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Automation: simulatore di casa automobilistica!

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In the upcoming game Automation you will be placed in control of a newly founded car company starting in the post-war era of 1946. You will be responsible for designing your cars from scratch – from the chassis and the engine to its body styling. Your goal is to meet the needs of different markets and various types of buyers. You will need to research new technology to keep ahead of your competitors and expand your company.

Not only will you get the freedom to design cars that look how you want, but you will also be responsible for the technical aspects such as creating your own engines. Benchmark your creations and watch their components in action while you are provided with realistic specifications and performance figures.

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video della nuova versione in arrivo

next update:

  • Inline Sixes
  • Selectable Rocker Covers
  • Complete overhaul of all engine calculations for improved realism and gameplay
  • New UI Graphics
  • BSFC (effeciency) graph.
  • Major Art Improvments of many kinds
  • Lots of other tweaks and updates

Demo http://automationgame.com

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patch in arrivo

  • Tutorials and Scenarios
  • New languages
  • UI updates
  • Graphics updates
  • Engine threshold indicators
  • Updated Quality system
  • Bug fixes

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