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[rF] DRM Revival Mod v2.0B

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DRM Revival 2.0B -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=42520&st=140#entry672478


- New Toyota Celica Turbo in different versions

- reworked Soundfiles, mixed up with new turbo sounds

- few aerodynamic changes , retuned differential and

Brake force distribution, corrected tires and suspension files,

engine durability, etc etc

- adjustments for league races

(fuel consumption, tire wear and performance among all cars)

- restricted setup adjustment possibility especially for the suspension

The DRM Revival 2.0 modifcation isn´t an UPDATE, it´s a complete new version.

Be sure to remove EVERY content from an old version before installing the new files.

Hi everybody, problems with the taillight by the Toyota and minor errors in the physics files, have made an update necessary, we called it DRM-REVIVAL 2.0a

Here are the changelog:


- Engine Temp

- Fuel consumption


- Lensflare from the rearlight removed, solve the problem with dx7 and dx8

- Engine Temp

- Fuel consumption

Porsche 935

- the front brake temperatures is now identical

- brake pressure modified

- Fuel consumption


- the understeering in fast corner's and on throttle reduced( over 200 km/h)

- Engine Temp

- Fuel consumption

- weigth distribution adjustible in 50:50 or 49:51


- vibration in the cockpitview reduced

- brake pressure modified

- Fuel consumption

- Engine Temp

BMW 320

- Engine Temp

- Fuel consumption


- Refection and Cubemap



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Porsche 935 Turbo 1.00

By: dmatzies







lowres skinpack





Thanks to cooky and bdd for the permission !!!!!

Die deutsche Version der README.txt ist im Downloadfile enthalten.

Welcome to the DRM-MOD V1.0 for rFactor


Copy the data of the DRM-MOD from the 7z-archive to the folder where rFactor.exe is.

!!! Optionally !!!

Tthere is for weaker pc/graphic cards the LowRes skin pack where the skins are deposited in by a size of 1024 x 1024.

The skin pack will also be unpacked in the folder where rFactor.exe is.

To the DRM-MOD there is a "wet" variation of the original Essington ISI track. Thank you here once more to ISI and Markus for the track.

Here the readme from Markus:

Essington Wet V1.0 14/02/2009

Many thanx to SLN and The Lonely, for the use of wet textures and the sky, and the great wet track tut provided by The Lonely.

Special thanks to ISI for the permission to modify their track.

Have fun, Markus

Vehicle in general / upgrade:

Both vehicles are adaptable with the help of the Upgrade function to the RealFeel-PlugIn. Please choose the suitable option.

In the folder VEHICLES/DRM/DRM_SUPPORT you can find two setting for the RealFeel-PlugIn which was tested in touch with the G25.

The steering wheel setting is mostly chosen indviduell by the driver and also depends on the hardware. Hence, this is only a recommendation.

The tyre profiles slick/rain are also eligible with the Upgrade function.

On this occasion, the textures for the tyres, physics and sound are changed. So that no driver can get an advantage by the soft rain tyres, the tyre types are not changeable after the entry to the event any more. For control, a rain sticker appeares on the windscreen.

We dispense with the wear and tear of the rain tyres. It is quite difficult enough to focus on these conditions for a longer period.

A large part of the development was dedicated to the graphics performance. Try the different graphic detail steps of the vehicles!

A very good quality has been already reached if the opponent's vehicles are set to HIGH. Use the option MAX for the opponent's vehicles only, if you own an efficient computer or a very good graphic card.

drive with joy:

Drive the tyres carefully warm, at least 4 km the BMW, about 6 km the Porsche. Only then you are recompensed with suitable grip of the tyres.

If you, e.g., raise the engine speed or lower the brake cooling to rise the final speed, pay attention to suitable temperatures!

It can come to an immense engine trouble or the driving is complicated by overheated brakes.


With the Upgrades you can choose 3 different cockpit variations. The

standard cockpit, the league cockpit and the Highpoly cockpit. The single variations differ in the detail step and the requirement for the graphic card.

Regardless of the cockpit variations with individual cockpit textures, there are 4 different instrument executions.

factory, customer, Imsa and a mix from factory/customer.

The Porsche 935 is not so hard to go as in the version in GTL.

Still it is a small beast remaining. You have to deal with the 935.

Try to drive softly; slowly in the corner, cautiously in the apex; to use the complete torque then at the exit.


To begin with quite clearly said, the BMW is not realistic concerning the

round times. It was adapted to Porsche 935 to annoy this.

The engine data and gear data correspond nearly to the original BMW 320 Turbo of the last level of development.

The sound is likewise fictive, because after one year of intensive search

no sound of the 320 Turbo could be found.

coming soon:

I hope to release the Ford Capri Turbo at the end of the year.

Ingo kindly made me the complete 3D model available.

Screenshot under


And now, however, into the cockpit, engine on and out on the track! Maybe you can force yourselves to move the MOD on one of the numerous rain tracks. Take it as a training for coming rFactor2.

I hope you enjoy the MOD.


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Guest picopaco

Ciao a tutti!Ho appena finito di fare qualche giro a Monza con la 935 e...MAMMA MIAAAAAAA

Per riuscire a domarla si sudano tutte le camice dell'armadio!

Che guida pazzesca!Ho girato in 1.49 alto,credo un buon tempo.La BMW e' molto piu' gestibile ma...la Porsche e' allucinante. :up:

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