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BTCC 2007 - 2011 Mod 1.0

Alessandro Pollini

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About This File

Author : Drummerguy33

For download trackpack click here.

The only credit I take here is putting everyone's work together.

Thanks to everyone involved please see readme for details.


BTCC 2007 - 2011 Mod for Race07.

Howlinwolf - For his 2010 skins which look really great I think you will all agree.

PetraGTC - For her amazing cars and skins and well just generally everything.

Mardinou - For his 2009 skins which are fantastic.

Jsmee - For his amazing skins for the Integras, Civics, Audis and generally some of most of the other cars.

EuroSTC - For his help with all stuff

HHF - For his fantastic Team AON Focus skins. Note - These are not relaesed in V1 due to the focus not having adequite permissions to be released. Hopefully in the future permission will be given and a further addon will be released. At the moment the focuses are replaced by the C30s.

d1sc05tu32 - For his massive help with 2007/08. I.e he did most of it all I had to do was bring it in line with the rest of the mod.

Alex Koda - For his brilliant 2007/08 skins

Snowy - For his fantastic BTC Racing skins among others.

JorritVD - For his numberplates and great skins.

tmsr - For his clinically done skins.

AlbersF1 - For some good skins

adzt44 - For the rear wheel drive Audi

MIGHTY M4VS - For his fantastic last minute work on interal nameplates

Mod By Drummerguy33. I put everyone's work together. Please do not redistribute without my permission and credit.

Anyone I've forgotten please shout.

Please Delete any previos versions!! These are at the following locations:

Go to your RACE07 directory then:











It is essential you do this or the mod will not work!!


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