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F112 FFB Real Feel All Wheels 5.1

Alessandro Pollini

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Author : Bob Back


Version 5.1,

Recommended file was removed.

All 3 settinges were redone using CM default values, now no effect should be too strong to "hide" the others.

Added strong version with less tarmac effect.

My settings in game are:

Environment: 40%

Strenght: 50%

Weight: 30%

Surface: Added tarmac effect, now you'll feel the car when you are on track, no more "dead" track feeling.

The other effects were sightly reduced, like kerbs and grass.

Gear changes: Non linear gear changes. 1st-7th lower gear stronger effect.

Steering weight: twaked to a more realistic feeling, even the light one is not so light as in the game, also when you use too much steering at a high speed and wheel slip happens, you will feel the wheel heavier.

Suspension: Increased the effects up to 3.0x. Running on a track like Monaco and don't feeling the bumps was making me really upset, now you can feel it. Also, using the strong version its easier to noticed that car height and suspension soft/hard have a real impact on the racing wheel.

Grip loss when front end is locked due to too much brakes: Enabled, it is disabled by default but even enable i can hardly feel it clear.png Maybe someone can notice it.

Wheel end starts slipping resulting in oversteer or spin: Enabled, also it is disabled as default, the effect seems weak, but now i can feel the wheel when oversteering is happening.

Overal: You should feel something more realistic, all of the above happens now, again, its easier to notice using the strong version, high kerbs can push the car to the track and your racing wheel will do this now. Try to spin the car on a straight, going fast turn left and right fast, when you are going to spin you'll see, time to fight the wheel!


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