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:jump: in pratica si potrebbe definire un RFG - racing facebook game

si lancia il gioco dal sito come iracing, ma le similitudini finiscono li, sono circa 2gb di download.

sul sito c' è il proprio profilo, con la finestra principale dove scorre lo "stream" degli altri utenti,

per quanto riguarda il gioco... vabbè dai il solito arcade, magari un po piu difficile di need for speed world.

grafica DX9 nella norma, niente di strabiliante, ci sono una decina di vetture e 2 circuiti SPA e uno dentro un canalone di Los Angeles.

per la cronaca un gioco molto simili esiste gia, Level-R della tedesca gamigo

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Silverstone arrives in Auto Club Revolution today! Testers can login right now to download and race the track!

Silverstone, the home of British Motorsport, joins custom race track L.A. River and officially licensed Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps as the third track to be added to the beta test since launching at the end of July. We’ve chosen the 2010 Grand Prix Circuit configuration and you can check out the latest screenshots of Silverstone below!

We grabbed a minute with Eutechnyx creative manager Mark Barton who said; “As with all of our licensed race tracks, Silverstone has been constructed with an emphasis on authenticity and attention to detail.” He continues; “Tracks in Auto Club Revolution are built using the highest video game production standards meaning we can deliver an experience over and above what players can normally expect from a free-to-play game.”

We’re sending out more keys every day so if you aren’t yet taking part in the Closed Beta don’t worry, you will be able to register and experience Silverstone along with L.A. River and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps soon!


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The Auto Club Revolution weekly Tuesday maintenance is now complete. You should now be able to log back into the site and get back on track.

With a number of updates to the website and the Racing App over the course of Closed Beta, here’s a summary of some of the most interesting ones for those who aren’t yet involved with testing. Don’t forget more keys go out every day so if you’re on the waiting list you will receive one.

- Addition of the Silverstone track for racing by Beta Testers

- First integration of the Penalty System which penalises cutting corners with a forced speed reduction proportional to the speed and time spent off track

- Race loading time improvements

- Addition of new Race Hangouts, with Red and Green Hangouts added to the existing Blue ones

- Expanded support for steering wheels and pedals

- Updated handling for the first 14 cars included with testing

- Controller mapping – users can now map any function in the race to any controller/wheel button or action

- Frame rate improvements

- Optimisations and updates to the Styling Suite

- Dozens of other optimisations and improvements

Thanks again to all of the beta testers who have been excellent at providing feedback and information on their experiences to help us roll out new content and updates.

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After a successful November we've just added 14 new cars and 3 new tracks to the closed beta test, as well as lots of small updates, fixes and optimisations. Their addition doubles the number of cars available to testers, who can unlock and purchase all of the cars as part of helping with closed beta testing. You can see the 14 new cars below or visit our Flickr page for the full size images.






Along with the 14 new cars we released 3 new tracks; Infineon Raceway, L.A. River Sprint and a new version of the popular L.A. River track, 'L.A. River Circuit' which lets players complete multi-lap races, rather than the point-to-point races in the original version. L.A. River Sprint joins the line up as a drag racing track, suitable for testing the top speed and acceleration of any of the cars, or as a social hangout area. Infineon Raceway becomes the 3rd officially licensed and accurately recreated track to be added to the test after Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps and Silverstone. Shots of the new tracks can be seen below, or see the full set over on the official Auto Club Revolution Flickr page.

Keep up to date with the latest news about exciting new content and features, and the progress of Closed Beta, by checking back at the website regularly and following us on Facebook and Twitter!


Auto Club Revolution - Infineon Raceway 1


Auto Club Revolution - Infineon Raceway 2


Auto Club Revolution - Infineon Raceway 3


Auto Club Revolution - L.A. River Sprint 1


Auto Club Revolution - L.A. River Sprint 2


Auto Club Revolution - L.A. River Sprint 3

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We're taking the Auto Club Revolution website and game down for the Weekly Maintenance at 1PM GMT, the website and game will be unavailable during this time but will return later this afternoon GMT.

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Weekly maintenance has been successfully completed - look forward to seeing beta testers back online soon to check out what's new! More keys continue to be sent out every day, we hope you receive one soon if you're waiting.

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Officially licensed aftermarket parts manufacturers further enhance Auto Club Revolution’s performance Upgrades Shop.

As of today the first raft of officially licensed upgrade parts will be available in the workshop. Brembo, HKS, Borla and AC Schnitzer and over 80 others are amongst the first to appear in the game and many more will be announced in due course.

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The Auto Club Revolution Christmas promotion is now live! Beta testers can login over the Holidays and receive double EXP and Cr payouts plus check the showroom for price reductions on a range of cars!

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