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iRacing FFB clipping monitor

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File Name: iRacing FFB clipping monitor

File Submitter: VELOCIPEDE

File Submitted: 28 Feb 2012

File Category: Varie

iRacing – FFB clipping monitor

Hey everyone,

I’ve seen tons of topics about FFB settings regarding clipping, ATLAS and graph analysis and always missed something more intuitive, so I decided to code a little software that grabs the telemetry data and shows you if your force feedback wheel is clipping or not, in real time while you are racing.

All you have to do is fire up the application while running the sim and set the FFB level you are using in the top left corner. Then just do a couple of laps and every time that your FFB clips, it will blink an alert, so you know you are not using the full potential (using it too much actually) of your wheel. Then you just have to start a trial and error, lowering down the FFB strength in game (and updating it’s value in the software) until you don’t get more clipping.

In the video I’m running iRacing in windowed mode with the FFB Clipping tool next to it, but if you have a mobile device like an iPad, iPhone or a Droid one and have iDisplay (or similar) into it, you can run iRacing in fullscreen and keep monitoring the clipping in your gadget.

Please see this post for the update news:


The software has not been extensively tested yet so I need your help to find any bugs in it. It was coded in C# 2010, so you need .NET Framework 4.0 for it to work. I’d also like to thank Scott Przybylski for porting the API to C#.

Changelog 1.2:

– Now your FFB and Tolerance settings are saved when you close the program

– Added some tips about every element on the screen. Just put your mouse over them to read.

– The big one: force feedback charts (more details below)

– Added a peak meter, that shows you the highest shaft force in the set of samples

– Increased the sample buffer. Now it saves 50000 samples.

– Fixed bug where it will only consider positive values when predicting the optimal FFB

Changelog 1.1:

- Now you can calculate the optimal FFB value for the recorded set of samples

– More intuitive interface

Click here to download this file

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