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Petros Mak

[WIP] Formula 1 2008 by MAK-Corp

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wow double wow speriamo che per fine anno sia rilasciato solo questo mod varebbe la spesa di RF2

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da Facebook:

Today MAK-Corp & BSNismo are proud to release the F1 2008 Mod for rF1 teaser video. The video is created by BSNismo who has been composing videos for a long time now and is very well known and respected in the community. The video gives you a glimpse of the closed beta currently being tested for rF1. Thanks go to the entire MAK-Corp team who are making this mod possible and to BSNismo for the fantastic video. Check it out on his official youtube channel.



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As to MAK-Corp news. I am happy to say that the Mazda 787B and Sauber C11 model fixes have been made. The Mazda 787B has been given to ADUBZ to put the car into rFactor 2. ADUBZ has posted on the ISI forums that he plans to show off some screenshots this weekend so we're quire excited about that.
Once the car is completely in-game it will be up to Derek and Petros Mak (me), to develop the alpha physics to make it ready for the first closed beta before it is given to the public for the open beta stage. This doesn't initially take long when we get to that point. We will keep you up to date with how it progresses from here on out.

The Sauber C11 and the Porsche 962C are currently being mapped by the UV Mappers. Once completed they will be given to the painters to develop the liveries and interior textures and then those too will be placed in game.
We are coming closer to having these cars released and we're looking forward to sharing them with you all once they are ready. Be sure to stay tuned for more news on these.

F1 2008 Mod for rF1 is still progressing with some final areas being worked on, we're looking forward to completing and releasing it and then moving the cars over to rf2.
As for our new website, its progressing well and should be open soon. I'm working hard to get it done as fast as possible. The new site will feature mod info's, galleries, wallpapers, renders and various events with prizes given out to winners within the community that enter. So I'll keep on working on and will keep you all posted on progress. Thank you all for your continuing support.

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Here is a preview of the F1 2008 Ferrari that will be featured in the MAK-Corp F1 2008 Mod for rf1, rf2 and RACE07. This screenshot was developed by Thomas Sieger of Redcart-Designs who are an official partner of MAK-Corp. We hope you enjoy!


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With the end of the year upon us and another mod released, we thought we would leave this year off with showing you all some progress shots of just a couple things you can expect in rF2 in 2014. F1 2008, Touring Car Classics and 1991 Group C Progress updates can be found below. These mods/updates will be coming in 2014 along with a host of other content we haven't shown. Be sure to stay tuned!

F1 2008: http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/14064-Mmg-2008-mod-for-rfactor-2-when!?p=234944&viewfull=1#post234944


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