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A quick update about the upcoming Beta:

90% of the bugs that prevented the December release have been fixed. I'm currently working on improving the performance and adding additional features that were highlighted as missing in the last round of testing. These additional features are mainly support for gamepads (i.e. Steering help), default controller profiles (i.e. Out of the box support for G27s, Fanatec wheels, Xbox controllers with tuned Force Feedback settings etc), Server Admin support (i.e. Instant kick, ban etc) and visual helpers for rolling starts (i.e. Indicators for which lane the player is in, who you must follow, what speed to maintain etc). As much as I want to let you guys all try the Beta now, I'm sure you would also appreciate how much better the experience will be once these additional features are in place and the remaining bugs are fixed. I won't give a release date, but will say the wait will be worth it. If you thought the Blog #1 gameplay footage was good, you'll be blown away by how it looks and plays now!

Zach Griffin

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Currently doing some multiplayer testing... Probably done 3 or so 3 lap races in the last 2 hours, Sometimes testing can be tedious. - Paul

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