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[rFactor] - RealFeel

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File Name: RealFeel

File Submitter: VELOCIPEDE

File Submitted: 25 Jul 2011

File Category: Patch & Addon


1) VehicleDelimiterSize

This simply defines how much of the vehicle name to use to define the ini file entries, to give modders a bit more flexibility in defining which cars share RealFeel ini entries.

2) DefaultFrontGripEffect

This is a bit of a fudge that when set above zero will provide an additional steering force reduction when the front tyres are sliding. Maximum recommended value is 1.0 which will provide a 100% drop in force when 100% of the contact patch is sliding.

3) DefaultKf, Ks, A & Kr

I have implemented Leo's "Parking Lot" FFB code which now cuts in when vehicle speed is below 'MinSpeed' as defined in the RealFeel ini. Quite what the various parameters mean I'm not too sure as it's just a copy of Leo's code.

Click here to download this file

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