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[WIP] World Super GT 2 by RMT

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Dopo le <a href="http://www.drivingit...howtopic=32195" target="_blank">decine di screen</a> che hanno ammaliato i frequentatori del forum di GTR2, è sicuramente una buona notizia quella che ci arriva <a href="http://www.rfactorce...d Super GT Mod" target="_blank">da rFC</a> e che ci mostra diversi screen di questo spettacolare mod anche per rF. Ci sarà da divertirsi!

<i>Things have changed a lot since the old thread was posted. Lots of members left to a point where only Arnold and me were left. After some new members joined the team we decided to start the mod from scratch again. We wanted to focus on top quality scratch built cars and also scrapped all conversions we were doing or planned to do.

The mod will feature a range of top of the line sports- and GT cars that have been racing in GT and sportscar series all around the world in the past 10 years.

CAR list for part 1:

Aston Martin DBB9/DBRS9

Ferrari F50 GT

Ferrari FXX

Ultima GTR

Maserati Trofeo Light

McLaren F1 GTR Longtail

Painting kit released


V1 car list:

Aston Martin DBR9:

Aston Martin Racing #58 Le Mans 2005

Gigawave #10 FIA GT 2008

Gulf #9 Le Mans 2008

Jetalliance #33 FIA GT 2008

Aston Martin DBRS9:

Barwell #1 British GT 2007

Barwell #2 British GT 2007

Barwell #3 British GT 2007

Cadena #18 British GT 2007

Kaias Racing #07 Australian GT 2007

Ferrari F50 GT:

Doyle-Rise #11 (ALMS 1999)

MOMO #30 (ALMS 1999)

GPC #50 (FIA GT 2004)

GPC #51 (FIA GT 2004)

Pilot Racing#4 (Le Mans 1997)

Marek #16

Ferrari FXX:

Red #12

Silver #16

White #17

Blue #24

Schumacher #30

McLaren F1 GTR Longtail:

Schnitzer #8 FIA GT 1997

Gulf #1 FIA GT 1997

Lark #44 Le Mans 1997

Tajimax #20 Super GT 2005

Adison #08

Arnold #55

Maserati Trofeo Light:

AF Corse #205 GT Italia 2005

Guidici Corse #202 GT Italia 2005

Guidici Corse #203 GT Italia 2005

SFoW #34 Grandam 2004

SFoW #33 Grandam 2004

Ultima GTR:

Belgium Racing #46 BELCAR 2006

Belgium Racing #246 BELCAR 2007

The rF version of the mod will be released after the GTR2 version.</i>

<a href="http://pix.nofrag.co...226626e40.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://pix.nofrag.co...26626e40tt.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" /></a>

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di f40 sembra non essercene neanche una... eppure basterebbe convertire il BPR MOD (da sballo per me l'originale su f1-2002, e purtroppo non ho gtr2) da gtr2 (gi

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Uff    0
di f40 sembra non essercene neanche una...

E' sufficiente leggere la lista di vetture rilasciate col primo pacchetto per capire quali auto saranno disponibili da subito e quali no. :wink:

La F40

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