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Author : BzyQ

Firstly I want to apologise for the renaming and new download, but why will become apparent. This is the same mod (Model) at the moment as the file I uploaded, the G55 but with a few more features, as I will explain.
After extensive research, this is actually not the G55, but this is based on the Ginetta GT4 Supercup (A BTCC based Support Series) so what some might see, in other countries, it doesn't appear here in the UK, so I apologise if I have upset anybody, but I have based this on the BTCC Support package. I want this to be as real as possible, so there is going to be some things, that will upset some people, and I am sorry for that.

As like the I uploaded before, it is Ginetta G55 GT4 Cup Pitone-Edition - by Peter Utecht, so all credit him and the original Modeller.
It has the AC 1.8 Shaders,complete reworked car in texture and material settings,added Racing Seat (donĀ“t know why no one there before),
added antenna in roof,many changes in data files,new sound,
v10 tyre model,new flames and textures,new preview pics,all templates includes + new texture for color changing on rollcage......

So what have I changed you might ask...well here goes....
Auto Gear Box now works ( and made it better in this version) quicker up and down shifting
Driver 3d with hands now fixed
Gear ratios now match the top speed of the car (top speed is 150mph)
Cars Weight corrected
Tyre Temps now match how you drive. they are now adpative. I can;t explain, just watch them in the tyre app, cold, hot, depending on how you drive.
Tyre Wear sorted, i think
AI are fast, very fast and gear changing is sorted
Rear brake lights are brighter ( but you need PP filter to see them, AC, not me is the reason why)
Updated Bonnet Cam
Updated Bumper Cam
Updated Dash Cam
Updated Sounds
Brake Fade has been added
Updated FFB
Fuel warning light been fixed
Paddle shift animation added (although no paddles as of yet)
LH Driver view changed from 7 to 6 and reduced to 150. Tested.

Somebody asked about the Clutch, but I cannot find any reference on this, and I tested Kunos GT cars, and I cannot do it on them.
Locked Diffs and Gears and Engines. After some research, this is actually a legal requirement in Ginetta ( unlike pCars where it is open, and you are allowed to change them, and they have official license) oh well..here is the rules and regs.....

So that means, locked Gear ratios I am afraid, so don;'t shout at me please, it the rules...
At the end of the day, I want to make this mod, this GEM as real as possible, and will continue to update as and when I have the information.
Changes to come are the Gear stick removable, paddles on the wheel, and MOTEC on the dash and removed from the steering wheel, but these take time.
Again, thank you all for your input and support, and please, keep them coming

What's New in Version v8.0   See changelog


New Sounds by Fonsecker
Fixed and improved Aerodynamics
Improved Suspension
Improved Steering
Improved Tyres
Fixed Height issues
Fixed COG and Wheel Alignment
Changes made to Default Setup
Improved AI (First mod to have V4 of the AI)
Improved / Centred Flames
Total upgrade to Dashboard
Paddles have Animation
Full Damage Model (Front, Rear) no Glass Damage yet.
Full Camera Update
Errors corrected
Colliders Corrected
LODS redone
Re-Done Gearing
(These have been scratch made, gear by gear, but I have used the official Ginetta Final Ratio of 3.73, as for some reason AC doesn't like the official gearing from Ginetta. (The original creators of this mod had the same issue) It just bogs down and is to slow in 1,2,3 and to fast in 4,5,6. I have sent a video of me driving to a Ginetta racing driver, and he confirmed, they are spot on, in relation on what gear you are in to what speed you are doing in relation to what corner your taking)
Kunos Brands Hatch Indy was used for testing)

Windows shader re-done
Car de-badged (as the real car doesn't have the Ginetta badge on the front)
Realistic Brake Fade introduced (you need to warm these things up)

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