, it will do for now.

The clocks still dont look right and in this shot the mirrors look real bright. I'm not sure if this is the map or what.


The springs dont line up or actuate properly.

I have not made my own driver yet or looked at how the helmet system works these days.


Short clip

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