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Automation: simulatore di casa automobilistica!

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Automation is a car company tycoon game, developed by Camshaft Software, in which you can design and build cars from scratch.

The player has control over a multitude of different aspects of running a car company:

- The Finances

- The Factory Management

- The Engine Designer

- The Car Designer

- The Dealerships

Other important aspects are Dynamic World Markets and their corresponding Buyer Demographics being simulated during the 74 years of Game Time from 1946 to 2020.

The full version of the game will be released "When it's done!" - although not including the classic Duke Nukem implications of saying that.

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è possibile pre-ordinare il gioco da qui http://www.rockethub.com/projects/2752-automation-the-car-company-tycoon-game

Preordering allows you to not only save $10 off the final price of the game, but also grants access to extra content once the demo is released. All games and preorders will be distributed by digital download.

We will be releasing the car and engine design aspect as a demo ahead of the game for our community to tinker with and get a taste of what Automation is all about. Allowing people to design, build and share their car designs before the game is complete.

The demo will be restricted in content (to only 4-cylinder hatchbacks) whereas if you have preordered you will get access to all content as we complete it. As more content is added(for example V8 engines, or convertibles) the preorder price will incrementally be raised until it reaches the final sale price of $30 once the game is completed.

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preordinato...in pratica oltre ad aiutare lo sviluppo si usufruisce di uno sconto di 10 $ dal prezzo finale e partendo dalla demo si avra' diritto ad ogni update volta per volta,fino ad arrivare al gioco finito; io direi che per 15€ ci puo' stare,oltretutto vista l'originalita' della cosa...

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