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Author : zaphman

LeoFFBLoadIniPlugin First Public v0.3


Author: 2012-01-15

An rFactor plugin used to automatically place/load a specific 'LeoFFB.ini' for the cosen car, if one exists, as 'Plugins/LeoFFB.ini' prior of entering the asphalt - meaning no more coping/renaming of files prior of starting the sim.



1. Full Installtion

Unpack the supplied ZIP archive in the rFactor installation directory, which places

a) binary and support files under 'Plugins':

LeoFFBLoadIniPlugin.ddl - The plugin itself.

LeoFFBLoadIni/* - Some sound files, played when plugin has done its job.

B) a number of my collected 'LeoFFB.ini' files, gathered from different locations around Internet, under 'GAMEDATA\VEHILCES', and the corresponding m mod subfolder.

Note that extra mod folders, with a single 'LeoFFB.ini' file, may be created, in case you don't have the mod installed:











Note: These files my be inaccurate according to the latest information around and your preferences. You can twaek them as you like. If you need to install this plugin again, remember to to make a partial installation to ensure to not overwrite your own tweaks.

2. Partial Installation

In case you already have the LeoFFBLoadPlugin installed, and don't want to overwrite your installed collection of 'LeoFFB.ini' files, just open the ZIP archive and only extract/drag the requiered folder/file to the corresponding place inside the rFactor


Manage of 'LeoFFB.ini' files


Ensure to Place the default 'LeoFFB.ini' (the one supplied from the LeoFFB developer - or your own tweaked one) in '<rfactor>\GAMEDATA\VEHICLES'. This will assure the default configuration is used for mods/cars where there is no specific

configuration available.

Your specific 'LeoFFB.ini' files then goes inside the corresponding mod folder, under '<rfactor>GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\<MOD>'. If a mod has more than one car/class and the 'LeoFFB.ini' is different among these, place the 'LeoFFB.ini' in the car/class subfolder inside the <MOD> folder.

With this approach, my hope is it will be very natural to add LeoFFB support for any mod available - a new LeoFFB is added per mod.

How Does it Work


When entering a session, and scoring begins, LeoFFBLoadIniPlugin kicks in and tries to find the car's VEH file(s) under

'<rfactor>\GAMEDATA\VEHILCES\', by looking up the latest information in the player's PLR file. When the corresponding VEH file is found, this file's folder is used as base to find a corresponding 'LeoFFB.ini' file. This is done by searching from the folder itself and upwards in the folder hierarchy. The first 'LeoFFB.ini' found is then copied as '<rfactor>\Plugins\LeoFFB.ini' - the more specific LeoFFB needed, the closer to the VEH file it should be placed.

A voice 'LeoFFB configuration loaded' should be heard when the plugin has done its work. If there where no configuration found (or something failed), a 'LeoFFB missing' should be heard.

When entering the track (enter realtime), LeoFFB loads (as far as I can see) the '<rfactor>\Plugins\LeoFFB.ini', which means you should stay in the garage for a while, before entering the track, to let the plugin find the correct 'LeoFFB.ini', before LeoFFB tries to grab one.



To investigate which 'LeoFFB.ini' was engaged, consult the log output in '<rfactor>\LeoFFBLoadIniPlugin.log'.



The existing 'LeoFFB.ini' is overwritten when the first session is joined (as soon as scoring starts) after start of the sim, and when the car is changed. i.e. you exit the current session, choose another car and enters a game session again.

Ensure you are allowed to write files in the 'Plugins' folder. This could mean you keep your rFactor installation outside of any 'Program Files' folder. Instead, use 'C:\Games\rFactor'.



* Integrate with Leo's FFB Tuner (LFT), and be able to read exported files from this tool.

* I really would like to extract all needed settings from the underlying data files and also from the current garage settings in

use, to generate an 'LeoFFB.ini' dynamically.

My knowledge of rFactor internlas is a bit out of my scope unfortunately.



This software is released AS-IS.

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