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Grand Slam v1.01

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For the opening of the 2010 Grand Am Season we are happy to have the final version of the Grand Slam mod complete (Grand Am for those of you who are not familiar with it). By now I think most of you know the story behind this mod so I will not go into great details here, but please read the "Credits.txt" that is included in the mod. The complete story including all credits are in it so please take the time to read it.

Included in the mod is a "Bonus" folder that has the paint templates and other bonus materials including the short version of our promo video by Trebor 69.

I tried to reduce the size of the templates as much as I could so they are very basic templates but include everything needed to create your own paint jobs. I removed the alpha channel that controls the cube mapping so you will have to create your own. They take up a lot of space in Photoshop so removing them brought each template from 17 meg to about 5 meg. We hope you enjoy this final version of our mod.

Includes all the cars which include:





Engine manufactures include:






Team Players Virtual Garage


mirror 1 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OBEQ1A8O

mirror 2 http://teamplayers-virtualgarage.com/dcl2.0/index.php?Team_Players_GRAND_SLAM_v1_0.rar

This is the add on Porsche GT class for the Grand Slam mod.

This add on uses the GSMF PCC05 mod.

Permission has been granted to use this mod as long as full credits are given. I would like to personally than Fonsecker for allowing us to use their work. I would also like to than Dave Ellis for allowing us to use his paint jobs.

To install this add on, Extract the Porsche Cup folder to:

GameData\Vehicles\Grand Slam 2006

This add on has NOT been completely tested with the Grand Slam mod. It was put together as a start to the complete GT series but was never finished.

No support will be given if any complaints are brought up.

I did install it on a fresh version of rFactor and only the Grand Slam installed so it worked fine for me.

I hope you enjoy!


Team Players Virtual Garage

Download here:


PATCH v1.01

To install this patch you must already have the Grand Slam version 1.0 installed on your system.


What this patch does:

1. Fixes the brake issues that have been reported.

2. Adds a new "Sprint" brake option for shorter tracks

If this patch is well recieved I will update the full install of the Grand Slam mod but until it is fully tested it will remain in "patch form" so you will need to download both the full mod AND this patch.



download Qui

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As a joint effort IDT and Team Players will be completing the 2006 Grand Am mod.

As you know it was planned as a commercial release first by D3 and after the split it was picked up by IDT.

The project was being planed by Fusion Racing but due funding issues the project was dropped.

This will be a release on behalf of IDT /Team Players /D3 since we all had a hand in working on it.

I have been in contact with Dennis at Fusion Racing to get full permission to release this as a free mod and to use the name. Although I have not received a final answer it is looking very good at this point we will get permission. There is a fair amount of work to be done but we are making good progress on it and we hope to release it by the Rolex 24hr Race at Daytona in January.

Because so many people were involved in working on this mod we will be giving credit to everyone that has been in D3 and IDT. Even though we (Team Players) are finishing the mod up it will be released as a joint effort of Team Players / IDT / D3 mod so it will not be a single team mod.

To be fair to everyone involved I will be posting credits for the mod as we get closer to releasing it. There have been so many people who have helped on this it is very difficult to name everyone, so if you had a hand in working on this sim and you do not see your name please contact me and I will be sure to include you in the final credits.

I would like to thank Pierre for asking us to help finish this mod up because I know that a lot of you have been waiting for 2 years now for the release of the Grand Am Sim. Since it wouldn't be fair to all of you to just let this mod sit, Pierre thought it would be best to finish it and get it out to all of you.

The mod will include:




Fabcar (ver1.2 as originally released by Team Players)

Dave Henrie will be helping with the physics. Since he did such a great job on the Fabcar I thought it would be good to ask him to help.


Team Players Virtual Garage

Fonte http://forum.rscnet.org/showthread.php?t=306521

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I thought I would give you an update on where we are with the mod.

I have the Doran almost done, A couple of minor things to do yet but it is in game and working.

I managed to take the original model that was shaped wrong and had the wrong wheelbase and track from about 15,000 polys and correct all the things that needed as well as add a new cockpit, wheels, engine and air management (under the front hood stuff) and still reduce the polys down to just over 10,000 polys. It is now in line with where the Fabcar is so once I get the lods done it should get pretty good FPS.

Dave is working on the physics and from what I hear they are coming along very nicely. I just sent him the mod as I have it now so we will get the cars and the physics together here pretty quickly.

I am not sure we will manage to get it finished by the 24 hour race on Jan 26th but we are still going to try. Since Dave and I are the only ones working on it it is going slower than I had hoped.

But, here are some progress shots of the Doran. The first 2 are renders I did just before exporting it out to gmt's the rest are in game.


Link + screen

And a couple more.

Oh yea, in that last shot of the cockpit the "thing" in the dash is actually a drawing of the Daytona road course. It was actuall taped to a dash in one of the real cars and I got a good photo of it so I thought it would be cool to add it in to the mod. ;)

Link + screen


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