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Author : GOIBAKA

The Transfagarasan (trans (over, across) + Fagaras) or DN7C is the most dramatic and second-highest paved road in Romania. Built as a strategic military route, the 24/90 km of twists and turns run north to south across the tallest sections of the Southern Carpathians.

More FPS:

Set in rFactor shadows high.

----------UPDATE 1.01----------------

- Fix terrain mesh.

- Fix cameras movement, Hillclimb

- Fix track cameras and bias texture, +35% FPS

- New grid, 21 cars on track now (before was 16)

- Fix texture "Curbe deosebit de periculoase"

- New tree walls

- IA it's better now


Asphalt Hillclimb (23,6 km)

Gravel Hillclimb (23,6 km)

Asphalt Downhill (23,6 km)

Gravel Downhill (23,6 km)

SS1 Asphalt Hillclimb (10,29 km)

SS2 Asphalt Hillclimb (13,04 km)

SS3 Asphalt Downhill (13,04 km)

SS4 Asphalt Downhill (10,29 km)

SS5 Gravel Hillclimb (10,29 km)

SS6 Gravel Hillclimb (13,04 km)

SS7 Gravel Downhill (13,04 km)

SS8 Gravel Downhill (10,29 km)

----------UPDATE 2.0----------------


- Old objects were delete and all objects are new now.

- New vegetation

- No tree shadows problem

- 3 grips surfaces on road

- 60% old track retexturized.

- New asphalt and gravel textures.

- 12 events

- Special effects (crowd, flashes, timer...)

- Optimization, up to +200% FPS

- Others




Goibaka 2013


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