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[PS3] Gran Turismo 5

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Scusate, domanda da nubbio di console, ma oltre alla grafica da paura e al parco auto, a livello di Guida, FF (con un G27 ad esempio) e di multiplayer come siamo messi?

Non vorrei fare una spesa inutile

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A new update for Gran Turismo 5, version 2.06, has just been launched and is now available for download.

The file weighs in at a hefty 475MB in size (that’s nearly half a gigabyte!), leading many to suspect it may contain a bit more than what’s outlined in the official list of changes. With Twin Ring Motegi having already been confirmed as part of the GT Academy 2012 mini-game, fans have good reason to be optimistic.

Updates and New Features

  • It is now possible to adjust the race BGM and sound effect volume from “Quick Options” during a race.
  • A save data backup feature has been added.
  • Compatibility for the sequential shift mode of the Guillemot “TH8 RS” gear shifter has been added.
  • A “Performance Difference Adjustment” has been added to the rewards for seasonal events (Applies only to seasonal events held after this update).
  • Force feedback for the “Driving Force GT”, “GT FORCE Pro”, “G25 Racing Wheel”, ” G27 Racing Wheel”, and ” T500 RS” steering wheel controllers have been improved.
  • A car with racing modifications applied are now categorized as a Racing Car (previously Tuned Car).
  • The off-track shortcut penalty has been tweaked.
  • The GT5 Photo Stream service has just been launched for all players worldwide. To view the latest images taken and shared in the game are now available here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where Karts and Ferrari F1 cars could drive together with other cars in the Lounge
  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue in which the system freezes when exiting the lounge
  • Fixed a problem where you could purchase tires for the 125 SPL racing Kart in the tuning parts shop (Tires purchased previously will now become invalid)
  • Fixed a problem in which the straight-line stability of the Lancer Evolution X was decreased when using a steering wheel controller
  • Fixed an issue where wrong color dirt and snow tire wheels were displayed on some cars when the wheels were changed
  • Fixed delay when launching electric cars using controllers other than a steering wheel controller pedal
  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue where the system would freeze at the end of a race
  • Fixed an issue where it becomes difficult to hear your own car when driving with other race cars in online races, etc.

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Following the Gran Turismo network maintenance this morning (01.00 – 03.00 GMT/UTC), a small game update has been released.

Tagged as v2.07, the update weighs in at just 2,193kB and, as expected from an update of this kind of size, consists of a bug fix:

An issue was corrected where a pit stop was not possible in the Special Stage Route X Oval course (as included in the Speed Test Pack DLC).

Although there may be other, unannounced tweaks, users should expect nothing more than this correction, characteristic of Polyphony Digital’s continued support of their title. Thanks to all on our forums who alerted us to this.

by GTPlanet

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Sony ha annunciato il prossimo arrivo, previsto per domani, di due nuovi DLC per Gran Turismo 5: si tratta del Twin Ring Motegi, nuovo circuito giapponese che si aggiunge al catalogo di tracciati già disponibili nel gioco, e della Toyota Scion FR-S che si inserisce invece all'interno del vasto parco macchine. Il tracciato in questione è composto da un ovale e da un tracciato più complesso, il primo utilizzato in particolare per le corse americane e il secondo per Super GT e Formula Nippon, dunque a tutti gli effetti due tracciati in uno. Nuove immagini sui DLC in questione sono visibili a questo link, entrambi i contenuti sono scaricabili gratuitamente da domani sul PSN.

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Stavo guardando il primo video e mi è venuto da sorridere: hanno speso 5 anni (e passa) a lavorare su questo titolo e poi si vedono ancora le mani con i pollici fuori dal volante, animati come se fossero due moncherini. A volte si perdono davvero in un bicchier d'acqua!

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